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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Various and Sundry (On the Countdown to Shutdown)

I’m usually not one to pat myself on the back … except when I am. This is one of those times. When I saw this Wall Street Journal article reporting the 180 degree turnaround in your current administration’s policy on Guantanamo Bay, I was reminded of my own prescient words – posted May 4, 2010 under the title “Contemporary Politics and Newton’s Three Laws of Motion (Part 5)

Action: Anonymous SUV owner leaves his vehicle smoking and parked in the middle of Times Square.

Left Wing Reaction: Golly, I hope it’s a TEA Party guy. That would fit today's official Leftie narrative. Fingers Crossed!

Right Wing Reaction: Gee, D’ya think it might be a Jihadi? D’ya think?

Long Term Projection: Mr. Obama’s policies in the War on Terror will slowly but inexorably morph into Mr. Bush’s policies, but no one in the MSM will be allowed to notice.

Man, I’m Good, Just Ask Me (MIGJAM). And congratulations to the MIGJAMs at the Wall Street Journal for noticing the War on Terror is now governed by Barack W. Bush’s policies.


My growing legion of dedicated followers (you know who you are) have seen I am in the habit of leaving snarky comments all across the Intertubes, with this blog’s url as a signature. I leave the url signature for one reason only – it works. It is entirely free of cost and generates traffic. As the conservative icon Barry Goldwater once said, “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.”

One such recent comment generated an unusual amount of visits to my humble little blog, and I’m really curious as to why. *** Warning, the next link contains nudity – at least that’s what I think it is. ***

The good proprietors of iOwnTheWorld continued documenting their obsession with famous airhead comedienne Kathy Griffin, posting topless pictures under the title “LOOK AWAY – BECAUSE I AM NOT PASSWORD PROTECTING THIS POST

I dropped in the comment: “U Have Been Warned. For. A. Damned. Good. Reason.” I really thought nothing of it – expecting it to be largely ignored as merely alternate wording for the post title itself, just a bit of snark in support of the generally accepted norms for public modesty.

I have some questions for anyone who followed this comment to my humble little blog.

Were you looking for more nudity of the same quality? If so, are you obsessed by hairless bipeds of indeterminate gender?

Or did you misinterpret my comment as a gateway to an apocalyptic “these are the biblical end times” type of message? Knowing if there are more of you than I thought is important to my research.


The Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama has officially launched his 2012 re-election campaign with an appropriately vapid and insipid video.

LibertyAtStake offers this 2012 campaign slogan for the Empty One: “Change and Hope – Same As Last Time, But Different This Time!”


LibertyAtStake is well-connected with the Democrat re-election campaign. I am constantly receiving updates from the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). How is this possible? I signed up for their blind email distribution. I am really smart with that undercover stuff, you know.

Here’s a sampling from just the past two weeks.

Robby Mook told me on Monday this Presidential election will be “historic.” My question back to Robby: Huh, what the hell was the last one for? (btw – I love “Mook” as the surname for a Democrat shakedown artist.)

The Empty One himself sent me a message on the same day - with lots of empty white space at the top. Symbolic?

On March 31, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the sound of whose voice has been known to cause dogs to chew off their own paws, made a fundraising appeal on the basis that Speaker John Boehner has a potty-mouth.

On March 30 – long after the Leftist rent-a-mob had filled the streets of Madison in all its pungent glory; Steve Israel attempts to separate me from my money by making me fear the TEA Party “mob.” Whoever that is.

On March 29, James “the Ragin’ Cajun” Carville makes his pitch with a folksy trope. A trope that I find to be an odd choice given we are currently debating the 2011 budget his party failed to pass last year when they had total control. No pudding for you!

They even dragged the Goracle out of his North Pole ice palace to rekindle Democrat glories past.

And I didn’t even bother to show you the panhandling letters I received through the same channel - in the same brief period - from Nanny Pelosi, Crazy Uncle Joe Biden, Chris Van Hollen (fresh off the mat after leading the DCCC to its historic mid-term “shellacking”), or Anthony “Waiver” Weiner.

The Demo-Hack party is running scared as we barrel toward Shutdown Friday.
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  1. love the overview my friend~!..thanks for the vis to WHT but please don't put your link in my comment field because my spam filter will mark u as spam and I don't want that~!..Keep the faith please~!

  2. Excellent thoughts. Though I would consider thoroughly sterilizing your computer after receiving those emails.

  3. @WHT: I shall attempt to honor your request as I endeavor always to respect property rights. However, as doing so requires me to remember an exception to my usual practice, I apologize in advance for any transgressions. I have also given consideration to installing a comment system that supports adding one's url as an optional attribute of the comment - but haven't been sufficiently motivated yet (not being paid for this!) And an insufficient percentaqge of blogs I comment upon have taken this step to give me cause to change my general practice.

  4. @Matt: No worries, just my gmail account, which I use specifically for sanitary Intertubes communications: browser access only, follow no links, save no attachments.

  5. Watch this video by Andrew Klavan:" Barack the Magic Suit, A Political Fairy Tale."
    I'll give you the credit for being the first to call him an empty suit....but this is funny!

  6. @Jethro: Klavan is a genius. Being first with the 'Empty Suit' moniker and a buck will get me a cup of coffee. Your video recommendation goes straight to the top of the blog!

  7. Great article. Thanks for a detailed summary of what is really happening.

  8. @SummerRain: Doin' the best I can with what God gave me to work with.


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