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Friday, September 16, 2011


On the heels of their shrewd launch of the site, Obama For America (OFA) has upped the ante.

OFA campaign manager Jim Messina sent out the following fundraising email to OFA supporters today.

Friends –

This week’s launch has proven to be an unprecedented success story in the annals of grass roots citizen involvement. Your involvement progresses the progressive march toward economic, social, racial, environmental, and every other kind of justice we can make up. You have helped us harness the power of social media, to enable OFA zombies like you to be our network of informants on our political enemies. And not only are you unpaid for your services to Obama, but you are actually willing to send us money for the privilege. Obama is so thrilled with your service to him, he has decided to eat rubber chicken with a select few of you, as his way of saying thank you.

As all of our OFA friends know, the frantic march toward progressive justices never stops. You made the Twitter hashtag #ATTACKWATCH a national story instantly upon launch. To follow up on this unprecedented success, we here at the OFA Central Planning Committee have naturally come up with something else for you to do for us. Our philosophical visionary, Saul Alinsky,  taught us with his rule 8 – “attack, attack, attack” and his rule 12 – “polarize and freeze the target” that we must assassinate individual characters. Therefore, over the coming days we will be astro-turfing new Twitter hashtags you can use to swarm over individually chosen conservatives.

The first test run will be #ATTACKJWD. Now get those Twitter thumbs loose and pound it out on Jack Wiley Dithers, that contemptible conservative contributor to the amazingly annoying blog LibertyAtStake!

YIKES! OFA’s zombie army is pointed right at the beloved inspirational leader of our crackerjack investigative journalism team, here at our humble little blog! Here’s a sample of the hurtful comments we’ve already seen on the #ATTACKJWD feed.

#ATTACKJWD Dithers subscribed to Journolist before he wrote about it.
Tweeted by: Ezra Klein

Jack Wiley Dithers almost never has a crease in his pants. The #ATTACKJWD vulgarian!
Tweeted by: David Brooks

JWD is a slimy hypocrite. Supports #ATTACKJWD Defense of Marriage Act, yet still runs that tingle up my leg.
Tweeted by: Chris Matthews

If #ATTACKJWD LAS doesn’t fire JWD immediately, I’m moving to France!
Tweeted by: Alec Baldwin

I once saw a copy of #ATTACKJWD Milton Friedman’s “Capitalism and Freedom” on Dithers’ book shelf. He must be arrested immediately.
Tweeted by: Paul Krugman

Dithers is a #ATTACKJWD thief. He stole my copy of the Democrat 2010 campaign strategy book.
Tweeted by: Joe Biden

JWD is worserer than the #ATTACKJWD worserest person on Earth. Ever.
Tweeted by: Keith Olbermann

Dithers is a slave labor capitalist - never #ATTACKJWD pays his sources.
Tweeted by: Arianna Huffington

I heard a rumor Dithers once owned a #ATTACKJWD corporate jet. The #ATTACKJWD bastard!
Tweeted by: Ed Schultz

I overheard Dithers saying his favorite political philosopher is #ATTACKJWD DWM John Locke.
Tweeted by: Anita Dunn

Dithers once visited the estates of #ATTACKJWD slave-owners Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.
Tweeted by: Van Jones

JWD sympathizes with #ATTACKJWD TEA Party movement. This makes him a domestic terrorist. He must be arrested now.
Tweeted by: Bill Ayers

When we briefed Mr. Dithers on this deeply unsettling development, finding him at his usual 7 pm Friday location – the National Press Club bar – he calmly set down his bourbon and soda and proceeded to tweet the following:


Footnote 1

'Jack Wiley Dithers' is a “phonetic” pseudonym, inspired by Barack Hussein Obama’s 2009 decision process regarding troop levels in Afghanistan.  I couldn't come up with anything better of an equal or greater length.

Footnote 2

In the pseudo-tweets above, replace the #ATTACKJWD hashtag with your favorite expletive for advanced reading.
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