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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Predictions For 2012: Mayans Holding the Clubhouse Lead

Professional golf fans will recognize the term “clubhouse leader.” This is the golfer who has the lowest stroke play score for the tournament with no more golf to play. Golf being the ultimate contest for pessimists, the clubhouse lead is generally considered the preferred position even if there is a competitor still out on the course with a slightly better stroke play score.

Just ask one of the greatest champions ever, Phil Mickelson.


In the tournament for predicting the state of the world for 2012, the ancient Mayan civilization is sitting in the clubhouse with a prediction that’s looking pretty good lately – the literal end of the world. You can even get a countdown widget for your site – calibrated to the second the end comes. Just so you can be sure to be completely punctual in your preparations for the end time.

If you detect sarcasm in my review, your antennae are finely tuned. But, who am I? What do I know? I’m still out on the course. And so is this numb nuts.


I’ll take a pass on dissecting the demagogic lies (the inflated deficit reduction claim for his 2012 budget Mulligan, the counter-factual claim of an increase in domestic oil production under his policies), the rhetorical sleight of hand (glossing over the fact so-called “clean renewables” have no chance for fifty years or more at providing an affordable supply for the present demand), and profound economic illiteracy (the claim taking $4B out of an industries pockets, whatever you think of that industry, will put downward pressure on the price of its product).

And as this recent addition to the Assigned Read List, from Right Wing News, pointed out so eloquently: “ it takes three pages of truth to combat one paragraph of lies.”

How true. Unpacking the lies and deceptions in just this short four minute example of pure demagoguery, is well beyond the scope of my pro bono post.

No, my point here is to brief the reader on the deleterious effect this demagoguery has on the state of the nation, and educate the reader on how to respond effectively – so as to make sure 2012 turns out better than the Mayan clubhouse leader is even now thinking it will, celebratory chili dog already in hand (he’s more John Daly than Tiger Woods).


The Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama has barely made the turn on his final round, and he has already compiled an impressive record of inflicting damage on the republic and creating chaos and misery for its citizens – so impressive that apocalyptic scenarios come easily into the mind. Too easily for comfort.

Especially when you consider his style of “governance.” The Empty Suit “governs” by means of 24 x 7 constant campaigning. Next consider his style for campaigning – the highly divisive 24 x 7 class warfare agitation of the Community Organizer.

This so-called “leadership” produces the kind of unhinged mob rule I’ve only just begun to document on my right side bar as the Just Another Unhinged Leftie (JAUL) Gallery.

Such as trashing historical buildings in failed attempts to shut down duly elected governments.

Such as using intimidation tactics to suppress legal democratic action, while ironically chanting “this is what democracy looks like.” (No, it's what mobocracy looks like)

Such as mindlessly attacking one of your own in the pitch chaos.

There are many documented death threats to be found in the Gallery as well, go ahead and give it a casual stroll.


The divisive “leadership” style in the Executive Branch - including the Department of ‘Just Us’ - contributes to a breakdown in race relations as well - the case for which was recently set out at National Review Online.

So, where is the Empty Suit on these charges? Nowhere – because he is the coward on race relations Eric Holder must have been talking about in 2009.

And where will the Empty Suit be on this racially motivated beat down?


Again, the answer is nowhere – due entirely to political cowardice. The rest of us will have to do with a perfectly understandable initial reaction and eloquent essay on the matter from the Angry White Dude.


So, making the turn toward my concluding point, I shall address how to effectively deal with the unhinged lunatics your Agitator-In-Chief has set loose upon the republic.

The short answer is: no quarter, zero tolerance. They have no limits dictated by morality – therefore the imposition of limits upon them is the only effective control they understand.

A big part of the problem has been long known for many years – the Left tolerates no dissent. As the great William F. Buckley once stated when the terms of engagement were more genteel:

“Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”

Conservatives, rightly guided by an ethos that seeks to foster the civil society, have been reluctant to adopt the strategy for dealing with the Left that will be effective in these times – take no crap and push back hard. The difference is we do our homework first and focus on the issue at hand. We have long known the Left dissembles, deceives, and distracts from the subject at hand in favor of ad hominem attacks and straw man arguments. The antidote is to grab them by the collar and drag them back to the argument at hand - ruthlessly. Humor often helps, but can be dispensed with when not practical.

For a beginner’s primer, take in this instructional manual from the great Andrew Breitbart on addressing the Leftist mob.

Got that? Take no crap - within the bounds of the law, of course.

Now, here is Mr. Breitbart’s instruction manual for dealing with biased interviewers.

Got that? Push back hard - within the bounds of FCC rules, of course.

Whether it’s the Pastor Terry Jones (whatever you think of his presentation) defending the First Amendment against the deadly IED known as Shariah Law, or Donald Trump (whatever you think of his positions) showing GOP politicians the way to successfully campaign against Barry is to come right at him – the examples of ruthless, and entirely legal, action aimed at ridding the republic of the Leftist scourge are springing up across the land. And that is an optimistic development.


The one factor that continues to vex me is the slow learning curve of the traditionally impotent establishment GOP. The TEA Party patriots I met in those crowds as early as spring 2009 - whom a majority of establishment GOP operatives no doubt labeled “unsophisticated” - understood my point instantly. Even after those TEA Party patriots delivered the establishment GOP an electoral victory of historic magnitude in 2010, I see scant signs the GOP has any idea what’s really happening here. And if that’s true – that makes them useless to We The People as our designated political party.

Memo to GOP: the debt ceiling fight is your last chance to show us you are worth keeping on retainer. After that no one anticipates resolution on any debates getting to the core issue of federal spending. So, this will wrap up the GOP / TEA Party Comity interview before we decide how to handle the 2012 election.

There needs to be real, and deep, spending cuts implemented in return for increasing the nation’s debt limit to newly absurd and perilous levels. I like some of what I’ve heard about statutory caps on spending tied to GDP in the Ryan budget. That’s a start. The problem I have is it won’t kick in until 2012, given the crappy 2011 budget deal you gave us. We need something that’s real right now (in addition to, not instead of, just to be perfectly clear). I recommend an extension of the Bush tax rates for everyone. Let Barry deal with explaining the rare and magnificent flip-flop-flip to his lunatic base.


And now a short musical break, to celebrate the metaphysical certainty the criminally biased MSM will be no use to anyone.

Update 4/26/11

Via Liberty Pundits I have read there is a consensus building to stand behind something known as Senate Joint Resolution 10 - as the tribute to be paid for raising the debt ceiling.  I like this as a start - for a couple of reasons.  Tactically, because it only requires a bloc of 41 Senators to stand tall on the condition.  Materially, because it creates an annual spending limit tied to GDP, and requires super majority votes on the inevitable exclusions / loop holes.

But only as a start.  As stated above we need something that is felt in the current year to believe the GOP really has our backs, noting the lousy 2011 budget reconciliation has already been inked.  I still like leaving the tax code alone (for now) as a way of showing the government has enough revenue already.
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