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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Update: State of the Conservative Ascendancy Thermotron 2010

The 2010 Conservative Ascendancy continues apace. It is past time for a status report on the all-important Thermotron 2010. Since the initial introduction of this scientifically calibrated precision engineering device; events have unfolded that should give us great concern. If not for my mid-Atlantic neighborhood looking like Siberia, I would have made this update sooner. I’ve been busy emitting carbon dioxide like never before, yet the snow keeps coming.

The most concerning news of late is the Iranian regime has essentially announced it will soon be a nuclear military power. That’s the bad news. The really bad news is your President wasted the entire first year of his term extending an open hand to the world, and the Iranian regime has cut it off with a meat cleaver. The smart money is now on Iran achieving a nuclear weapons program within the year. The one thing I am certain of is this: the Israeli government will look after its own interests. That probably means a military strike of some kind, to at least put off the day of reckoning. Depending on where events go from there, Mr. Obama has deftly maneuvered himself into position to replace Neville Chamberlain as history’s greatest appeaser. It may not be too late to pursue the only possible US policy that has any chance of avoiding this outcome – regime change. And let’s be clear – regime change does not equate to invasion, it can be reduced to active support for the existing Green Movement protestors inside Iran. The problem is your current administration shows no inclination or acumen in this area. I refer you to the The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” for further meditation.

On the Leftie Lunacy front, it’s still all about reaction to the Republican coup in Massachusetts. Lefties are apparently still in shock over this one. The Leftie commentary trying to explain it away has been all over the board. Howard Dean, DNC Chairman and world record holder for shrillest screech in presidential campaign history, was actually caught on camera arguing Massachusetts voted for Scott Brown AND Obamacare! Economic hack and New York Times propagandist Paul Krugman actually put into print his opinion that the real problem is Obama hasn’t run up deficits large enough! Al Franken - senior Senator from ACORN, failed talk radio host, and formerly barely funny SNL comedian – was reportedly very animated and vocal while making no particular point after the President’s failed February 3rd pep talk to Democrat Senators. For their Thermotron poster child I have chosen MSNBC blow-hard Keith Olbermann; for the simple reason he seems the most likely to actually internally combust live on camera. It’s a shame hardly anyone will be watching live, given his pathetic ratings. Not to fear – the spectacle will surely be posted on the Fox Nation board within minutes.

The encouraging news for the future of the republic comes from the National Tea Party convention just completed in Nashville, TN. First of all, the consensus principles reported out of this gathering of patriots is intrinsically conservative and constitutionally sound. The top four seem to be smaller government, fiscal responsibility, upholding the constitution, and national security - a good start on recovering the general health of the republic. The best single concrete idea I heard out of Nashville, which would ensure continued fidelity to these principles, is a permanent TEA Party caucus on Capitol Hill open to both Republicans and Democrats (if any would come). Every meeting should start with the question “what would the Constitution tell us to do?”

And Sarah Palin’s performance as keynote speaker was simply bravura. She skillfully articulated to anyone willing to listen (which sadly still excludes the MSM) that the TEA Party is a principles-driven grass roots movement. She eloquently made the point TEA Party patriots do not seek to necessarily form an organized third party, but reserve the right to do so if the two existing parties continue to fail to get the message. I believe this is perfect positioning for the TEA party – let’s think of it as the association of citizen philosophers keeping the elected (i.e. hired by the people) politicians honest and in their proper place. If the TEA Party movement does coalesce around this concept, it will fill the vacuum left by the criminally negligent MSM.

The Obama administration seems to be digging in its heels on the unpopular agenda that created the current crisis. This gives me no choice but to upgrade the probability of eventual impeachment. Obama looks to be sticking to his guns on the economically ruinous and scientifically ridiculous Cap and Trade scheme. Illegal enemy combatants still receive constitutional rights. The latest news is a silly idea for a half-day “health care summit” at the White House. The Obama administration has already rejected the one condition that would make it a useful step – scrapping the current 2000 page monstrosity and starting over. It is therefore purely a political event. The talk on the morning AM radio shows has rightly been around whether or not the Republicans should even show up. I believe the Republicans should show up because it’s an opportunity to stick in the dagger and twist it (politically). The way to set the stage is to insist on the condition Obama stays at the table for the entire “summit.” This makes the Empty Suit the lead spokesman for the substance – and you spend the entire summit exposing him. The GOP can thank me for the great advice after the 2010 elections.
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