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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Contemporary Politics and Newton’s Three Laws of Motion (Part 6)

Man, I’m good! Just ask me. You might say I think of myself as a MIGJAM. ;)

When I started the series of posts under this title, I openly declared the inevitability of a massive defeat at the polls for the Progressives now in power - to be visited upon them by the great majority of conservative American citizens – awakened by the abuses of power and outrageous governance visited upon them during 2009-2010. To highlight the inevitability of this collision, I framed the situation as a (verifiable) scientific formula; F = m * a.

In part 2 of the series, I introduced the woefully inadequate (as it turned out) measuring tool I called the Conservative Ascendancy Thermotron 2010. I broke down the Thermotron’s moving parts into three inter-related and equally weighted measures: events affecting the news, alignment (i.e. comity) between the GOP and the TEA Party movement, and Leftie Lunacy (the propensity for Leftist ideologues to form circular firing squads being nothing if not predictable.)

By the time Part 3 of the series was being posted, comity between the GOP and TEA Party movement was coming together. The ever growing number of (R)-labeled politicians signing the Contract From America is the product of this comity. Part 4 highlighted Arizona’s S.B. 1070, which has sparked a fusillade of overheated rhetoric and hyper-partisan law suits in the historic conflict I call Liberty vs. Tyranny USA 2010. Part 5 highlighted five distinct events – Times Square car bomb, S.B. 1070, BP oil spill, Wall Street takeover bill, and phony deficit reduction commission – any one of which could have the biggest story by a mile in any normal year. But not this year – the poor Thermotron was already creaking under the weight of 2010’s unprecedented political chaos (brought to you by BHO and the Progressives). The distinction between the Events and Leftie Lunacy meters was becoming hopelessly blurred by the governance of BHO and the Progressives. Within a couple of weeks, I was compelled to retire the tired old Thermotron, with full honors and benefits (gratuitous Christmas Story reference).

This news of this past week has brought another extraordinary pair of events rooted in the intellectual chaos that is Leftie Lunacy. There was a second round of revelations from Ezra Klein’s JournoList archive, terribly embarrassing to the liberal media, broken by the Daily Caller (DC). No doubt Eric Holder’s DOJ spent this weekend standing up a special investigative unit dedicated to finding something – anything - on Tucker Carlson, Jonathan Strong, or anyone else working at the DC. There was also the Shirley Sherrod affair - a moraility tale with high drama, low comedy, and lessons on restraint learned the hard way.

The Sherrod slapstick and the JournoList flap have much more in common than initially meets the eye.

They are both are about spinning facts and events for strictly political reasons. They are both also about how karma has a way of dispensing justice with its ruthless boomerang effect.

In the case of the Sherrod flap, at least the people doing the spinning have been openly acting as partisans. Breitbart posted the original video excerpt as a partisan attempting to turn the tables on the NAACP’s nakedly partisan attack charging the TEA Party movement with racism. The Obama administration’s knee-jerk firing of Sharrod was in their usual fecklessly partisan tradition – it was an merely an attempt to distance themselves from a politically damaging news story. Neither Breitbart, nor the administration, is guilty of omitting or twisting any part of the originally available record. At this point, all either of them had was the shortened excerpt.

The next couple of movements in this farce are where I started to piece together in my mind what was probably really happening here. Almost as if in coordination (hmmmm) - the NAACP beseeched us all to judge Sherrod on the “full context” of the entire tape, which (interestingly) the NAACP had in its possession all along; and Ms. Sherrod went on the liberal talk circuit and starting opening her mouth. Apparently she has yet to seek counsel.

Well, many of us who viewed the entire tape decided it put Sherrod into a worse light. Her line in the full context was basically “race based politics misses the mark, class based politics are the answer.” The black conservative Alan Keyes captured this point on his blog. Then she went on the talk show circuit in an apparent attempt to cash in the “15 minutes” Andy Warhol had told her she was entitled to, and began talking like a partisan foaming at the mouth. She called Out Fox and the TEA Parties. She threatened to sue Breitbart. Huh?  D'ya think this is somebody with an axe to grind?

My strong suspicion is Sherrod and the NAACP were in cahoots to set a trap for Breitbart. They did not anticipate Obama’s thin skinned and feckless reaction (apparently they’ve never met the man), and were forced to play out Act 2 sooner than they wanted to.

Ann Coulter appears to agree with me (hat tip to Newsbusters).

I just love how Rick Sanchez’s CNN minions feed him some partisan crap at 5:50, 6:07, and 6:37 of the taped exchange, and how Coulter slaps him down using nothing but her own memory. It’s easier to remember the truth than it is to remember your old lies. I imagine a moronic MIGJAM like Sanchez goes home at night muttering “she thinks she’s so smart!”

I suspect Sanchez’s IQ is about half of this guy’s IQ. (hat tip to Sharp Elbows)

But I digress. We will not really get to the bottom of this Sherrod thing until we get to the cut out (or series of cut outs) that was used to carry the excerpt to Breitbart. This may or may not happen in due time. What IS perfectly predictable is Mr. Breitbart will learn from the experience and not repeat the mistake. The NAACP and the Obama administration, on the other hand, will continue to act according to form, because they can’t help themselves. Ms. Sherrod’s future depends on whether or not she has sought competent counsel.

The cut out that will bring the JournoList cabal to ruin is easier to identify – it’s called the Internet! How stupid were these guys to have any expectation of privacy on a list serve? Here’s how it works. You type your partisan crap into the list server, where it is recorded electronically. Then a copy is sent to every single other subscriber’s email address, where it is recorded electronically. Along the way, multiple hops across multiple server relays are made, where everything is recorded again to varying degrees of permanence. Good luck covering your tracks, JournoListers. And since your crime (violation of a professional standard) is much greater than anyone involved in the Sharrod flap  – all I can say is I can’t wait for next week’s news cycle. Especially from the Daily Caller. LMAO!

postscript:  I just heard Howard Dean say on Chris Wallace's show that Obama fired Sherrod because he feared the story was headed toward the Glenn Beck show.  Circular Firing Squad given the order to fire.  LMAO!
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1 comment:

  1. Wow! I always thought Chris Wallace was a fairly mild guy. Dean looked like a deer in the headlights as Wallace ripped him a new one during that exchange. And Newt just sat there, smiling during the entire exchange. Fabulous!

    Regarding Sherrod:

    This explains why she disappeared before the Sunday talkshow circuit!


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