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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

And LAS Endorses …

(Plus the much anticipated Commentapalozza IV)

Halfway through the eleventh month of the eleventh year of the twenty first century, and LAS has arrived at his endorsement for the most important political nomination of LAS’ lifetime.

(Now switching from referring to myself in the third person to the more conventional first person pronoun)

As I confidently predicted in my November 7 post - She Said, He Said, They Said, We Said (Part 2) - the corrupt and cynical Leftist media assault on Herman Cain and his character did not crater his polling, and only increased his fundraising velocity.

So, I will be throwing my support to Newt Gingrich. This decision has nothing to do with the scurrilous and unfounded charges designed by his political enemies to make Mr. Cain go away (and utterly failing to do so). I believe Mr. Cain can and should still have a very prominent role in the new TEA Party infused GOP. But I’ve decided 45th President isn’t quite the right fit – because apparently boning up on foreign policy hasn’t been an important component of an otherwise commendable run. Maybe Vice President with a specialized portfolio that is something like Czar of Making Sure Political Correctness is Killed Done Dead Forever. The corrupt and biased MSM has certainly bestowed the necessary credentials, and motivation, with their rabid lynching of the man.

LAS arrived at this endorsement through deep and careful thought about who will make the best Not-Obama in the general election. I think I’ve already made clear the short answer is Not-Romney. But, the question has hung … which Not-Romney? What recommended Mr. Cain was his automatic disarming of the race card. Yet, as the scurrilous unhinged attacks on Mr. Cain’s character demonstrate, the GOP nominee will be facing what liberals like to label an “uneven playing field” in the biased press. The road to the White House for a GOP nominee goes through the televised debates with the incumbent, because that is the forum offering the most impactful opportunity to by-pass the media and influence the electorate directly. Think Reagan vs. Carter and “There you go again.”

Among the available options, the best debater in the room is far and away Newt Gingrich. Newt will most assuredly reduce the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama to a babbling fool in any debate format not moderated by a teleprompter. Defeating the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama in 2012 is simply paramount above all other considerations. For this reason, Newt Gingrich must be the GOP nominee. We can leave nothing to chance in 2012.

So, now that that’s settled, let’s move to the fourth installment of the Commentapalooza format – because at the end of the day, this all about me. The rules remain the same – comment board genius that has boomeranged back to me via Feedjit, aged ninety days or more.


LAS stoops to the lowest form of humor: word pun.

LAS recalls fond childhood memories.

Some people could learn a thing or two from Dead White Males.

The JAUL Gallery intersects Commentapalooza for the first time.

Politically Correct means never having to admit you're wrong.

Catchy Post Title, Bob.

With any luck, the Pentagon will be more influential in Egypt than the State Department has been.

Just can't shake that 'treasonous' hunch.


Newt says “I’ll do anything I can to help defeat Obama.” Ring the bell and let's get it on!
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