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Friday, July 29, 2011

President WTF Still Has No Plan

Ok, like everyone else in the republic, I've had a night's sleep to mull over yesterday's non-vote on Speaker Boehner's last best compromise offer for addressing the debt crisis in this congressional session.

I still think the GOP / TEA Party coalition missed a tactical opportunity by failing to pass the Speaker's plan through the House. But at least it stalled for the right reasons - principled convservative objections.

I also think Speaker Boehner and the House leadership team have it in them to do the yeoman's work necessary to address these objections in a manner  sufficient to pass this bill through the House today. Because they are good people with honorable intentions.

They are also capable of counting votes, as their particular profession demands - as last night demonstrated. If they don't have the votes they should just fold their hands and allow the GOP / TEA Party coalition to walk away from the debate bathed in the glory of the only side in the debate that made an honest effort toward resolution. History will recognize this even if today's corrupt gang of propagandist hacks in the MSM will not.

If the Boehner plan is dead - it's back to the Levin plan for me. Call bullshit on the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama.

*Do not lift the ceiling at all*

Anyone paying attention already knows there are enough current revenues to cover all obligations. Which means if the Empty Suit and his gang of Progressive Alinskyite anarchists (who haven't even bothered to put together a budget proposal since 2009) apply the proper priorities to the allowance We the People have given them, there will be no "default" - the only thing that needs to be stiffed is the bureaucracy that does so much good for our economy every day. And they will be proven to be the lying sacks o' s**t they are.

Update 7/30/11

I love it when a plan comes together.

And it's all good on this fine summer Saturday evening.  Think maybe I'll walk the dog.

Update 7/31/2011

I entered this debacle clearly stating my two no-shit-no-compromise acceptance criteria: (1) dollar-for-dollar match in *specific* spending cuts to amount of debt ceiling lift, (2) not one red cent in new taxes in today's soft economy.  I have also laid out a "nice to have" third condition: (3) force BHO to come back to the well for another ceiling lift before November 2012.  Just to have the argument again.

The Boehner compromise plan that passed the House on Friday met all three conditions.  The modified compromise being reported tonight gives away condition (3) to BHO and his corrupt gang of Progressive hacks.

Tonight's compromise, as reported, also fails on condition (1).  The failure is embedded in the so-called 'trigger' that kicks in if Congress itself can't find another $1T+ in *specific* cuts in the near future.  This, of course, makes the 'trigger' a fait accompli the moment this kabuki condition is signed into law.  The trigger calls for approximately $500B in reductions to both defense and medicare spending.  Supposedly these conditions are equally obnoxious to both the Right and the Left.  Not so.  The Right correctly recoils at the defense cuts.  The Left sees the medicare cuts as a speed bump on the way to their illusory social welfare utopia.  The Left will obstruct the commission that is supposed to avert the trigger.  Mark it.  They are probably discussing their long game strategy on this point, at this very moment, on a Soros funded teleconference. 

*This deal just became a bad deal - and no deal is still better than a bad deal.*  The 'trigger' is pointed right at the republic's heart by BHO and his corrupt gang of Progressive hacks.
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