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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Contemporary Politics and Newton’s Three Laws of Motion (Part 11)

“And Awaaay We Go”

BHO and the Progressives have wasted no time kicking off the second half of the First Reign of the Empty Suit That Would Be Emperor. Having seen the legislative route to their subjugation of America closed on November 2nd; they are now already pressing hard to assert their control via the Executive branch’s machinery. These unreformed statists are, perfectly in character, going about this business in the manner of heavy-handed despots. Strap in folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


The most visible and high profile manifestation of the new political gestalt is, of course, the Great Don’t Touch My Junk Affair of 2010. In this theatre of the absurd an army of bureau-weenies with ill-fitting uniforms perform humiliating warrantless strip searches on gaggles of traveling “sheeples,” so our government can make ridiculous claims to be keeping those “sheeples” safe, even while it carefully avoids profiling the wolves in their midst to maintain compliance with the suicidal dictates of Political Correctness.

I love “sheeples” as a word, as it gracefully merges “sheep” and “people” to describe those among us who are satisfied to consent to any outrage or abuse, as long as it originates from a source of “authority.” I’ve heard this word employed recently and eloquently by numerous conservative commentarians, including Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter. In the conservative blogosphere we even have our very own valued contributor “No Sheeples Here.” I can’t think of a better early nominee for next year’s word of year. The upcoming year should be all about deciding whether or not America will decline into a nation of sheeple.

Or, as it relates to this specific issue, and as the Strata-Sphere site puts it; whether we prefer to be molested or to be “profiled.” I choose profiling – it used to be simply known as good police work, after all. In fact, profiling is at the core of the very successful, and far less intrusive, Israeli approach to airline security. What the Israelis know that our hopelessly inept TSA apparatus does not know is: “the thing is not the thing,” or even better, “bombs don’t kill, the Radical Islamists who stuff bombs in their pants do.” Inconveniencing everyone in an endless game of hide and seek is a fool’s errand. The common sense response is old fashioned detective work that zeroes in on the suspects with the motivations – that is, profiling. The Israelis have been doing it very effectively for the better part of fifty years. I’m thinking, for example, that “profiling” had a little something to do with this FBI success that just broke in the news.

And if the alternative is outrageously blood-boiling petty brown-shirtism from my government, then I am ready and willing to push back against this so-called “authority” – hard, real hard. So is this guy. Sorry, we’re not buying any *bs* excuses about TSA employees “just doing their jobs.”

View this and tell me if you feel safer with these ass clowns "doing their jobs."

And this is no isolated incident. Here’s a representative sample of links (to links, to links), just for the historical record:


Here’s hoping there’s enough Patriots out there to counteract the acquiescence of the sheeples. BHO and the Progressives are counting on us failing. Like good little statists, they have many other outrages planned to help ensure this outcome.

For one thing, they lust after Internet censorship. So much so, they are even willing to use the DHS “security” apparatus to chase down copyright violations on the Internet. Why DHS for this? It makes no sense – copyright enforcement is a civil matter. The commenter @gitarcarver deftly deploys “workaround” as a euphemism for “unconstitutional power grab.” Prepare to see many more such “workarounds” attempted over the next two years.


Previously on this blog I have, with my usual brilliant insight, identified 2009 as a great year for the First Amendment and correctly predicted 2010 would be a fine year for the Tenth Amendment. 2011 is shaping up to be a good year for the Fourth Amendment. So far, this progression has not required We The People to bring the Second Amendment to bear - but BHO and the Progressives sure are making it hard, aren’t they?


Here’s one of those “you just can’t make this stuff up” posts. What’s special about this one is the exceptionally long train of snarky comments from observers who are clearly not sheeples.

I’d be honored to be ranked in the middle of this snarkapalooza’s pack.  It gives me hope for the future of the republic.

Update 11/30/10

Upon further editorial review, I should have concluded the TSA discussion with a paragraph on this administration’s pattern of stubbornness in the face of public opinion, and how that pattern contributes toward the inevitability of a history-book-rattling collision with the American public. These posts would have provided the supporting evidence.

If you hold an airline ticket, you might be a “domestic extremist.”

Administration decides full cavity searches go too far (that’s awful big of ‘em).
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  1. It's a great look at the power grabs. The groping doesn't stop terrorism. As for the copy-write issue, this is all about eventually controlling content. There is no due process involved, so DHS can do as they please.

  2. @Matt: You have it exactly right. It's all about control. The obscene kabuki at the airports is designed to condition the masses to be sheeple. The no-due-process-copyright-clamp-down is a test run for coming after your site and mine.

  3. Metallic ink printed 4th amendment underwear!

  4. oh hi - hope you all had a wonderful Turkey Day.


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