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Monday, November 7, 2011

She Said, He Said, They Said, We Said (Part 2)

* Yeah, I’ll get to Sharon Bialek, whoever the hell she is. And Gloria Allred, too - well known Leftist hack and media whore. But, first, I shall finish what I began drafting just yesterday.

Continued from Part 1 ...

What’s really going on here is an epic battle between forces I’ve labeled Team Liberty and Team Leftie. Team Liberty is the collection of institutions and people who believe in individual liberty. Team Leftie is the collection of institutions and people who believe in statism and collectivism. These two teams have been at odds and fighting an ideological war that has ebbed and flowed since about 1870 by LAS’ reckoning.

World War I and World War II were gigantic exercises in sorting out the two sides. In WW I, armies mostly belonging to Team Liberty scored a temporary victory against armies mostly belonging to Team Leftie – only to give rise to Team Leftie’s most virulent strains of the 20th century: the Fascism of Mussolini, National Socialism of Hitler, and Communism of Vladimir Lenin. In WW II, armies mostly belonging to Team Liberty scored a victory against two out of the three by making a military alliance of convenience with one of the three.

The Cold War then ensued. We (Team Liberty) won a huge victory when the Berlin wall fell and the half of Europe that had been occupied by Communist armies for 45 years was liberated.

American Progressives have always been with Team Leftie. Every step of the way. LAS recommends Jonah Goldberg’s excellent book – “Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning” – as the summer vacation read that proves it.


Now to contemporary events …

One of Team Leftie’s own sits in the Oval Office today. One of their own is Senate Majority Leader. One of their own was Speaker of the House from 2007 until 2011, until We The People corrected that particular travesty in the historic election of 2010.

Team Leftie’s propaganda organ in modern America is the corrupt and biased main stream media (MSM). Period. End of sentence.

Team Leftie desires political power above all else. To the exclusion of all else. Team Leftie simply *must* have political power to impose their statist / collectivist central plans on everyone else. Every one of you. Team Leftie maintains its’ hold on political power with a corrupt narrative that includes such asinine memes as:

• To not be with them is to hate poor people
• To not be with them is to be racist
• If you are a minority, you must be with them, or your very survival is at stake

Team Leftie has become dimly aware that the Conservative Ascendancy, marked most spectacularly by the TEA Party movement, threatens their present hold on power in the soon to be historic election of 2012. Team Leftie must destroy Herman Cain, because Herman Cain’s very presence in the Presidential race destroys Team Leftie’s asinine narrative.

That is what is really happening here.

And That's The Bottom Line, Because LAS Said So!

(Sorry, couldn't resist the Stone Cold Steve Austin detour)


Now to Sharon Bialek. We need to find out what her politics are. If she is demonstrably on board with Team Leftie, then my contemporaneous reaction on the Gateway Pundit site stands - she is as likely a liar as a victim.

There is simply no need to even explore the hypocrisy angle Team Leftie gives us with one of their heroes – the one named William Jefferson Clinton. Because we on Team Liberty have standards – and if it can be credibly demonstrated Herman Cain has been serially lecherous, then we will be done with him.

The problem right now remains the credibility of the charges.

We already know Gloria Allred is deeply embedded inside Team Leftie. For a total destruction of her credibility, revisit this thirteen month old takedown by Mark Levin.

Since Sharon Bialek has chosen to hide behind Gloria Allred, well …

What else ya got, Team Leftie?

Update 11/8/11

The plot thickens. Bialek has participated in Republican politics. But she seems to be that most contemptible form of Republican - the gold digger. Rest assured the source of the truth here lies in motivations. We already know Politico's and Gloria Allred's motivation. They fear the candidacy of the principled conservative black man.

Game On

Without purporting to know what is presently unknowable as far the truth in this matter, and assuming no further shoes to drop, LAS predicts the "take no prisoners", "no quarter, no compromise," posture is in perfect tune with the times and bodes well for Mr. Cain's next round of polling and fundraising data.  We shall see.
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