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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Health Care Summit Theatre Productions: Completed Script

Earlier today, I found time to pepper a number of comment boards with several small variations on Footnote 1 to this posting. The footnote is my advice to the GOP how to handle the February 25 “Health Care Summit” President Obama has proposed.

(note: Some of the variations now floating freely on the Internet contain a factual error in the introductory sentence, which states the so-called “summit” will be held this Tuesday. Really, I don’t know what I was thinking. Oh well, perhaps my legion of followers can turn lemons into lemonade, by mounting a fun, and historic, treasure hunt for the flawed versions.)

While online, I also bumped into two other evidentiary findings leading to the finalization of this posting.

First, The GOP is apparently stepping up and playing hard-ball politics with Obama. This is both politically appropriate to the historic moment, and good for the long term prospects of the republic. For example, House Minority Leader John Boehner issued a tough statement making the simple point "START OVER means START OVER."    This also indicates the GOP are pre-disposed to follow my advice provided here. Smart for them. Good for the republic.

Second, I believe I perceive an increase in comments from patriotic Americans across the Nation, on boards I previously thought of as cul-de-sacs for the DC elite; for example, and If my early perception of the trend is accurate, and the trend grows, the republic will be better off for it.

So, IMHO, the stage is now neatly set for the Obama administration to demonstrate to the Nation, live on camera, precisely why they are the leaders of the donkey party. The Obama administration has thrown down the gauntlet. To be honest, the GOP wins by simply ignoring it, because the American people already see through the unprecedented desperation maneuver. IMHO, the GOP wins bigger by embracing it, and giving the country a contrast to remember. I know there are commentators, such as the never-should-be-doubted Rush Limbaugh, advising the GOP to avoid a trap set by Obama. But I believe Obama has set a trap to be sprung on Obama, provided the GOP provides a little assist by simply adhering to conservative principles.

So, now that Health Care reform is settled, we can move on to more pressing matters; such as the global meltdown of the Global Warming fraud, and Crazy Uncle Joe vs. Czar of Homeland Justice Cheney in the VP Fight of the Century.

Footnote 1

Here's the GOP script for the so-called "summit" on Feb. 25 (if they even bother to go).

1) Only show up if Obama agrees to stay at the table the entire time. He needs you more than you need him. He is an Empty Suit off teleprompter.

2) Do *not* deviate from the START OVER message. The American people want incremental, common sense, reform. They do not want the 2700 page Dem monstrosity. They hate what they know is in it. They are even more worried about what could be hidden inside it.

3) Resist Obama's attempts to discuss the 2700 page monstrosity. The American people are smart enough to watch the bouncing ball.

4) Continuously remind Obama he created the current crisis with legislative overreach. Any discussion of the 2700 page monstrosity is a doubling down on the original overreach and flatly unacceptable.

5) Present your incremental, common sense, reforms as a highlight reel - over, and over, and over. If Obama offers anything that could make sense, add it to your highlight reel. Make your highlight reel the template for STARTING OVER when you go back to the Hill.

6) State plainly to the American people you will NOT support any legislation that does not come directly from the START OVER highlight reel.

7) If the Dems are willing to join you in passing the START OVER highlight reel, then fine. If not, take it into November as a plank in your platform. The American people are smart enough to know the republic will survive 9 more months without incremental reform; but lasting damage could be done by the 2700 page monstrosity.
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  1. Excellent advice. I hope the republicans in congress are reading your blog. They've been doing better with sticking to conservative principles than they were under Bush, but I still don't have reasonable confidence in their overall political will, articulation, and confidence. They're earning back my reasonable trust, but they haven't quite gotten their yet. What happens in the end with Obamacare will be a huge indicator.

  2. I too still cast a suspicious eye toward the GOP establishment. I may reconsider my relations with the GOP after November. The GOP will need to sincerely adopt the principles of the TEA Party movement, and earnestly demonstrate it, during the November election cycle to earn political rapprochement with me.

    There are some established GOP politicians I took notice of in 2009 who showed the right stuff: Rep. Michele Bachmann (MN), Rep. Peter King (NY), Rep. Peter Hoekstra (MI), Sen. Jim DeMint (SC), Sen. Tom Coburn (OK), and Sen. Inhofe (OK) come to mind. Even The GOP leadership in the House – Rep. John Boehner (OH) and Rep. Eric Cantor (VA) – is lately showing a real fighting spirit; so there is indeed hope yet. November will tell the tale.


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