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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Health Care March Madness

I begin drafting this post on the day March Madness tips off - the basketball tournament that is.  The post actually concerns the DC Health Care Reform madness - which has been on full open throttle 24x7 since the phony Blair House Summit concluded.

I’ve decided the best entertainment corollary for what’s going on in DC right now is the old Hanna Barbera cartoon Wacky Racers. Here’s a taste. You may cast elected officials into racer roles according to your own fancy.

In summary, The Most Transparent Administration in History has collaborated with The Most Ethical Congress in History - to throw the entire country into a state of chaos. The House vote presently at issue will have two possible outcomes for Barack Hussein Obama:

(1) The inevitable Waterloo style defeat originally predicted by Senator Jim DeMint in July 2009, or

(2) A pyrrhic victory merely deferring the final date for the inevitable Waterloo style defeat originally predicted by Senator Jim DeMint in July 2009.

Even if the Progressives now calling the shots in DC meet their declared goal of railroading this monstrosity through the House of Representatives this week, the next lines of defense are being prepared.

First, multiple law suits across the nation are poised to be filed, challenging the Constitutionality of the House package the moment it passes. There are at least two strong cases that will be made to the Judicial Branch by these petitioners.

(1) Passage by the so-called Slaughter Rule violates Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution – which requires a straight up or down vote on identical bills by both Legislative chambers before presentation to the President for signature.

(2) The mandate on individuals to purchase health insurance exceeds the powers granted to Congress to regulate commerce.

Second, the Republican Senate caucus is preparing to mount a determined defense if and when the package comes back to the Senate.

However, I remain hopeful We The People can win this fight here and now in the House of Representatives. The several thousand patriots who expended their own time and treasure to bring their case directly to their Representatives, with the March 16 People's Surge, had a huge impact. The millions more who melted down the phone lines on Capitol Hill also affected the debate (or, more accurately, the vote fixing) to our favor. As evidence I cite the following from today’s maelstrom of news on this topic: Barack Hussein Obama has postponed his trip to his alleged boyhood home in Indonesia. This tells me they don’t have the votes in the House, and are keeping him here in a desperate attempt to lobby for the additional votes.

So, keep the pressure up, patriots. My attention, unfortunately, is diverted by my responsibility to supervise Quality Assurance Testing for the soon-to-be-released Conservative Ascendancy Thermotron 2010, v2.0.
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