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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It’s The Process, Stupid

What’s Ahead

I’ve always liked Fred Barnes. As a commentator, that is, I don’t actually know the guy. He’s never seemed to me to be the sharpest knife in drawer, especially when sitting across from Charles Krauthammer. But his instincts are unfailing. And, man, were his instincts right on in this March 18 Wall Street Journal piece.

In this WSJ piece, Mr. Barnes lays out quite plainly what’s before us for the next several years – a rancorous pitch battle between us defenders of liberty and the peddlers of socialism.  It also reflects what I told a personal friend (one who has generally failing liberal leaning political instincts), when he told me during the primary season he was getting behind Obama. His reasoning? He thought Obama was the guy to motivate blacks out of their dependency class mentality. My initial response: huh? Then I remembered well intentioned liberals over think everything at all times. My second response: If this rookie ideologue gets elected, strap on your crash helmet, you’re going to need it.

Strap on your crash helmet, America, you’re going to need it. You can thank your Agitator-In-Chief, the Progressive machine that manufactured him, and the criminally biased MSM that failed to vet him for you.

Process: Thermotron Release

Our always proactive Field Engineer community (the sharpest of hand-picked knives each and all) was ahead of Mr. Barnes. As the build up to the phony Blair House Summit was boiling, the Thermotron Field Engineer community initiated a bottom up campaign to warn us performance requirements were about to exceed design limits. Our always proactive team of Design Engineers got the message and swung into action. The patented Thermotron upgrade release process reached the Quality Assurance testing phase the same week your Agitator-In-Chief cancelled his trip to his alleged boyhood home in Indonesia. The upgrade passed its final couple of stress tests at almost the precise moment seven allegedly pro-life Democrats folded like cheap lawn chairs to give your Agitator-In-Chief the margin of victory for introducing socialized medicine to the United States of America.

Today, I present to you the Conservative Ascendancy Thermotron 2010, version 2.0. Now, you might notice the parts you can see - the “transparent” parts - are exactly the same. This is true. But, trust us, the parts you can’t see are way, way better. Really.

Fortunately, the original Thermotron design vision gives us a process framework to apply to the new performance challenges.

Process: The Road to Impeachment

The Agitator-In-Chief has virtually ensured that his impeachment is now a question of “when,” not “if.”

On March 17, when his socialized medicine legislation was still in deep trouble on the Hill, Mr. Obama was desperate to reach the largest TV news audience in the country. The problem for him, of course, is he had previously unilaterally declared war on the network that possesses this audience – Fox. Under the circumstances, I think Brett Bair was remarkably restrained while he unsuccessfully attempted to get straight answers to simple questions from a filibustering Obama. The largest TV news audience in the country, already enraged by a legislative process that stinks to high heaven, was told by the Agitator-In-Chief they don’t really care about process after all. Hmmmm. They also witnessed Obama admit he had no idea what was or was not included in his #1 domestic legislative initiative. Hmmmmmm.  They also understand this legislation is a jobs killer in a down economy with high unemployment. Hmmmmm. Smooth politicking, Barry.

Then there is the backroom deal making that pushed this monstrous bill over the line. The stuff we know about, the stuff we suspect, and the stuff we have yet to uncover. The one thing you can be sure of is MSM will be of no use to us. But, like every den of thieves, we can keep a close eye on the Progressive gang. Keep a sharp look out for signs of frayed honor.

The leading contender for the deal that impeaches Obama is the job the White House allegedly offered Joe Sestak, to entice him to drop his primary challenge to turncoat Senator Alan Specter. Specter now feels betrayed and is publicly turning on his den-mates. And, worst of all for the White House, the American Spectator is on the case. These are the same guys who broke the Arkansas “Troopergate” story in 1993, which blazed the trail that eventually lead to a certain stained dress and a certain President lying under oath.

The Washington Times put the President on notice with the “I” word when the flatly unconstitutional Slaughter Rule was still in play. The Democrats pulled back from that particular brink, but their willingness to consider it is certainly indicative of their general contempt for the Constitution.

In more “abuse of power” news that might eventually be useful to Impeachment articles:

- The Obama Administration is apparently moving aggressively to restore federal funding for ACORN.

- The Obama Administration may be illegally lobbying federal employees for political purposes.

The poster child for the Thermotron Impeachment meter graphic was Stubborn Obama while the House legislation battle raged. It is now Whiny Obama, in anticipation of who we expect to see under oath claiming the dirty deals were Bush's fault.

The Events meter is obviously self-explanatory; it is the passage of ObamaCare into law. There is no need to update the graphic.

The graphic for Leftie Lunacy is Iconic Obama – the manufactured cult of Leftie personality that has brought us now to the brink of revolution in the streets.

News from the GOP / TEA Party Alignment front is more encouraging. The GOP Senate caucus is vowing to make the most of its limited powers to keep Democrat plans for socialized medicine front and center. Good – the longer the Democrats are made to defend the indefensible, the better. Several patriotic state attorneys general across the nation have already filed suit against the unconstitutional individual mandate. I haven't done the due diligence, but I'll bet not many, if any at all, have (D) after their name.  The GOP in DC is getting serious about stepping up to the plate to eliminate earmarks. Here's another Hill story on earmark reform.  Since fiscal responsibility is the #1 priority of the T.E.A. Party movement, it is a sign the professional politicians on that side of the aisle are beginning to get it. Therefore, pigs ears on a headband serves as our new graphic.  And you have to give the GOP some credit for standing solid in unified opposition to ObamaCare. In terms of principle, and political allegiances, let’s just take it as better late than never.

In Other Somewhat Related News

The Obama Administration signed on March 18 an $18 Billion so-called “Jobs” bill. This bill will be as ineffective as its’ 48 times more expensive predecessor bill ‘Porkulus,’ which only 6% of you believe created even a single job. It is more of the same, only less, top-down government demand side spending that always fails. Especially when deficits are huge – where the hell is the new spending supposed to come from? Can you spell “inflation”? The only measures that will revive this economy are steep, across-the–board and permanent tax cuts designed to open up the supply side of the equation. Unfortunately for the country, the Obama Administration does not understand this lesson - which is available to all of us in American presidential history; from Calvin Coolidge, to John F. Kennedy, to Ronald Reagan.

Relations between Israel and the United States are in tatters. As no less an esteemed Democrat than Lanny Davis writes – fault for fueling the tiff lies at the feet of the Agitator-In-Chief. After a year and a half of giving public apology speeches and writing private love letters to the Islamic regime in Iran – a regime that is fast moving toward a nuclear arms capability and which states as its official policy the annihilation of Israel. The same Iran that funds the terrorist organization Hamas, considered a major political party by the Palestinians  - who also advocate the elimination of Israel. Appeasing your enemies and bickering with your friends. Smooth diplomacy, Barry.

Strap on your crash helmet, America, you’re going to need it.
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