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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Obama’s Waterloo

It turns out Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) has a knack for predicting the future. In July 2009 he foresaw ObamaCare would not be acceptable to the American people, and predicted a successful opposition would amount to Obama’s ‘Waterloo.’ ObamaCare proponents have since tried to make political hay out of these comments - to paint DeMint and like minded conservatives as obstructionists standing athwart the progressive mandate Progressives read into the November 2008 election. Events since July 2009 have proven DeMint right and Progressives wrong – there was no such mandate. The speech Barack Hussein Obama gave in the White House East Room in the early afternoon of March 3, 2010 may not be the ‘Waterloo’ for his entire Presidency; but it was most certainly the ‘Waterloo’ for ObamaCare. The ‘Waterloo’ analogy is perfectly apt because it will stand as the decisive event that sealed ObamaCare’s final fate, just as the battle in Belgium sealed Napoleon’s final fate.

This is where I get to shamelessly plug the latest Polls ‘R Us poll. Of the seven Obama clones identified by the Polls ‘R Us research staff, we were treated to a strange morph of Stubborn Obama and Clueless Obama on the afternoon of March 3, 2010. Stubborn Obama had already decided to shove ObamaCare down the American people’s throats against their will. Clueless Obama trotted out a bunch of lab coats as props - after deriding the bill itself as a “prop” in last week’s phony Blair House Summit.  Tin political ear? 

After consulting with Clueless Obama on the so-called “optics,” Stubborn Obama made the speech – defiantly. Stubborn Obama just can’t accept that the American people do not want the government getting between them and their doctor. Stubborn Obama demonizes private insurance companies because this is the entity that currently sits in the daily triangle between patients and doctors (i.e. they are the ‘competition,’ or more accurately, the ‘enemy’ to his preferred third wheel – the government)

Stubborn Obama made a phony show of including Republican ideas in a so-called bi-partisan bill. I’m sorry, but mixing in a few M&Ms into a quarter-pounder crap sandwich doesn’t make the sandwich any more appealing. Stubborn Obama also told several political lies to further his ego-driven agenda.

First and foremost is his lie the bill is somehow “bi-partisan.” The alleged bi-partisan process began on March 5, 2009 with a phony summit where Iconic Obama actually started the meeting with a statement along the lines of “get back to me this afternoon with your recommendations to fix everything.” IOW – it was a ridiculous show summit staged by a Progressive ideologue still feeling on top of his game. Then, the Democrat majority in Congress embarked on a partisan takeover of 1/6 the American economy. By the August recess, as predicted by Sen. DeMint, these Democrats found themselves being shouted down by the American citizenry in Town Hall meetings. After witnessing this, ObamaCare proponents chose to press on – and press on still, in the face of grass-roots resistance that included the 9-12 March on DC, the Emergency House Call on November 5, and the Code Red Senate Rally on December 15. I mean, these were grass-roots mobilizations of patriots all across the nation that literally brought these people, of their own free choice, at their own cost, to the front lawn of the Capitol. And still the proponents of ObamaCare pressed on. By this point, I had witnessed enough to begin this blog project (so, call me slow on the up take.) I like to think with all humility this blog project has contributed positively to the resistance since then. At a minimum, I can hope it will stand as a brief historical account. 

We then eventually wound our way to the phony February 25 summit, at which Obama called the bill itself a ‘prop,’ then spent a week bolting watered-down cherry-picked elements of the GOP alternative onto this prop. This is the bill Obama spoke in favor of in his March 3 ‘Waterloo’ speech.

The second most significant lie is his reassertion (for the uncounted Nth time) this bill will not add to the deficit. He again – even after being called on it in the phony Blair House Summit – double counted a supposed $500B in Medicare savings due to waste recovery. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) told him you can either apply the $500B to the deficit or to the new entitlement program, but not both (duh). To make the statement ObamaCare does not add to the deficit is to still do both in the final math (ugh).

These were the lies of commission. There were also lies of omission. As Mitch McConnell clearly pointed out in his response, Obama failed to mention the $500B in new taxes his bill imposes. Or the $2.5 Trillion in new spending.  Obama also failed to mention the invalid assumptions that were presented to CBO by Democrats – 6 years of spending against 10 years of taxes – despite Paul Ryan pointing it out plainly at the phony Blair House Summit.

So, what was Stubborn Obama up to with his March 3 ‘Waterloo’ speech? Simple – he is a Leftie ideologue doubling down on failed results. Leftie ideologues always double down on failed results, because their utopian vision trumps the measurement of results. The smart money in DC is still on ObamaCare dying in the House, now that Stubborn Obama has petulantly called for his up or down vote. When it goes down in flames we will see where Stubborn Obama goes from there. It will not be pretty. Stubborn Obama is a direct descendant of Community Agitator (Organizer) Obama.


Mitch McConnell's opposition response to Stubborn Obama was a masterstroke.  So, let's just embed it here.

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