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Sunday, July 18, 2010


Recent polling data validates and extends the thematic framework of my humble little blog project. It also provides an opportunity for me to indulge in one of my favorite all time rants, which might be titled “what the hell are these people thinking??!!” Depending on circumstances, this rant has often been directed at the criminally biased MSM, and occasionally at the American people.

The new raw data is this ABC News / Washington Post poll and this NBC / Wall Street Journal poll. For attribution purposes, below, I will refer to the former as the Georgetown poll and the latter as the Upper West Side poll.

The good news is some of the data indicates the public at large is catching on to the outrages perpetrated upon the republic by BHO and the Progressives.

The Georgetown poll shows the political party they hijacked has lost considerable ground in our two party system, while their regime has been in power. My trend line markups also demonstrate that the upcoming midterms already look much worse for them than the beating they took in 1994.

And when I say “hijacked” – I mean “hijacked”. This Gallup poll I discuss in my 01/11/10 post shows Americans self-identify as “liberal” has been consistently around 20% for going on twenty years now. Yet this 1/5 minority is now calling all of the shots for the donkey party, which is now calling the shots for the rest of us.

Precisely because of this profound mismatch between the governing and the governed (in my view), the Upper West Side poll shows Barry’s approve/disapprove spread has gone from +34 to -3 in a mere 16 months.  Didn’t take long for the coattails to turn into radioactive kryptonite for professional donkeys, now, did it?  It's because Barry has been coddled by the 1/5 his entire life, and has no experience that allows him to understand the other 4/5.

Oh, oh, I feel a rant running up the back of my leg….


I just love how the Georgetown poll posits an equivalence between Obama’s initial public approval trend and Ronald Reagan’s initial public approval trend.

Then, in a typically biased analysis; (1) these geniuses give us the statistical correlation so far, (it’s .9), and correctly identify a tough economy as the factor the two trend lines have most in common, and (2) they completely leave out, as if afraid to mention it (a common symptom of Political Correctness), the set up for the next two years. Obama is pursuing economic policies that are diametrically opposed to the Reagan policies that turned his economy around.  So, expect the results to be diametrically opposed.

Reagan’s policies of economic freedom and tax cutting launched us into an 18 year cycle of prosperity, as the estimable Lawrence Kudlow wrote for CATO way back in 2000.

One might imagine that the ideologically challenged “compassionate conservative,” Mr. George W. Bush, temporarily absorbed this lesson early in his administration, when he had to deal with the tech bubble crash at the outset of his administration, as documented by the blogger Lonely Conservative here (with chart reprinted below).

Bush's tax policy set us up for another period of growth, except for the economic cancer that was already growing as the housing bubble, which finally burst right as Mr. Bush was preparing to leave office – to Barry’s electoral benefit. Who or what was behind the housing bubble is a topic for another post – but it wasn’t George Bush. Start with the googling acronym CRA, and go from there, kiddies.  And, oh yeah, these tax cuts are due to expire in 2011.  That ought to help Barry with his economic "recovery" (LMAO!).

Unfortunately, neither Reagan nor Bush 43 was able to put a dent in federal spending – Reagan because he had to accommodate a Democrat Speaker named Tip O’Neill and Bush 43 because he didn’t get it, err, was “compassionate” I mean.

Anyway, back to the posited equivalence between Obama’s job approval trend and Reagan’s. What a bunch of crap.

Here’s the data from the rest of the Reagan term, from this 2004 Gallup article.

I think I’ll superimpose my prediction for Barry. Bottom for Barry is around 20%, which approximates the 1/5 minority among us that actually wants his administration to do more damage to the republic than it already has.

So, how can it be that this 1/5 minority can manage to seize power on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue? Answer: they are constantly working, day and night, to seize and exercise the reins of power. So they can impose their brilliant (in their minds) Progressive ideology on you. It is their religion. They are not above using every possible means of deceiving you to get your vote, either. Their water carriers in the liberally biased media (see the Statistical Data section of this wiki for the unrefutable case that makes the point) will use every possible method of deception in their reporting – omission of key facts, insertion of moot facts, repetition of lies – to spin every story in a liberal direction. Some seem to do it intentionally – a transparent dummy like Keith Olbermann ( comes to mind. Most, I think, do it unintentionally because they are blinded by their ingrained ideology and hang out with no one but fellow travelers.

Which brings me to the other side of my well-practiced rant. Why do you people let them get away with it? All you have to do is pay attention a little. Is it really that hard?

For example, there is this polling data from a Big Government post, which spun me into a brief comment board fit. 

How can any thinking person have a positive view of the terms Family Values, States’ rights, and Capitalism – yet also hold a positive view of the term Progressive. To me it looks like a clinical case of cognitive dissonance that needs immediate intervention.

Which brings me finally to the motivation behind this blog project, I think. It’s a motivation that’s perfectly captured by the Tom Sizemore character (LTC Danny McKnight) in the 2001 movie “Black Hawk Down.” LTC McKnight is the officer in charge of the truck convoy. At the very beginning of the fight inside Mogadishu, one of the enlisted soldiers yells to him something like “Colonel, they’re shooting at us. What do we do?” The Colonel looks back at the soldier with an expression that says “are you stupid?” – and gives him the only sensible order – “Shoot back!”
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  1. I believe people do not recognize "Progressive" is connected to the socialism they don't care much for. The word "liberal" might have brought another result. Perhaps they see Progressive as "making progress."

    I heard a conversation, probably on Fox, that Liberals used the word "progressive" in the 1940's and it was finally abandoned during the 1960s, I think - I'm not sure. Anyway, it became tainted and liberals came to the fore.

    I think your own projections are spot-on.

    While Bush was not socially conservative, I believe he failed to use the veto pen to buy votes for the war.

    LaS, you have some fine analyzations here. Very interesting about the Reagan Obama job approval trend lines. I'm not much of a pollster, but I believe you are right, and the Political Ideology intriguing and and a wonderful turn of events.

    We are beginning to associate "conservative" with "constitutional." That is a new mindset, and I think it will save this country.

    Great article, and a good look at what's really going on today.

  2. @Maggie: Actually, between approximately 1900 and today, the American Left went from the Progressive label to Liberal and back again; because they always wear out the label once in power and assume we have short memories. My January 18, 2010 post touches on the topic.

    I also think you are right that the 50 year old (or so) coalition of social conservatives and conservative libertarians is being enrgized around the idea of preserving the Constitution. This is a good thing.


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