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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Time for a Thermotron Recall?

Lately the design limits for the Conservative Ascendancy Thermotron 2010 have been pushed to the brink.  A consensus is building inside our highly professional community of Field Engineers that a recall may be necessary - to beef up the cooling system.

In his now famous March 3 "ObamaCare Waterloo" speech, which I chronicled on this blog post, President Barack Hussein Obama raised the prospects for his own impeachment a startling 5 percentage points.   When an American President plainly ignores the will of the American people, to push his own ego-driven ideological agenda, throwing the body politic into a state of chaos; We The People should stand up and take notice.

On the 'Leftie Lunacy' front, another percentage point was added by the First Amendment crime committed against my humble little blog, which I chronicled on this March 5 blog post.  The criminal who attempted to silence my humble little blog with a juvenile DNS Redirection attack has yet to be brought into custody.  Who needs further proof of the determination to silence opposition voices possessed by the vast network of Progressive ideologues that has infiltrated our society?

As I pointed out in my After Action Report, the evidence clearly shows the criminal is someone with administrative rights to the Blogspot 3rd party widget Homer Simpson Quotes.   Now, depending on the true identity of the criminal, and on my true identity of course, one would hardly expect such a juvenile cyber encounter to matter at all.  However, I take direct attacks very personally, giving me no choice but to increase the Thermotron's bottom line in retaliation.

I will also lay down a challenge to the owner/operator of Homer Simpson Quotes.  I, LibertyAtStake, challenge the owner/operator of Homer Simpson Quotes to a public debate.  I'll let you choose the moderator if you allow me to choose the two topics.  For the topics, I choose "First Amendment Rights" and "Blogging Ethics."  I might be able to swing an hour for each topic on local cable access TV.  With your help, we could maybe combine financial resources and do something a little bigger.  You know how to reach me by email:

GOP / TEA Party Alignment measurements have fluctuated since my last report.  The GOP's performance at the phony Blair House summit was stellar.  This was quickly followed up by an article in 'The Hill' by House Minority Leader Boehner advising the GOP to "walk among" the TEA Part patriots.  The probability of eventual impeachment for Barack Hussein Obama accordingly moved upward two percentage points. 

Shortly thereafter, Senator Jim Bunning made his now famous principled stand for fiscal responsibility, raising the impeachment probability another percentage point.  For an as yet unexplained reason he received no support from his Senate GOP colleagues.  Jim Bunning threw a fastball high and inside, and the GOP stood there and looked at a called strike.  This disappointing performance subtracted a point from the Thermotron's bottom line.    Then - Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell gave a very succinct, and devastatingly efficient, opposition reply to the "ObamaCare Waterloo" speech - adding the lost percentage point back.

I have thought long and hard about how these observations fit together.  After much consideration, I have decided the best response is for me to invite Mitch McConnell to lunch for a little chat.  The Senate Minority Leader is acting like a politician who almost, but not quite, gets it.

I suspect the Minority Leader held back the troops from supporting Jim Bunning's principled stand because he did not want the 'Party of No' label, knowing he was preparing a devastating 'No Way In Hell' response to ObamaCare.  This is the calculation of a cautious professional politician fitting for serene times.  We are not living in such a time.  We need all conservative hands on deck to mount a determined defense against the most determined Progressive assault against liberty we've ever seen yet.

The probability of eventual impeachment for Barack Hussein Obama now stands at 23%.  Twenty Three is the number once worn by the greatest basketball player in history, who also made a name for himself in Chicago.
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