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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Newton’s Three Laws (Part 20)

The recent avalanche of political news is all good, as far as this humble blog project is concerned. Progressive (statist) policy is predictably collapsing, progressive (statist) street agitation is somehow also failing pathetically, progressive (statist) use of social media is a subject of mockery, and liberty loving conservatives are doing the mocking. LibertyAtStake approves. LAS also sees a trend obviously worthy of his Newtonian political observation series. Hell, even James Carville is advising the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama that it is time to ‘panic.’ How much more obvious could it get than that?


I wrote the following into my 1/28/2010 post, when Scott Brown – a politician with an (R) after his name – was elected by Massachusetts of all states, to sit in Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, of all seats. (*footnote 1)

The wheels are coming off for the Obama administration. The wheels are coming off for the Democrat party. The wheels are coming off for the regulatory/campus/newsroom complex. The wheels are coming off for the American Progressive project.

And now 20 more months into the undeniably disastrous and failed Obama experiment, who can deny my foresight?


The American Progressive Left’s canon of policy positions has proven to be an utter disaster for the republic.

The biggest dose of Keynesian stimulus economics in history has given us long term structural unemployment stuck at 9-10% and quarterly GDP growth that can barely be measured in what is now officially called a “slow recovery,” but will be recognized as a double dip recession soon enough.

They are engaged in a mad rush to alienate as many American citizens as possible - with the suffocating regulatory regime they are force-feeding to an unwilling private sector. When they had control of both houses of congress, they shoved ObamaCare down our throats like a frontier mother may have forced castor oil into a resisting infant. When they lost absolute control of congress in the 2010, they hardly missed a beat in pivoting to producing a blizzard of restrictive regulations from faceless and unaccountable bureaucracies with three letter acronyms like EPA, HHS, FDA, ad nauseum.

The composite of their foreign and military policies is rapidly yielding the most dangerous and unstable world in living memory. A world in which the crescent and star of radical Islamic jihad is on the rise, nuclear armed, and in control of more than one nation-state.

Victor Davis Hanson, who does this sort of thing professionally, has written the political obituary.

And most telling, these Leftists can’t even organize a decent street demonstration anymore. This used to be their core competency. Yet, the so-called ‘Day of Rage’ on Wall Street last weekend looked to LAS more like a production of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar.’ With a small cast.


People are noticing.

The people in Queens, New York have noticed sufficiently to elect a politician with an (R) after his name - in the district formerly represented by Progressive hero Anthony “seven inch” Weiner and various other Democrats for 93 solid years.

The people in Washoe County, Nevada have noticed sufficiently to give a politician with an (R) after his name a ten point victory. Ten points in a congressional election is roughly equivalent to a 10-0 score in baseball, just as a reference point.

Nationwide, even a clear majority of the clueless independents whose judgment this blog has expended so much energy fretting about have rejected the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama.


Mission Accomplished?

No, I don’t think so - the problem for the republic is the Left never, ever, relinquishes political power willingly. I also doubt the nationwide gaggle of clueless independents actually gets it’s the message (Progressivism) and not the messenger (Obama) that plaques the republic.

So, the epic battle to save the republic from the bankrupt ideology of American Progressivism carries on, verily even quickens despite the utter collapse of the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama.

The generally upbeat and humorous editors of the American Spectator have forwarded to me this advice on the 37 things I should be hoarding to survive the coming collision. Yikes! And the earnest proprietors at World Net Daily assume I could benefit from instructional videos on the topic of handgun use. Hmmmm. It seems some think we are headed for a ‘Road Warriors’ existence in the very near future.  If so, LAS will miss the top shelf beer.

But I don’t really think so. I honestly believe we are living through the opening stages of a great Conservative Ascendancy – with a distinctly libertarian flavor. This libertarian conservative moment is an explosive revival of the very same First Amendment Rham Emanuel told us in 2009 was overrated.

Rham Emanuel is a statist, so naturally he would find the individual liberties guaranteed to citizens in the First Amendment “overrated.” These liberties represent an inconvenience to the implementation of the statist’s collectivist, centrally planned, utopian fantasies.

And when you are a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Which brings me to social media – the greatest enabler of liberty since the printing press.

The statists running the administration of BHO and his corrupt gang of Progressives – quite idiotically – have always viewed social media as a tool for centrally orchestrating armies of political operatives with an “inside-out” command driven propaganda model. They are right insofar as sheeples previously enslaved as serfs within the statist model will comply with the orders they receive from their social media talking points.

What the statists never counted on is the power of social media to bind together the vast numbers of misfits who are generally inclined to go their own way. Without social media, these liberty loving individualists are a collection of unrelated individuals. With social media, they are able to bind together in their common interest of pushing back against the statist’s threats to their collective right to individual liberty.

I offer as proof of my thesis the brand new YouTube channel “Misfit Politics.” First of all, the name grabbed me right away. How could I not take immediate notice of something that combined two of my favoritest all-time entertainment options: [1] The Kinks (1978 album = “Misfits”) and [2] Politics (continuous loop = “Send In the Clowns”)?

And these guys (and/or gals), whoever they are, have real talent. So much talent, LAS has seen fit to add them to my video roll immediately upon viewing their 3 maiden efforts.


LAS believes Misfit Politics has a bright future in the Conservative Ascendancy - in humiliating and mocking statists. The noted statist Saul Alinksy would be proud of the means, if not the ends.

Footnote 1

Today’s hijinks from the statist assigned to the task of reclaiming Teddy Kennedy’s seat from Scott Brown ... Elizabeth Warren ... who made the idiotic mistake in the age of social media of assuming she could deliver red meat to a friendly crowd without anyone else seeing her do it.  GLWT Lizzie.

Update 9/24/11

It would appear Elizabeth Warren isn't the only Leftist "economist" who wants to confiscate more of your wealth ...via a plan to nationalize private retirement funds... and it seems BHO and his corrupt gang of Progressives were in on the heist when they drafted their 2010 budget.

Update 9/25/11

Dear Leader is unhappy with these developments.
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