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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Daily Caller Does It Again!

Does the Daily Caller have a dedicated member of the Global Warming cult censoring everything with a Climate Change tag?

Since discovering the Daily Caller a couple of weeks ago I have generally acquired the impression the Daily Caller is a friend of the First Amendment. I even made an unusually quick decision to bestow upon the Daily Caller an honored place on my 'Sites That Make Sense to Me' Link list. I have liberally sprinkled their site with comments since the initial discovery, and precisely two have gone into some kind of "automatic" moderation queue. Both were in the Global Warming issue area. I reported the first yesterday on this blog. The second occurred today - screenshot below.

Now, I readily admit to a few typos (I am a terrible at typing in a rush). But, really, can anyone see anything in there that warrants review? Or anything that couldn't be adjudicated in less than a single minute's review?

The imagined slights are piling up and I may have stop actively participating on the Daily Caller's site; and we all know how sought after that honor is.

As an aside, in keeping with the First Amendment theme of this blog, I have updated the 'Sites That Make Sense to Me' Link list with The Warmists already have enough paid mouthpieces.


Update: 5:00 pm; 2010-02-12

The reference comments have been accepted.  LibertyAtStake maintains a policy of cautious detente with the Daily Caller.
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  1. Most websites, including the Daily Caller, have a review process for ALL comments to filter out dirty language or racist comments.... But no, your comment looks fine.

  2. Thanks for visiting my humble little blog, Jeff. I am familiar with the comment review processes typically in use. Mostly, with this blog, and this post in particular, I'm having fun with the arrogant character I've created under the pen name.

    However, I'm using the character to make serious points in a (hopefully) entertaining manner.

    It really does steam the real me how the Global Warming hoaxers have scammed the people for so long - and I am definitely enjoying seeing their lies unwind.

  3. Haha. I love the blog. I totally agree though! I am really happy to see the lies exposed and think people should be aware of another way government tries to get a foothold in our lives.

    The Democrats want to talk about 'scare tactics'. What do you think Global Warming/Climate Change or whatever they want to call it now is? Glad to see you are active against this psychotic movement to punish our economy for the sake of----well, nothing.

    If you want to here is my blog:

  4. You have a great blog Jeff. We seem to have the same basic mission - i.e. promoting libertarian and constitutional values. I grow more hopeful for the future of the republic each day.

  5. Hi Jeff - I've determined through anecdotal experience the moderation software implemented at the Daily Caller appears to automatically flag anything with more than one hyperlink included. Seems like a reasonable anti-spamming measure to me. In my next post, I plan to include a statement ceasing mock hostilities with the Daily Caller. :)

  6. hahha, sorry it took so long for me to respond to you. It's all good! I actually enjoyed the banter. You like the new design? whats ur honest opinion... wont offend me, i promise :)


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