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Friday, March 26, 2010

It’s On (Your Agitator-In-Chief Said So)

This Daily Caller editorial perfectly captures my mood on this rainy Friday morning.

I was the guy who spent last Saturday enjoying a beautiful spring afternoon on the west lawn of the Senate, with his wife and son, enjoying several patriotic speeches. I was also the guy who was perfectly willing – should events take an unexpectedly ugly turn – to storm the Capitol and drag Harry Reid’s sorry ass right out of his office for a long overdue reckoning with the people. According to reliable news outlets (and corroborated by my own eyes) there were anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 more of you there on Saturday. A fair number of you stayed in town through the end of the weekend to fly the flag - in the face of the Least Representative Congress in History passing its latest in a string of industry takeover bills. Bravo to all the patriots who gave of their own time and treasure to keep the fight up. And here’s the statistic that matters most – zero arrests. Let me say it again, zero arrests - despite the best efforts of certain members of the Least Representative Congress in History to set up the conditions.

Then, during the week, certain members of the Least Representative Congress in History came out to publicly whine about tepid harassment.  Harassment which, upon investigation, pales in comparison to the daily fare for the average conservative talk radio host. Make no mistake, this whining is a coordinated propaganda campaign conducted by the Least Representative Congress in History – for the specific purpose of dividing and vilifying grass roots resistance to their Progressive coup d'etat. They think they can slander the millions upon millions of TEA Party patriots based on a handful of largely unproven and  isolated incidents. One of their leading spokesmen in the slander has been none other than the man who showed us there really is no such thing as a Pro-Life Democrat: Congressman Bart Stupak himself.  Making Stupak's participation in the slander all the more obnoxious is the fact Stupak himself experienced this page from the Left’s own playbook, when he stupidly maneuvered himself into position to be the deciding vote for ObamaCare. Yeah, that’s right, I’m saying if we stack it all up, you most certainly got more menacing threats (quantity & quality) from the Left than you did from the Right, Congressman Teapack. I invite you to prove me wrong with the release of all the tapes, under force of subpoena of course, seeing as you are a Democrat, and that means I wouldn't trust you as far as I can throw you.

Your Agitator-In-Chief is also out fanning the flames. Barack Hussein Obama spent Thursday somewhere in Iowa, giving a stump speech to a crowd that was undoubtedly rounded up by SEIU Brown Shirts. The advice he gave to this gathering of Obama Zombies included “argue” and “get in your neighbors face.” To GOP plans to run in November on a ‘repeal and replace’ plank, he bellowed ‘Bring It on!’ Well, well - we’re way past even bothering to point out what it means to be ‘presidential.’ We should just follow the Agitator-In-Chief’s advice. I don’t think it will have the consequences he intends. This is the guy who badly lost his declared war on a broadcast network last year, and now he wants to declare war on every patriotic American. Bring it on.

April 15 will be the next major milestone in Liberty vs. Tyranny USA 2010. If my sixth sense remains in working order, I suspect tens (or hundreds) of thousands of patriots will assemble in the streets of DC to take the Agitator-In-Chief up on his offer. Millions (maybe even tens of millions) more will assemble throughout the entire nation. In assemblies this large, there may be a few arrests, but there will be nothing even approaching what routinely occurs at Leftie gatherings; for example the riots that occurred in Copenhagen during the Cop15 conference. Memo to Lefties – until you can produce a documented TEA Party rally that approaches the violence of Cop15 – shut up and get ready to be in the minority come November.
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  1. Spent a few minutes poking around your site. you sure do put a lot of time and energy into all of this nonsense. what bitterness. what anger. feeling really sad for you that this is how you spend your life. hope you find some happiness soon.

  2. Thank you for noticing, Richard.

    Do you want an invitiation to the "Mission Accomplished" banner unfurling after the November elections?

  3. My fear is that Obama, knowing that time is running short before he loses control of the House in November, will ram through the rest of his radical agenda. Of course, this will engender oppositiion which could lead Team Obama to justify passing the Fairness Doctrine. The situation becomes a downward spiral, feeding on itself with each radical measure being met with political resistance resulting in the curtailment of personal liberties. A thought, not a sermon.

  4. Yep, there is no end to the possibilities when it comes to assaults on our liberties, as long as the Progressives are in power. The good news is: only 7 months until November and I think we knocked them back on their heels in the ObamaCare fight.

    Don't get me wrong - this is no time to relax - we need to stay on them like white on rice right up to election day, and make sure we win by them losing big.


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