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Friday, July 22, 2011

Debt Ceiling Tug of War - No Deal is Better Than a Bad Deal

Reportedly, the establishment GOP is meeting with Barack Hussein Obama, designated champion of the Progressive Gang, to strike a last minute deal on raising the national debt ceiling limit.

I left this "Random Dropping" (aka "comment") on a couple of sites this morning.  It is worth elevating to archivable post.

My two acceptance criteria stand. (1) Real, current year, spending cuts matching any ceiling raise dollar-for-dollar. (2) Not one red cent in new, current year, revenue increases.  Then let's just get on to pounding BHO and the Progressives into the dirt in the  2012 election, shall we? Anything after that is merely notional and hangs in the balance of the election.

Memo to GOP establishment:  If you fail to meet these two criteria, prepare for a primary blood-letting in 2012.

Memo to GOP Freshman class:  Hold your leadership's feet to the fire.

"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

Update 9:00 pm

A most extraordinary day.  I've spent most of it trying to beat a nasty bug.  The GOP establishment nevertheless took my immediate advice for the day, and walked away from a bad deal.  This gave us dueling press conferences between the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama and the duly elected Speaker of the House of Representatives.   

I have a more creative outline in mind for addressing today's political theatre - but could not possibly construct it tonight in my present condition.  It'll work down the road - just another post in the backlog to fill slower times.   For now, I will document my proven-to-be-never-should-be-doubted opinion on the day's events and the way forward.

The tone and tenor of the presentations were very revealing of the character of the two men. 

BHO came off as petulant precinct politician pissed off at being denied the glory of his "historic deal."  He mouthed empty words expressing concern about the potential harm to the nation if default occurred.  Yet, the only deal he will accept is one that gets him beyond the next election without denying his Leftist base the satisfaction of raising taxes in a bad economy.  He said so.  This formulation makes no logical sense, and it should be tested.  If default is armageddon, then why the strict conditions?

Speaker Boehner seemed more disappointed at a missed opportunity to do the nation's business like big boys.  Speaker Boehner is a good man.  Not exactly the bare-knuckle conservative brawler I'd prefer right now, but a good man nonetheless - and sometimes you just figure out the gameplan that wins with the team you have in the field.

This is the gameplan.   Present enough dollar-for-dollar cuts for a debt ceiling raise that will get Tiny Turbo Tax Tim Geithner's Treasury Department another six months or so of operation.  Pass it through the House.  Then Dingy Harry and Veto Barry can explain why they would rather own defaulting on the full faith and credit of the nation.  They will cave on the simple and stark choice.

The additional time can be used to attempt fully rounded negotiations on "comprehensive tax reform" - to simultaneously lower rates, broaden the base, and simplify the code.  Which all agree would raise the "revenue" Leftists scream for by growing the economy and tax base - not by punishing the investors who would like to do precisely that.  

These negotiations will be fruitless - because the Left cannot negotiate in good faith.  But at least it will be yet another opportunity to demonstrate this iron law of contemporary American politics.  Just in time to thoroughly defeat the Left once and for all in 2012.

Memo to GOP: If you take the McConnell 'Munich Treaty' escape hatch, you can be assured there will be many establishment casualties come primary season.
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