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Friday, November 25, 2011

English-To-English (E2E) Translation, Numero Cinco

The Search Box informs me this is the fifth time this year I’ve gone down the E2E path.  This seems to be a good season for E2E.  We have Aimless Mobs of Maladjusted Malingering Malcontents defiling public spaces in order to tell us something we are still deciphering.  We have pointless committees of legislators explaining to us why they can’t figure out a math problem.  And we have a corrupt and kleptocratic demagogue roaming the country in the guise of POTUS - siding with the entire mob and siding with one half of the legislators.  The half that failed math.

The Empty Suit with the Wi-Fi Teleprompter Connection recently stepped out and gave us two good bits of Leftist demagoguery to dissect with the E2E format.  Enjoy.


On November 21, The Empty Suit That Shills For the Donkey Party stepped up to the podium to give us his take on the uber-duper committee’s predictable failure to reduce a ten year deficit projected in the tens of trillions by a mere $1.2T.  This outcome is entirely due to the fact the Donkey Party never had any intention to strike a deal.  Their plan is to spend, spend, spend, and soak the rich to make up the difference.  This is their plan even though you can’t close even half the gap even if you confiscated all the wealth belonging to every single “rich” person.  They failed math.

A video putting Barry’s Shameless Display of Demagoguery into plain view is given to us by a site appropriately named Shallow Nation.  Herewith is LAS’ E2E deconstruction …

@0:15: “Part of that law also required Congress to reduce spending by an additional $1.2T”
E2E:  “I suckered Speaker Boehner and the hapless establishment GOP into a trap allowing me to transfer blame for my failure of leadership during the Great Debt Ceiling Debacle of 2011

@0:20: “In September I sent them a detailed plan that would have gone above and beyond that goal”
E2E:  “In September I submitted a joke document that counted as ‘savings’ $1.1 trillion from the ending of the American combat mission in Iraq and the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan no rational person thought for a second would ever be spent”

@0:47: “Balanced Approach”
E2E: “My way or the highway.  Redistribute wealth.”

@0:52: “an approach where everybody gives a little bit and everyone does their fair share”
E2E:  “an approach where taxpayers give even more money to the gub’ment to redistribute to permanent clients of the gub’ment”

@0:56: “An approach that is supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans, Democrats, Independents, and Republicans.  It is supported by experts and economists from all across the political spectrum.”
E2E:  “I think you’re too dumb to notice I’m not providing any specific sources.  I also think you are too dumb to notice my political spectrum spans the entire breadth of communist, socialist, and liberal.”

@1:09 “and to their credit, many Democrats in Congress were willing to put politics aside”
E2E:  “I think you’re too dumb to realize the hapless establishment GOP put a plan on the table with revenue increases the Democrats rejected because it wasn’t ‘balanced’ enough.  I also think you are too dumb to realize the only serious plans ever put on the table this entire session have come from the hapless establishment GOP.  Furthermore, I know you are too dumb to realize the Democrats that control the Senate haven’t even put together a budget for three years.”

@1:26: “There are still too many Republicans in Congress who refuse to listen to the voices of reason and compromise.”
E2E: “Damn those TEA Party freshman for doing what they were elected to come to town to do.”

@1:33: “[voices]that are coming from outside of Washington”
E2E: “[voices] that are coming through the so-called people’s mic in my illegal astro-turfed #OccupyCamps”

@1:37: “they continue to insist on protecting $100B in tax breaks for the wealthiest 2% of Americans”
E2E:  “Man, did I piss off my Leftist base last December, when I agreed to extend the Bush tax cuts saying taxes shouldn’t be raised in a soft economy.  Not gonna make that mistake again.”

@1:54: “at this point at least, they simply will not budge from that negotiating position”
E2E:  “I’m so sure you are too dumb to notice the hapless establishment GOP put revenues on the table, I feel comfortable repeating the lie again.”

@2:15:  “there’s no imminent threat of us defaulting on the debt we owe”
E2E:  “I suckered Speaker Boehner and the hapless establishment GOP into raising the debt ceiling in return for this ridiculous kabuki, when the ceiling never needed to be raised, because there never was a threat of default, because all the gub’ment would have had to do was simply prioritize debt payments over even more deficit spending.”

@2:30: “there would be another $1.2T in automatic cuts in 2013”
E2E: “What an awesome set up for me.  I get to pander to my Leftist base with a promise to gut defense, and I get to blame the GOP for looming Medicare austerity, all during the election of 2012 – then do whatever I want in 2013”

@3:30: “My message to them is simple – No.  I will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts.”
E2E:  “This is way too good a political set up for me to not milk it for all it’s worth.  My way or the highway, baby - the opinion of my own Secretary of Defense about these automatic cuts notwithstanding.”

@4:09: “They’ve still got a year to figure it out.”
E2E:  “I intend to milk this set up for all it’s worth.”

