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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Most Racist Administration Ever?

Why in the world would I feel compelled to ask such a question? I mean, weren’t we told Mr. Barack Hussein Obama was the post-racial candidate by the criminally biased (and sometimes government owned) MSM.

Here’s why.

As Ms. Malkin points out (from her uniquely qualified “minority” status), this administration has given us ample reason with its actions to consider this question.

This Department of Justice, under the pathetically clownish leadership of one Mr. Eric Holder, decided to give a mere slap on the wrist to a two-bit unwashed thug carrying a baton and issuing racial slurs at a polling place. For no other reason than because the miscreant was black (or is it African-American now? What is the Congressional Black Caucus position on this vital question?) – you can take that much to the nearest bank that hasn’t been nationalized yet.

This is the same Mr. Eric Holder who told the nation at large we are “cowards” on matters of race at the onset of this administration. Please allow me to address Mr. Holder directly. You, sir, are the coward here. You had the chance to do your job on a “matter of race,” and chose to duck under your ornate desk. Let’s not even get into your unwillingness to say “radical Islamic Jihadist.” Come on, say it with me, jerk – “radical Islamic Jihadist.” Say it again. Come on, don’t be a coward, now … jerk.

No one can say the signs weren’t there before Mr. King Samir Shabazz was caught on tape bearing his racist soul to the world.

During the campaign we learned, no thanks to the criminally biased MSM, that Mr. Barack Hussein Obama had spent nigh on twenty years listening to the racist rantings of one Rev. Jeremiah Wright. I’m not exactly sure, but I think Mr. Barack Hussein Obama’s motivation was “street cred” with a constituency that was majority black (or is it African-American now? What is the Congressional Black Caucus position on this vital question?) – you can take that much to the nearest bank that hasn’t been nationalized yet.

And who remembers the Beer Summit circus? Who remembers Mr. Barack Hussein Obama precipitating this very circus by knee-jerking his assessment the “police acted stupidly.” For no other reason than because the guy put in cuffs was black (or is it African-American now? What is the Congressional Black Caucus position on this vital question?) – you can take that much to the nearest bank that hasn’t been nationalized yet.


Now, before I’m tarred by this administration with inciting racism (wait, maybe I already was) , allow me to transition to my real point.

Despite head-faking the entire nation into a false “post-partisan” narrative, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama and his cronies are running the most hyper-partisan administration in history. And the partisanship springs from the well of Leftist Ideology.

Enslavement to Leftist ideology explains why this administration can sue Arizona for enforcing existing federal immigration law, while incongruously not lifting a finger against so-called “sanctuary cities” that openly flout existing federal law.

Enslavement to Leftist ideology explains why this administration will undoubtedly sign off on a “financial regulation reform bill” that deals in racial and gender quotas. (Are you reading this Mr. 41?  Don't take the RINO bait.)

Leftist ideology is all about dividing the masses by race, class, and gender. During the election of 2008; if you were a minority, a woman, or making less than $200,000 annually; you may have been head-faked into believing Mr. Barack Hussein Obama was one of you. Trust me, he’s not – unless of course you are enslaved to socialism, Marxism, communism, Progressivism, or some other variety of Leftist ideology.  Progressivism is my conclusion, but that's immaterial here.
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1 comment:

  1. It's amazing! - like you are reading my mind when you write your posts. But then I follow the same news websites as you....

    Mr. 41 - I love it!
    Although I don't live in MA I donated to his campaign (first time ever). I suspected he could be a RINO, but I saw that special election as the catalyst for conservative momentum. I still believe the donation was a good investment for the country (we'll see in Nov). My ten buck Friday's start this week!


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