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Sunday, November 6, 2011

She Said, He Said, They Said, We Said (Part 1)

* This was supposed to be a single post, divided into two movements; the first more “creative,” the second a straight up analysis of the epic battle now underway between Liberty and statism/collectivisim. I think instead I’ll throw it out there in two distinct posts. Enjoy the "creative" movement.


First, a musical break to set the stage … Train Kept a Rollin’ … The Cain Train, That Is!


She said something happened, but wouldn’t say her name;
He said nothing happened, maybe not so well;
They said it would make him go away;
We said ‘No way in Hell!’


On Sunday evening, October 30, 2011 a so-called news organization that calls itself “The Politico” - staffed entirely by Leftist hacks - broke a so-called “news” story designed to cripple the candidacy of the GOP Presidential candidate they fear most. I, LibertyAtStake, published my initial reaction for all the world to discover in the immediately subsequent days. Herewith is a small sample.

Monday morning at the Daily Caller.

Tuesday morning at Flopping Aces.

Man, I’m Good, Just Ask Me! (MIGJAM!)


And now, in accordance with the design of this blog project – after establishing my MIGJAM credentials in the heat of ideological battle with contemporaneously signed intertubes comments, and being able to retrieve them, just as future historians will be able to, I can now take a breath from the Lib media ‘Hack Train’ and take a deeper dive into the real meaning of the ‘Cain Train’ and the Lib media’s unhinged reaction to it.


To be continued …
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