@4:58:  “If we don’t act, taxes will go up for every single American starting next year.”
E2E:  “That payroll tax holiday is a tax break I can get behind, because I figure it buys a lot of votes.”

@5:03: “I’m not about to let that happen.”
E2E: “Every idiot knows it won’t happen, so I will be getting in front of this one for the reflected glory.”

@5:22: “We still need to put construction workers back on the job … we still need to put our teachers back in the classroom”
E2E: “I desperately need to put those union votes back to work by buying them with gub’ment payoffs.”


On November 22, the Empty Suit That Occasionally Occupies the Oval Office was back out on the campaign trail dissembling for dollars.  TheManachester Union Leader outlet gives us a full transcript to deconstruct using the E2E format.

The Empty Suit That Organizes Communities used this opportunity to astro-turf his allegiance with the Aimless Mobs of Maladjusted Malingering Malcontents.  Quite a spectacle this election season is already becoming.  We have a POTUS – sworn by constitutional oath to uphold the law of the land - aligning his fortunes with a so-called “movement” illegally camping in public spaces.   We have a POTUS – sworn by constitutional oath to protect the liberties of all Americans – shilling for a so-called “movement” whose only solution to anything is always to confiscate property, by force if necessary, from other people.  Truly extraordinary times … which is why we need E2E …

BHO: “I just want to point out, we're keeping our promise -- we are back.”
E2E: “Please don’t think too hard about all the stuff I promised the last time I was here that I haven’t delivered on.”

BHO: [After the euphemistically transcripted ‘Audience Interruption’] “That's okay. All right, okay, guys.”
E2E: “Axelrod in the House.”

BHO: “because by the end of next month, all of our troops will be out of Iraq.”
E2E:  “My administration couldn’t get the Status of Forces Agreement re-negotiated, so the Revolutionary Guard is making Ramadan plans for Baghdad.”

BHO: “in the Occupy movement, there is a profound sense of frustration”
E2E:  “in Project Occupy Astro-Turf, my community agitators are working overtime”

BHO:  “we stay true to a fundamental idea -– the idea that we're all in this together.”
E2E:  “we stay true to my fundamental transformation of America from a society based on individual liberty and accountability to socialist collectivism.”

BHO: “That's what is at stake right now.”
E2E: “LibertyAtStake is living rent free inside my head.”

BHO: “because our economic problems weren't caused overnight and they won't be solved overnight.”
E2E: “because you should blame Bush and not hold me accountable.”

BHO: “[The American Jobs Act] is a jobs bill that will put more Americans to work, put more money back into the pockets of working Americans.”
E2E: “[The American Jobs Act] is more Keynesian stimulus nonsense guaranteed to throw more wealth down a publicly funded rat hole.”

BHO: “Some folks in Washington don't seem to get the message that people care right now about putting folks back to work and giving young people opportunity.”
E2E: “Damn those TEA Party freshman for doing what they were elected to come to town to do.”

BHO: “So I said I will do everything in my power to act on behalf of the American people –- with or without Congress.”
E2E: “The constitution means nothing to me.”

BHO: “We announced -- on our own -- a new policy that will help families refinance their mortgages and save thousands of dollars.”
E2E: “We announced – on our own – because the constitution means nothing to us -- more Keynesian stimulus nonsense guaranteed to throw more wealth down a publicly funded rat hole.”

BHO: “On our own, without Congress, we reformed the student loan process to make it easier for more young people to pay off their debt.”
E2E: “On our own, because the constitution means nothing to us, we are buying your votes by allowing you to default on legally contracted debts.”

BHO: “ By the way, that was building on top of legislation we passed a year ago that said instead of sending $60 billion to banks to manage the student loan program, let's give it directly to students so that millions more young people can afford a college education.”
E2E: “By the way, that was building on top of legislation we passed a year ago that said student loans are now entirely the purview of statist bureaucrats.  Ain’t socialism great?  Only in a socialist utopia can you be given somebody else’s money and then be forgiven the legally contracted debt.  Vote for me.”

BHO: “I've lowered your taxes, haven't raised them”
E2E: “Damn those TEA Party freshman for doing what they were elected to come to town to do.”

BHO: “Now, we can't let that happen. Not right now. It would be bad for the economy.”
E2E: “Letting private citizens keep their own money is only good when it buys me votes.”

BHO: “The American Jobs Act would also cut payroll taxes in half for small business owners”
E2E: “LibertyAtStake needs to review his 2012 S-Corporation tax assumptions.  He might be able to keep more of his own money.”

BHO: “And we set up a straightforward tax calculator on -- that's our website”
E2E: “Every idiot knows this will pass, so I will be getting in front of this one for the reflected glory.”

BHO:  “blah, blah, blah, for about five paragraphs”
E2E: “Every idiot knows this will pass.”

E2E: “blah, blah, blah, for the remainder.”
E2E: “Pander.”

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