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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Contemporary Politics and Newton’s Three Laws of Motion (Part 5)

This blogging stuff is difficult work. It’s hard to come up with something worth reading by other people on a regular basis. Fortunately, this conservative blogger has a framework to fall back on when the creative oil pressure is a little low.

So, continuing along with the Newtonian physics theme - following is a laundry list of recent actions, their immediate Left Wing reactions, their immediate Right Wing reactions, selected cartoons from the Townhall Cartoons page, and my long term projection. I hope you find it an easy and enjoyable read in these perilous times.


Action: Anonymous SUV owner leaves his vehicle smoking and parked in the middle of Times Square.

Left Wing Reaction: Golly, I hope it’s a TEA Party guy. That would fit today's official Leftie narrative.  Fingers Crossed!

Right Wing Reaction: Gee, D’ya think it might be a Jihadi? D’ya think?

Long Term Projection: Mr. Obama’s policies in the War on Terror will slowly but inexorably morph into Mr. Bush’s policies, but no one in the MSM will be allowed to notice.

Action: Arizona passes and signs S.B. 1070 to enforce existing Illegal Immigration law.

Left Wing Reaction: All Arizonans are racists, fascists, and TEA Party terrorists!

Right Wing Reaction: Maybe Arizonans are sick of counting the Illegal aliens and drug mules running through their backyards.

Long Term Projection: Border security will be addressed before amnesty. That was not necessarily the case before. Bravo to Arizona and Governor Jan Brewer!


Action: Off shore oil rig blows up for the first time in forty years or so.

Left Wing Reaction: Told you so! Those greedy big oil villains never cared about the fishes and the birds!

Right Wing Reaction: Shit Happens. Pray for the eleven killed. Timing is kind of interesting, though….

Long Term Projection: We will acquire more oil from ANWR and other on-shore sources because we need it, it’s safer for humans, and it’s less risky for the environment.


Action: Senate begins debate on financial regulatory reform.

Left Wing Reaction: Told you so! Those greedy Wall Street villains are finally gonna get theirs!

Right Wing Reaction: So what? The usual suspects will make out.

Long Term Projection: I doubt anyone will remember in five years.


Action: President Obama launches phony deficit reduction commission.

Left Wing Reaction: Yippee! New taxes to pay for the ballooning social welfare state!

Right Wing Reaction: Shit! New taxes to pay for the ballooning social welfare state!

Long Term Projection: I fear we will become Greece. I hope we will have the will to fix the real problem: and cut federal spending.


Say, what’s your illustration going to be on May 20?
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  1. Thank You for posting this! I love your blog!!

    Common Cents

    ps. Link Exchange?

  2. Good one. I think your analysis is complete. The platform going "boom" is rather unusual, isn't it?


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