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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The #Occupy Meltdown Will Be Swift and Ugly From Here

The light bulb just went on making it crystal clear to LAS that I must succinctly record my wholly impressionistic take regarding #Occupy, on this day, November 10, 2011.

By way of background - for my entire adult life, I have made a habit of getting up from my desk and occasionally walking around outside to clear my head.  It has been a useful technique whether the immediate surroundings have been urban, suburban, rural, or manicured.  Astute readers of this blog have certainly noticed Camp Stinky, McPherson Square has become a regular feature for me in the execution of this habit lately.

Today the feel was entirely different than it was just yesterday.  It was ... militant.  The so-called "media tent" was shuttered (as much as a structure consisting of aluminum poles and tarp can be) - and I clearly heard the sound of people arguing over strategy.  In that hushed voice "leaders" use when they don't want the minions to overhear.  I talked to the guy who looks like he's homeless, was leading the "people's microphone" chanting on day one, and spotted panhandling for bus fare to New York last week.  He was wearing one of those anarchist bandanas, acting nervously, recognized me, and made a point of pulling up the anarchist bandana while talking to me.  The guy who has been wearing the same set of US Army surplus fatigues from day one was nowhere in sight.  I suspect he was inside the media tent plotting next steps.  I've seen him there (in front of the "media tent") conferencing with others often.  The worst mom in the world was nowhere in sight, either.  Probably inside the "media tent," too.  I have judged her to be one of the leadership cabal.

The light bulb for this post finally went "on" as I've been consuming several reports from the field here in my comfortable capitalist confines (all are from today):

Portland #Occupy camp violence is building (this is just the latest of many Portland violence reports over the past days)

Ancient Diseases popping up in #Occupy Atlanta camp

Gunfire In Burlington, VT?  Vermont?

Hell, Even Kathy Lanier Gets It Now


The meltdown will be swift and ugly from here.  Good.  Let's be done with it.

Update 11/11/11

The final descent into total madness is off to a fast and furious start in the Oakland encampment.

Should be a wild ride for occupiers and the civil society alike, this weekend in Portland.

And apparently new diseases are being classified for medical science, thanks to the Zucotti Park squatters.

Meanwhile ... Barry is playing small ball lately with his "go-it-alone, 'We Can't Wait', we-don't-need-no-stinkin'-constitution governance." He's probably too busy getting ready to declare martial law when the occupier illegal squatter clearing operations are in full swing.

Update 11/12/11

And the Smart Ones De-Camp ... 

Update 11/13/11

The inevitable delayed while the civil society awaits the opportune moment to begin eviction operations ...  

Update 11/14/11

The civil society finally acts, and the aimless remain in the street, roaming rather than squatting.  

And the aftermath is a rat's paradise. Maybe that's what they meant by creating a new world.  

Nobody Gets Away With Blocking a Good 'Ol 'Merican Thanksgiving Parade.  

Update 11/15/11

About Damn Time.  

The Litigious Left steps in to legally defend "squatter's rights" - Bloomberg hasn't joined the lawsuit, yet (keep an eye on him).  

Update 11/16/11

Brace Yourself For the Temper Tantrum.  

Update 11/17/11

Initial indications are the bark is worse than the bite of the Aimless Mob of Malingering Malcontents.
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