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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quickie Analysis: Barry's Big Deficit Speech

I’ll start with the one positive comment I can come up with, because that’s what my mother told me to do once. The “come together” stuff, mostly toward the end, wasn’t half bad. He actually mouthed some words about American greatness and weaved in a call to patriotism for a change – even if it looked liked it pained him to do so, and even if he did so in the service of flawed assumptions and faulty narratives concerning the American enterprise.

The remainder of the speech revealed much about the Speechifier’s character (lack of), and the state of his ideology (bankrupt). The Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama is a demagogue pushing an ideology that has nothing left but demagoguery to sell it.

The ideology boils down to redistributive statism. It assumes the state owns all wealth, individuals keep the wealth they produce at the discretion of the state, and the state has the authority to redistribute (reallocate) anyone’s wealth to purposes chosen by the state. This ideology puts the state in a god-like position with limitless power to pick winners and losers. This ideology has failed miserably wherever it has been tried; from Cuba, to the old Soviet Union, to the inner cities of America that have been destroyed by Democrat “Great Society” policies.


During the day’s build up to the big speech, the news media alerted us to the obvious – more “tax and spend” was coming from the statist demagogue currently occupying the White House. My vigorous participation in the pre-game discussion is documented by these two comments to Daily Caller articles here and here.


As this Daily Caller post-game analysis astutely caught onto – surprise! surprise! (Gomer Pyle) – the speech was designed and delivered as a campaign speech much more so than a policy speech. It also put on full display many character flaws in the demagogue we have come to know as the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama.

BHO the narcissist kicked things off with a lame joke designed to pat himself on the back for keeping the government open, for the benefit of all us serfs who would have no idea what to do without it. Then he adopted an insultingly lecturing tone to propagandize and spin recent history – almost as if he was a professor at one of our institutions of higher education.

BHO the spin-meister misrepresented the big government nanny state society we’ve been living with since FDR’s “New Deal” as a core characteristic of our entire history since the founding. While talking up “progressive” tax codes, he told the lie “everybody pays.” No, actually, today 47% (nearly half) of all households pay no federal taxes at all. This is a condition teetering on the brink of tyranny.

When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work, because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is the beginning of the end of any nation.

- Adrian Rodgers, the Internet, or something

BHO the rabble rouser played the old Community Organizer’s class envy card when he set the stage for raising taxes by stating the “rich” (whoever they are) have done “well” (whatever that means) each and every year of the past decade.

BHO the dissembler told another lie when he claimed he inherited a trillion dollar annual deficit. The last Bush 43 budget (2008) had an approximately $400 billion dollar deficit – hardly acceptable, but less than half the claim.

BHO the fear monger spent a significant amount of time demonizing the only serious plan in town so far – Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan. He went so far as to paint a vivid picture of his audience members’ grandparents being thrown to the curb to starve. He engaged in this fear mongering to justify raising "revenue" (taxes) to fund more “investments” (spending) in “Winning the Future” (WTF). The WTF “investments” he ticked off were the same tired old statist ideas for redistributing wealth. Like throwing more money down the rat hole of a public education system that has shown an inverse correlation between money spent and student performance. Like burning more cash on “infrastructure” projects (whatever they have decided that means this week).

BHO the arrogant elitist gave us a snarky “heh” when he noted nobody wants their own taxes raised, lied again by stipulating small government is not the majority of our history, lied yet another time by stipulating there was deficit reduction in his first 2012 budget (the one events have compelled him to reconsider), revealed his hatred for the private sector by dismissing out of hand Medicare voucher solutions (his rhetoric on turning Granny over to the “mercy” of the Insurance industry and so forth) and private investment options for Social Security contributions (the rhetoric on not subjecting contributions to the whims of the stock market).

BHO the hypocrite offered nothing but fraud, waste, and abuse tweaks for ObamaCare after earlier denigrating this approach in the general. BHO the partisan reduced a solid theory of economics with a proven track record – supply side – to someone’s “article of faith.”

November 2012 can’t come soon enough. Unless Donald Trump’s private eyes turn up something that will help us get rid of this walking, talking disaster for the republic sooner …

Update 4/14/2011

Radio man Chris Plante just moments ago made a very salient point over the air waves.  Barry's so-called 2014 trigger proposal is a statist's subterfuge designed to implement his program with or without Congressional approval.  How did I, in my infinite wisdom, miss this critical point?

Update #2 4/14/2011

In keeping with the Swami (Chris Berman) theme that runs through this blog, I will promote this News Real Blog comment to auditable "prediction."

I'm gonna go out on a limb here ... Barry's first veto, and the first veto override immediately thereafter, will be over the Bush tax "cut" renewal. Gridlock will ensure the only viable choices are extend all or extend none, just like in December. 2/3 of congress will want nothing to do with the extend none scenario. That is, if he doesn't cave first over a gridlock situation that will raise taxes on everyone. It'll be the rare and magnificent flip-flop-flip. Barry in a box.
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  1. All the suit(empty one)knows is campaign, campaign, campaign....

  2. @Randy-g: I can hardly explain how much enamel I've ground from my own teeth in the knowledge of this.

  3. Hat tip to "FamousDrScanlon".

    In '08, Obammy had a race-card scam
    He fleeced the folks, you know
    Everywhere that Barry ran
    the press was sure to go
    They covered-up
    They had his back
    No questions allowed 'bout Barack
    But, in '11 something changed
    The Donald entered in the game
    "Where was he born?"
    "Does he pray?"
    "Who's your daddy?"
    Trump would say
    Then the media lost their mind
    They'd worked oh so hard
    For their "messiah of mankind"
    They couldn't, wouldn't let Trump talk
    They called him fool and clown
    But The Donald didn't balk
    So they pulled the last card that they had
    and told their JournOlista crowd
    to get on every TV show
    and slander Trump high and low
    call him "Raaaaacist", then he'll know
    You don't mess with Barry Obama Marshall Davis Soetero

  4. @Jethro: After taking in your little poem, I found my way through the Intertubes to some interesting articles on one Frank Marshall Davis - poet, Leftist political activist, sexual libertine, close friend of Barry's birth mother, and important ideological influence on Barry himself. Excellent contribution to the proceedings, especially interesting given Mr. Trump's entry into the fray.

  5. Hey Barry - who's your daddy?

    After his "father" diappeared, and for a period of time while his mother was traipsing all over the world, promoting "micro-financing", her parents raised Barry. FMD was a friend of the family, and Barry spent a lot of time under the tutelage of FMD.

  6. The empty suit is perpetually in campaign mode.

  7. @Matt: It's all he knows. Not very useful for presidentin' as it turns out.

  8. It never matters what he say, only what he does.


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