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Monday, March 26, 2012

Be There or Be Square

LAS is anticipating a fine afternoon of patriotric reverie tomorrow afternoon on Capitol Hill.  Americans For Prosperity is throwing a little shindig known as the Hands Off My Health Care Rally, to help the Supremes reach the correct judgment on the unconstitutionality of the ObamaCare individual mandate.  I'll be there passing out business cards. (*not as crooked in real life as facsimile would suggest.  iow - opposite the relative relation for the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama)

If you bump into this upstanding citizen tomorrow ...
... ask for one. Guaranteed to withstand judicial review at every level.


As a little warm up exercise, I went back and mined my blog archive from March 2010 and February 2010 for a review of what it was like when Barry and his corrupt gang of Progressives were shoving this monstrosity down the republic's collective throat, legislatively.


FRIDAY, MARCH 26, 2010

Your Agitator-In-Chief is also out fanning the flames. Barack Hussein Obama spent Thursday somewhere in Iowa, giving a stump speech to a crowd that was undoubtedly rounded up by SEIU Brown Shirts. The advice he gave to this gathering of Obama Zombies included “argue” and “get in your neighbors face.” To GOP plans to run in November on a ‘repeal and replace’ plank, he bellowed ‘Bring It on!’ Well, well - we’re way past even bothering to point out what it means to be ‘presidential.’ We should just follow the Agitator-In-Chief’s advice. I don’t think it will have the consequences he intends. This is the guy who badly lost his declared war on a broadcast network last year, and now he wants to declare war on every patriotic American. Bring it on.


It’s The Process, Stupid

On March 17, when his socialized medicine legislation was still in deep trouble on the Hill, Mr. Obama was desperate to reach the largest TV news audience in the country. The problem for him, of course, is he had previously unilaterally declared war on the network that possesses this audience – Fox. Under the circumstances, I think Brett Bair was remarkably restrained while he unsuccessfully attempted to get straight answers to simple questions from a filibustering Obama. The largest TV news audience in the country, already enraged by a legislative process that stinks to high heaven, was told by the Agitator-In-Chief they don’t really care about process after all. Hmmmm. They also witnessed Obama admit he had no idea what was or was not included in his #1 domestic legislative initiative. Hmmmmmm.  They also understand this legislation is a jobs killer in a down economy with high unemployment. Hmmmmm. Smooth politicking, Barry.

MONDAY, MARCH 22, 2010
…the Yeas are 219, the Nays are 212.

Or: Progressives, socialists, liberal Democrats, and allegedly pro-life folding lawn chairs takeover 1/6 of the American economy against popular and bi-partisan opposition.

So, what’s another trillion bucks down the social welfare state rat hole when the country’s broke?

The last count I recall is 38 state attorneys general ready to file lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the individual mandate. A number of state legislatures (ten and growing, I think) have apparently exercised their tenth amendment rights and passed laws nullifying any individual mandate. I am proud that my home state of Virginia is moving aggressively on both of these fronts. 


Health Care March Madness

In summary, The Most Transparent Administration in History has collaborated with The Most Ethical Congress in History - to throw the entire country into a state of chaos. The House vote presently at issue will have two possible outcomes for Barack Hussein Obama: 

(1) The inevitable Waterloo style defeat originally predicted by Senator Jim DeMint in July 2009, or 

(2) A pyrrhic victory merely deferring the final date for the inevitable Waterloo style defeat originally predicted by Senator Jim DeMint in July 2009.


Liberty vs. Tyranny USA 2010: Pickett's Charge

The moment has arrived for the “Pickett’s Charge” of the American Progressive gang.

When I started this blog, I honestly thought the Progressive gang had so-called “Health Reform” in the bag, and their “Pickett’s Charge” legislative moment would come at a later time - over Cap and Tax, Immigration Amnesty, or any of a number of other Progressive outrages dancing in their little heads. But, along came Scott Brown to shake up their plans, and here we are. The moment has arrived to man the ramparts, take aim at the Progressive troops charging at us with the battle cry “Alinksyu Akbar,” clad in their Mao jackets festooned with hopey-changey campaign paraphernalia. Obama (Lee) has given the orders, Pelosi (Pickett) is leading the charge, and the elected donkey caucus is providing the troops.


