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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quickie Analysis: Barry’s Big J-O-B-S Speech of 2011

Far too big a train wreck for the amateur blogger to fully address tonight. First and foremost – it was the same old Barry. Sanctimonious. Arrogant. Duplicitous. Assumptive. Insulting to the reasonable mind. Heavy Handed.  LEFT WING PARTISAN TO THE CORE. My very next post will address the matter in detail. But now is not the right time to do this epic train wreck justice . My day at the day job (glad to have it) was particularly “interesting” today – six hours in one planning meeting, with all the 3D chess horse trading, plus all the usual shtuff (sic) that comes with the day job. I need a rest.

I came into my viewership of the speech with the following prequel prepared. “xx” represents numeric placeholders pending further factual research. Underlines are indicators to go find links for support.
Warm Beer and Cold Pizza … “The Breakfast of Champions”

That’s what Barry’s Big J-O-B-S speech of September 8, 2011 was. After partying it up, Keynesian style, with Stimulus I (trillion dollar crap sandwich), ObamaCare (trillion dollar side of fries), xx % growth in federal spending (straight bourbon), xx% growth in national debt (straight scotch), and xx% growth in federal regulations (six pack of beer) – Barry gave us nothing but Keynesian leftovers to counter the hangover of the worst-economic-recovery-ehah caused by his Keynesian bacchanalia. It will be as unsatisfying to the national J-O-B-S economy as the “Breakfast of Champions,” defined by this post title, is to the human constitution.

He called it the “American Jobs Act.” It will turn out to be anything but. Its’ recipe consists of equal parts Big Labor payoff and sophomoric political gamesmanship. The price tag - Four Hundred BILLION Dollars more of Keynesian nonsense – is the Big Labor Payoff. The optics and stage handling is the political gamesmanship – typically played too smart by half on the part of the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama.

Fairly predictive, if I don’t say so myself. Note to self - I will need to emphasize the sophomoric political gamesmanship angle more in the proper post.

Bottom Line: If you pay attention to American politics … mark tonight as the “beginning of the end” for the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama. If you don’t pay attention to American politics…start, it gets really (and I mean really) interesting now.  You will have a different POTUS come January 2013, that much is certain.  How we get there is going to be the "interesting" part.
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