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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Debt Ceiling Wars - Do Not Let the Perfect Be the Enemy of the Good

“Do not let the perfect be the enemy of the good” - I heard these words spoken by Speaker Boehner on Hannity’s radio show this afternoon.  Mr. Boehner, along with the rest of the GOP leadership team, was out today doing the yeoman’s political work around building a consensus and a working majority around a plan with verifiable written details.  Their latest plan to directly address the DC big government ruling class’s spending addiction is their third offering of a plan with verifiable written details.  The DC big government ruling class has still offered a grand total of zero of these.   The sophomoric progressive ideologues in the White House, Dingy Harry Reid’s gang of kleptocratic hacks in the Democrat controlled Senate, and the pack of propagandists that comprise their water carriers in the MSM, are not interested in offering useful plans.  They only continue their long worn pattern of repeating lie after lie to the clueless independents they have cynically conditioned to accept their bullshit.  Dingy Harry Reid’s latest head fake does not address DC’s spending addiction any more than a single man urinating into the Pacific Ocean could credibly claim to change the ocean’s pH.  It’s only operative aim is to give President WTF a clear runway with a blank check through his next election.

Speaker Boehner and the GOP leadership team wasted precious time in the always futile attempt to negotiate a solution with the DC big government ruling class.  The DC big government ruling class is not now and has never been interested in a solution to the rising debt.  The DC big government ruling class is only interested in ‘win at any cost’ political strategies to enable them to continue unimpeded in their spending binge.  These strategies almost always involve obfuscation, issue avoidance, and deconstruction of reality to line up clueless independents behind their agenda – on an emotional level that is all too often the enemy of rational reason.  The DC big government ruling class was using the time they were tying down Speaker Boehner and team in fruitless negotiations with the White House to pursue these strategies with the usual aim of disingenuously demonizing any specific suggestion for reigning in their spending addiction. 

Speaker Boehner and the GOP leadership team finally grew tired of being taken for fools by the White House clown parade.  At this point Speaker Boehner and the GOP leadership did the yeoman’s political work of framing a plan they believe, in their best political judgment, has the best possible chance of doing the most good for reigning in spending and passing both the House and the Senate.

The DC big government ruling class’s current champion, the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama, showing the lack of discipline and patience characteristic of the rookie ideologue, reacted to this turn of events by throwing a prime time hissy fit. 

The Empty Suit's sophmoric performance caught the attention of the clueless independents, if the rate of phone calls into Capitol Hill today is an indicator.  Clueless independents have a short attention span, a habit of demanding something be done (even when nothing yields superior results), and tend to repay a single well played round of something with cycle upon cycle of mindless brand driven voting.  The clueless independents at this moment are as mad as a swarm of hornets at everyone in DC.  Their state of mind still plays to the advantage of the lying, demagogic, tactics of the DC big government ruling class.

This is a time for the Conservative Ascendancy to *not* snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  Clueless independents decide elections.  The election of 2012 is for all the marbles.  Just imagine the wreckage BHO and the Progressives could inflict on the republic unencumbered by re-election concerns.

The Boehner plan isn’t great, but it’s not bad either.  But best of all – clueless independents will get that its victory is a defeat for the DC big government ruling class.  And even better, after they’ve had a half year to rest up from this round of the debate, its short leash will give principled conservatives another shot at further educating them in the 2012 election cycle.

The entire House GOP caucus should line up behind the Boehner plan and get it passed through the House with a roar.  The entire Senate GOP caucus should hold ranks to prevent a successful cloture vote on Dingy Harry’s head fake.  Then it will be up to Dingy Harry and the White House to explain to clueless independents, while their attention is temporarily transfixed on the actual issue with the demand something be done,  why the last plan left standing isn’t good enough.

Update Wednesday evening

Regarding the debt ceiling debacle, which has turned out to be the penultimate moment of chaos (so far) in Barack Hussein Obama’s hyper-chaotic first term, I think I made my position on the way forward for principled conservatives quite clear last night. The prize is driving Barack Hussein Obama from the White House. There can be no credible resolution as long as he remains in office. The clueless independent voters that swing elections, including the election of 2008 lest we forget, are the key to attaining this prize. This key is within our reach right now – *if* we do what’s necessary, with agility and laser focused purpose, to ensure these voters exit the debacle blaming the right demagogue for the chaos – the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama. My advice to principled conservatives: keep your eye on the prize.

Having become used to being almost always right, I naturally observed opinion in the blogosphere throughout the day, just to see how it measured up to my standard.

A laundry list …

The day began with some counter-productive shooting inside the tent from purist elements.

Well known “aisle-reach-acrosser” (aka “loser”) John McCain, quoting the Wall Street Journal editorial page, stoops to the same level, and returns fire from the RINO side of the tent.

Hey guys, we can have a spirited debate without calling each other nasty names. Save that for Progressive gang of hacks.


Three established senior members of the conservative blogosphere – Erick Erickson, RS McCain, and TCOTS – take their eye off the prize.

One senior member of the conservative blogosphere – Dan Riehl - maintains solid eye contact with the prize.  But, apparently, with reservations about the company he is keeping.

The sycophantic propagandists in the MSM seemingly catch the scent of the trail I’ve laid out for them – White House Press Corps in open revolt.

DemoHacks catch the scent as well – indulge statist impulses with panicked calls for abusing the constitution.

Cato fulfills usual role of philosophical purity that is not really of pragmatic utility right now.

A report from an old trusted source that the House GOP is keeping its eye on the prize.


Let’s see what happens with the elected TEA Party caucus tomorrow. Fox News told me this evening two of its luminaries, Allen West (R-FL) and Kristi Noem (R-SD) are on board with LAS’s advice. What, doesn’t that TEA Party thing have any white males?

Update 7/28/11

Summing up my position one last time in the comment spaces on No Runny Eggs.  Chosen because the original post neatly and accurately sums up the agitated state BHO and the Corrupt Progressive gang wants us to constantly be in.  Just read Rules for Radicals.

You missed the ‘Gang of Six’ coming out to undercut the possibility of standing behind ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance’. All water under the bridge. This battle can still be won decisively.

Indpendents have been scare-mongered by Dingy Harry, BHO, and the rest of the corrupt Progressive gang (including MSM)into falsely believing not raising the ceiling is a “default” armageddon scenario. This is a trap the Progressive gang has set for themselves -since they have offered no solutions and independents are actually paying attention due to the scare mongering. To close the trap, the GOP needs to have something to call a take or leave it ‘final offer.’ Right now that’s the Boehner plan, as flawed as it is in the numbers. But the numbers don’t matter right now. What matters is the 3-D political chess game to close the trap Progressive gang has set for itself. If Boehner’s plan passes the House today – it’s check mate. The Progressives then own turning down the only available “solution” (fully credited to Boehner by independents) vs. admitting to an agitated nation they were full of s**t all along.

The republic awaits the results of the House vote.

But not until tomorrow at least.

Hey, did you see Nanny Pelosi's floor speech.  The way she was going on about educatin' the chillins', I think maybe she was the one behind slippin' the $17B in Pell grant spendin' into the anti-spendin' bill.  I think the anti-spendin' bill will stand a better chance of passin' tomorrow with this affront to common sense removed.
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