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Monday, March 22, 2010

On the Motion to Slouch Toward Socialism…

…the Yeas are 219, the Nays are 212.

Or: Progressives, socialists, liberal Democrats, and allegedly pro-life folding lawn chairs takeover 1/6 of the American economy against popular and bi-partisan opposition.

So, what’s another trillion bucks down the social welfare state rat hole when the country’s broke?

The socialized medicine camel’s nose is now officially under the tent. I could go into a dark Thomas Paine stylized “these are the times that try men’s souls” meditation. I even thought about it. But, especially after participating in the Saturday’s rally on the Capitol lawn – with 20,000 or more other high spirited patriots from around the country - I don’t find that to be the appropriate tack. When Thomas Paine wrote his famous words the colonials were an ill-equipped rag tag band bravely resisting a better equipped army representing the world’s most powerful empire. In the present crisis, by contrast, We The People know we outnumber the Progressives. We The People know we have the Constitution on our side. And, most importantly, We The People have been awakened to the lies, unethical practices, contempt for the Constitution, and true agenda of the Progressives.

I can’t wait for April 15. I held out hope it would be a day of celebration – at TEA parties across the nation – after winning a victory against legislation that seemed inevitable before the Progressives lost “Ted Kennedy’s” seat to the people. Instead, it will be the next nation-wide mobilization of patriots to roll back the Progressive assault. I expect the streets of DC will be swamped with patriots from all around the country, in contrast to the small band that gathered to fly the flag at Lafayette Park last year. I also expect a lot of invigorating talk in the DC streets on April 15 that centers on the verbs “repeal” and “impeach.”

We have a little over 7 more months of enduring the Progressives in numeric control of the legislative branch, and sitting illegitimately in the Oval Office. We The People need to keep the pressure on our elected representatives, exercising our First Amendment rights to the fullest, and make each and every one of them fear for their electoral lives in November. But, let me be clear – November 2010 can’t be about throwing all the bums out. Some of the so-called “bums” do get it, and we will need them in 2011 and 2012 to resist from positions of power (like Speaker and Majority Leader, for example). Going forward, this link will help you keep track of who’s who: Pelosi Index.

Here’s one professional politician that is beginning to really get it. He’s on our side.

Here’s a professional politician that will never get it. He’s on their side.

If you get it, keep pounding the Capitol every time they try to rush at us with another Progressive outrage. Amnesty for illegal aliens seems to be next in the pipeline. Despite the growing awareness that man-made Global Warming is junk science, they will probably rush at us with yet another economy crushing new tax scheme they used to call “Cap and Trade” (before the term became generally discredited in the public discussion). We await word on the new label they will come up with for the same old massive wealth redistribution scheme.

If you get it, and still have neighbors who don’t, talk to them. Lobby them. Even the densest or least informed among us, if not previously committed to utopian ideology, are educable.

A good number of patriotic professional politicians at the state level are stepping up to the fight as well. The last count I recall is 38 state attorneys general ready to file lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the individual mandate. A number of state legislatures (ten and growing, I think) have apparently exercised their tenth amendment rights and passed laws nullifying any individual mandate. I am proud that my home state of Virginia is moving aggressively on both of these fronts. According to my math, and my reading of Article V of the Constitution, we need 34 states on board to call a Constitutional convention. This information may come in handy in the not too distant future.

Welcome the predictable outcome when Community Agitators (Organizers) are elevated into the Oval Office - chaos. If we can keep our noses to the wheel, it may level off and begin to abate after the second Tuesday of November 2010.

The release date for the Conservative Ascendancy Thermotron 2010 version 2.0 has been postponed, since our attention was diverted by all the commotion generated by your Agitator-In-Chief. We also need to carefully calculate how many testers to lay off due to the newly mandated costs in the bill that passed last night. I remain hopeful the release date will be sometime this week.
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