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Monday, July 18, 2011

Contemporary Politics and Newton's Three Laws (Part 18)

And so it seems July 2011 is the historical pivot point for which this series of posts was invented. The irresistible force which is the grass roots TEA Party movement will slam into the immovable object that is the ruling elites of the Washington, DC politico establishment. And Soon.

The TEA (let me remind you the acronym stands for Taxed Enough Already) Party movement consists mostly of private citizens from the productive class who are political novices. These intrepid volunteers are supplemented by a cadre of principled conservatives who already knew the names of Edmund Burke, FA Hayek, William F. Buckley, and other great conservative thinkers.

The establishment forces consist of the big government ruling class - country club (“Rockefeller”) establishment Republicans, the entire Democrat Party, the sycophantically biased Mainstream Media (MSM) that is content to robotically carry Democrat water as pathetic little propaganda apparatchiks, the mindless Progressive indoctrination specialists that infest the intellectually stale faculty lounges of academia, and the rest of the Progressive lemmings who would be completely lost without talking points funded daily by Soros, Inc.

The battleground is the hearts and minds of the vast majority of American people. And, oh yeah, a Fourteen and a half trillion dollar (and growing) bill they are passing on to their children and grandchildren.

If you are an “American peoples,” I advise you to decide right now whether you stand behind the irresistible force or the immovable object. Because the winner in this collision will determine both the form and the function of the nation you live in. Sounds kind of important, right? (hint: It is.)


The DC establishment hacks are making economic safety net promises to you they can’t keep. Their mouths are writing checks their asses can’t cash. The checks can only be written by Americans like you and the TEA Party movement patriots. The TEA Party patriots have spent most of the last two and a half years telling you they are broke.

So, which message is more in line with your personal experience in the present dysconomy?



A kind of “free” sort of “market” economy in which the complex of bureaucratic regulation and taxation prevents growth in the complex of human activities concerned with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

Does your mouth have the ability to write checks your ass can’t cash? Are you broke? Maybe Something in between?

Let’s carry on, shall we?


A simple chronology of recent events …

On Wednesday, July 13, 2011, the establishment’s current champion (the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama) apparently realized it was possible he might not be showered with laurels for ‘leading from behind’ – and therefore threw a temper tantrum. This childish display effectively ended any possibility for a bi-partisan “deal.”  When is the last time a two-year-old achieved a bi-partisan understanding with this behavior?  Not recently, I'll wager.

On Friday July 15, 2011 - switching gears to campaign mode - BHO gave his third press conference in one week’s time pushing to write checks our asses can’t check. The presser was predictably devoid of leadership from the Empty Suit, predictably devoid of useful ideas from the Empty Suit, predictably devoid of fully baked plans from the Empty Suit, and predictably full of sycophantic fawning from the propaganda apparatchiks comprising the MSM.  Upon reading the transcript, I considered writing the third volume in the E2E (English-To-English Translation) series.  But it felt more fundamental than that.

Beginning July 13, I took the extraordinary measure of aggressively commenting on several sites to highlight the best idea I have heard yet for dealing with the Empty Suit’s Progressive intransigence.  It is the idea given to me as a product of listening to Mark Levin's July 13 radio show.

These comments took various forms and edits on the following:
Interest due on the debt in August is about 15% of revenue into the Treasury for August. A little more math, and you figure out entitlements can be covered if approximately half the bureaucracy is given an unplanned vacation. House GOP should just pass a spending bill making debt interest, entitlements, and military salaries spending priorities #1, #2, and #3. Then let Dingy Harry and Veto Barry own defaulting or stiffing Grandma instead of sending half the burea-weenie army home for a month. The House GOP could even take the rest of July off to counter DemoHack lies full time.
Repeat monthly until Barry the Temper-Tantrum-Toddler-In-Chief shows us “his bluff” – which will probably be impeachable.

I haven't taken this extraordinary measure since I bombarded comment boards with advice leading up to the party line vote on ObamaCare ensuring BHO and the Progressives completely own socialized medicine in America.

Then - on Sunday, July 17, the great conservative thinker George Will fell ass-backwards into formulating the moment that is this moment. Mr. Will is generally good, which made him a fine candidate to be the one who would be better lucky than good on this particular Sunday.


And so I sit here, exhausted (in a good way) from a good day at the day job. And I have this advice for the GOP … DO NOT CAPITULATE. The Empty Suit and the Progressive machine that props him up has zero (repeat, ZERO) intention of halting the debt spiral. *DO NOT* get behind any defeatist plans to (essentially) unconditionally raise the debt ceiling (such as McConnell’s ‘Munich Treaty’). Cut, Cap, and Balance is a nice rhetorical statement. By next week it will be DOA – killed by the DC establishment. At that point, I advise you to listen to Mark Levin’s counsel.



In keeping with the tone and tenor of Part 18 … presenting the raw the notes I’ve been accumulating over the past week or so watching this moment leaven …


Momentum increasing … correlation vs. causation for future historians

Corporate jet … cnn … power issue … herman cain … couldn’t be a better novel

Robby Mook hyperbole (what a joke)

Dangerously ill-tempered man-child
Barry Tantrum
Aggressive commenting
Use Maggie version - below
End with poll

Sycophantically biased MSM propaganda apparatchiks

*Copycat demagoguery*
Plante covered Lesson 4 July 15

From Levin July 14 – Dems proposing spending and taxes to offset FW&A and 99 week UI extension

Crybaby graphic

Goonion tactics

Leftist elitist conceit

A rep with stones (Joe Walsh) – pushing BBA
[No not James Gang]

RINOs started it!

40 minute video from perfect source (shallownation)

spine on the senate side

Another good round up

Palin advice

3rd Party sweepstakes

Last refuge

Battle of the Jackson’s – Fitting, Andrew

Class warfare as self-fulfilling prophecy – and, “they own it” narrative
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