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Sunday, December 5, 2010

“Stupid or Treasonous?” Revisited

My January 4, 2010 post (title: “Stupid or Treasonous”) began with this paragraph:

A number of news stories broke while our President was vacationing in his alleged birth place of Hawaii. The composite has me asking myself a question: “Is this administration full of idiots, or full of traitors?”

That very same post ended with the projection “…the next Congress will have almost no choice but to draft articles of impeachment – whether the executive is dangerously stupid or treasonous, it just won't matter.


75 written posts, untold gazillions of posts and articles read, one mid-term election, and eleven months later – and I am left asking myself:  “why did I bother?”  I could have allocated a lot more time to my family, or to doing things much less taxing than managing this blog in my spare time, by just picking the thread back up here and now.

Because as predicted by me – and of course richly supported by the 75 posts in between – the malfeasant foreign policy of this administration is lately “coming home to roost” (as his pastor of twenty years put it at 2:09 of the linked video).   In fact the cavalcade of events lately is enough to make a guy start researching a little something some call the “New World Order.”

No, not these guys - as entertaining as they once were for me and millions of others.

I’m actually talking about this cabal of Leftists, and their fellow travelers.

(Art work by my sixth grade son.  Proud to be raising young conservatives in my household.  Also, thankful he is sophisticated enough to use the trial version of software packages when that is all he needs.)


Google “New World Order” and a dizzying array of conspiracy theories appears right before your very eyes.  These include conspirators belonging to ancient  European secret societies, conspirators meeting at your local Mason’s Temple,  working from within the US intelligence bureaucracy, shaping UN resolutions, manipulating Federal Reserve policy, and hatching all manner of globalist schemes – and that’s just this one page.

My own view is that any conspiracy of three or more conspirators (as well as half of those consisting of exactly two) is doomed to reveal itself the moment any of the conspirators is separated out for isolated questioning. Maybe it was the influence of my cop/detective father.

However, I learned something else from observing the operations of my cop/detective father – “follow the money.”  Money trails have a way of tying together like-minded people, allowing us to identify who to single out for isolated questioning about whom.

Using that generationally imparted wisdom - I’m pretty sure the best guy to put under the hot light for interrogation is George Soros.


George Soros is one scary dude with one hell of a big pile of cash to spread around, which he has built up using very amoral methods.

Soros has a history of Nazi Sympathy.  He has been quoted as saying his participation on the wrong side of the Holocaust creates no guilty feelings for him, amazingly.  That makes him one reptilian bastard, as far as I'm concerned.

Soros also has a history of using his riches to to crash currencies, so he can play the currency market to further enrich himself.   How very reptilian.  Or clinically narcissistic.   Or nihilist, one might finally conclude - Nihilism being the philosophy the Narcissist would naturally gravitate toward.

The dollar would appear to be his next target.  We can start by taking him at his word, in his recent acceptance speech for the Globalist of the Year Award.  (Is this award, and Soros' acceptance speech, red meat for conspiracy theorists, or what?)

Mr. Soros’ interest in diminishing American geopolitical influence and devaluing the dollar as a currency is shared by dictators and Nihilists around the world.


Fellow Nihilist Julian Assange is on a tear dropping information bombs embarrassing to the US (hat tip: Weekly Standard’s Happy Hour Links).    Glenn Beck is following the moneyThe Left is going ape-shit over Beck’s inquiries, which must mean he’s on to something.  Joseph Klein at News Real Blog is doing some good investigative leg work on the Soros-WikiLeaks connection, as well.
Soros has a history of funding left wing media and fund raising organizations, with Mr. John Podesta as one of his chief executives in this empire.  Soros’ latest investment in American media is, in fact, the government-funded National Public Radio.

Soros is also connected to America’s most powerful left wing unionist, Andrew Stern.  This makes Stern America's most powerful Left Wing lobbyist, as evidenced by the White House's open door policy he enjoys.

The other statist dictators depicted are, of course, treating our own Narcissist-In-Chief like a doormat in the high-stakes confidence game known as foreign relations. This game has an awful lot in common with every schoolyard – weakness begets contempt (a concept our NWO wrestling friends could dissertate on quite entertainingly). The interesting question is whether our own Narcissist-In-Chief is “useful idiot” or “willful collaborator” to these supposed NWO operatives.


It’s a tough puzzle to pull apart - still, two years into the Presidency of the man who will not release his transcripts or original birth certificate. In other words, the difficult question that bears existentially on the American republic still remains “Is Barack Hussein Obama stupid or treasonous?” I and several other patriots recently debated this very question on the excellent blog known as Legal Insurrection – as we are compelled to ask this question for the umpteenth time during the First Reign of the Empty Suit Who Would Be Emperor – this time related to the WikiLeaks affair.

I’m not sure we’ll ever tease apart this puzzle before the First Reign of the Empty Suit Who Would Be Emperor comes to an end. And I hold to my January 2010 prediction that this Reign is likely to come to a premature end due to impeachment proceedings. These proceedings are likely to be compelled by regulatory overreach on the domestic politics side – see my November 28, 2010 post (title: “Contemporary Politics and Newton’s Three Laws (Part 11)”) for the set up. A full member of the NWO is demanding it.
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  1. I've read about Soros in NRA publications for years, and had seen his name pop up on numerous websites over his funding of numerous "lefty" organizations. I believe Beck is doing a great job pulling all of Soros' connections together.
    On October 5 Beck gave Soros the finger on his show:
    Watch for the finger at 30:25...
    This is about the day Beck claims Soros' minion threatened him! Since then Beck has been on the attack.

    I believe Soros has been Alinsky'd by Beck:
    Tactic 5. Ridicule is man's most potent weapon.
    Tactic 13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

    Don't forget about Maurice Strong - another "one world government" guy.

  2. As much as many prognosticators and so-called experts are saying President Obama is going to have a tough time getting re-elected, the reality of the situation is that President Obama will get re-elected against almost any potential GOP challenger.

    However, one candidate cannot be over-looked. If we learned anything from 2008, we should've learned that organization and social media skills are paramount to a campaign. No one is actually going to "come out of nowhere". To become the most powerful person in the world, you have to build quite an organization. That's why only one person has a chance to beat President Obama in 2012.

    This will make it all clear:

  3. @Political: Mitt, as "competent" as he may be, is DQed by RomneyCare in the current atmosphere, as far as I'm concerned. And your premise only "one" in a country of 300 million can beat Obama is obnoxious. Why don't you give the 2012 campaign crap a break for awhile?

  4. @Jethro: I'll tag team with Beck to body slam Soros any day.

  5. I really have to think that impeaching Obama is a terrible idea. It simply won't work, and it creates a situation in which the "organizer in chief" excels.

  6. @Matt: Not advocating. Just predicting. When the political gallows of 2012 approaches, the Progressives (BHO as front man) will be compelled by their character and ideology to overreach so far in their genetic predisposition to exercise power, the proceedings will become inevitable. The GOP caucus on the Hill will do everything they can to avoid the messy situation, as you point out.

  7. Most folks don't realize that the so called "left" demonizes any discussion regarding Nazi-Hitler. They actually worship his method of takeover of Germany. Their idea of utopia is the form of socialism adopted by Hitler where the largest corporations were used as a means of control and consolidating power. Not only that, but prewar Nazi Germany was the only example in history of socialism leading a society to overall national prosperity. However, it did not take long for Hitler supporters to realize that their prosperity came with a price z

  8. At LAS and Matt. Your discussion idls exactly why deems are in a hurry to get things passed. The next crapitol hill term will be like south beach before a Heat Game (for those of you who don't deal with heavy traffic, it's called gridlock.


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