…we were treated to a strange morph of Stubborn Obama and Clueless Obama on the afternoon of March 3, 2010. Stubborn Obama had already decided to shove ObamaCare down the American people’s throats against their will. Clueless Obama trotted out a bunch of lab coats as props - after deriding the bill itself as a “prop” in last week’s phony Blair House Summit.  Tin political ear?  

After consulting with Clueless Obama on the so-called “optics,” Stubborn Obama made the speech – defiantly. Stubborn Obama just can’t accept that the American people do not want the government getting between them and their doctor. Stubborn Obama demonizes private insurance companies because this is the entity that currently sits in the daily triangle between patients and doctors (i.e. they are the ‘competition,’ or more accurately, the ‘enemy’ to his preferred third wheel – the government)

Stubborn Obama made a phony show of including Republican ideas in a so-called bi-partisan bill. I’m sorry, but mixing in a few M&Ms into a quarter-pounder crap sandwich doesn’t make the sandwich any more appealing.


Quickie Analysis: Phony Blair House Summit

Well, two out of three isn’t bad. Obama got what he wanted – a phony dog and pony show displaying fake bi-partisanship. The GOP got what they needed – air time to articulate their positions to the American people. Unfortunately, it did not quite degenerate into the full on food fight I was hoping for – slightly diminishing the entertainment value for me.

Legislatively - we now appear to be exactly where we were when I inaugurated this blog on December 30, 2009. The Democrats are pushing a completely partisan monstrosity the American people do not want. The Democrats seem willing to jam the monstrosity down the American peoples' throats. 

If Nanny Pelosi pulls a rabbit out of her hat and gets the monstrosity to the Senate, the Democrats will probably have the 51 votes they need to pass a fundamental change to 1/6 of our economy under the reconciliation procedure – which will be remembered as a monumental abuse of power. If it gets that far, Obama will undoubtedly sign it into law. Two things are then certain to occur. (1) The unconstitutional elements of the monstrosity, including the individual mandates, will be immediately challenged, tying the monstrosity up in court until November for sure. (2) The GOP is now an odds-on favorite to gain a majority in both the House and Senate in November – allowing them to withhold funding for the monstrosity until 2012.

d(^_^)b “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”


Meanwhile, in today's news, the Manchurian-Candidate-In-Chief is caught giving away the keys to the store to an old Cold War nemesis. (From Pundit and Pundette)

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Update 3/28/12

An excellent afternoon to be out on the Capitol Hill lawn - as documented by the pic taken by my neighbor with my blackberry, who was out on a workday stroll. For some reason, she would not tell me which bureaucracy she worked for. Really.

The Kagan snark got a lot of supportive comments from the crowd - mostly along the lines of "she deserves NO vote." The other side of the sign - What Gub'ment Can Giveth ... Gub'ment Can Taketh Away - didn't get nearly the reaction. But I noticed a lot of people puzzling over it. Too abstract?

I gave an interview to David Weigel of Journolist infamy. He seems a harmless and amicable dunce in person. He stipulated his surprise that so many people would assemble for a court case, as opposed to a legislative proposal. Huh? I also gave an interview to a polite Nordic gentleman who identified himself as a journalist for an unnamed European publication. The polite Nordic journalist conducted the interview in the manner of an advocate for socialized medicine - quoting the bogus 30 million uninsured number from the original debate as fact, and at one point actually prefacing a question with the arrogant words "you can't possibly understand how it is in Europe." I am hopeful my measured responses will help both Weigel and the Nordic gentleman come to better understand the American model of citizen sovereign. Hopeful ... not confident.

I found myself drawn into only two heated debates with Lefties - both in front of the Supreme Court building after the rally proper. One was with a possible "occupier" (judging by the bohemian attire) who attempted to draw a false equivalence between Kagan and Justice Thomas for recusal. As if what one's wife does for a living is equivalent to actually writing portions of the law over which one now sits in judgment. The other was with a frustrated looking pin stripe suit. Probably a gub'ment lawyer fresh from having his lunch eaten in oral arguments.

I did manage to hand out a few business cards. The rush of blog visitors has not arrived yet. Must be a bug in the traffic analysis utility. I think I'll look into that next.
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