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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Keep Inevitable Mittens Running Hard

Here are yesterday's 'Super Tuesday' results, by voting percentage.

These results apparently translate to a running delegate count as follows: Romney 415, Santorum 176, Gingrich 105, Paul 47. 


My immediate superficial conclusion is to accept the establishment's conventional wisdom that Mittens will inevitably collect the 1144 simple majority of delegates to clinch the nomination, entirely due to the establishment money and organization machine pushing his candidacy.

My advice to all the other candidates is to stay in the race to the bitter end.

As I've explained again and again - the one-on-one debates are the 'make or break' forum for the clueless independent voters who are barely paying attention, if paying attention at all, to these primaries. Mittens is not ready for the main event yet. Mittens needs to earn each and every one of those convention delegates, to prove he has been sufficiently toughened for the general election. And not by carpet bombing his opponents with negative advertising bought and paid for by his establishment pals. Now we need to see him articulate a bare-knuckle, anti-incumbent, pro-conservative values message, against friendly competition. He hasn't yet demonstrated this capacity, which makes him at this point nothing but a patsy set up for annihilation by Team Leftie's vicious campaign apparatus. RomneyCare is unilateral disarmament on the most important domestic issue of the day, and his background is the perfect straw man for Team Leftie to set on fire with their rotten class warfare message. I need to see Romney screw up the intellectual courage to talk about the 'Saul Alinsky radical in the White House.' Newt Gingrich needs to stay in Romney's face until he realizes this is necessary to win.

If Mittens is allowed to enter the general not realizing this, he will lose, and I will send him the memo.


A report from Hot Air demonstrating Mittens has a long way to go before we can declare him to be in fighting trim.
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