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Sunday, August 1, 2010

When Your Government Goes Lawless

As the news developed throughout Wednesday, concerning Judge Susan Bolton’s illegitimate decision, I found myself getting angrier and hotter, and angrier and hotter. I haven’t yelled at my TV and my radio like this for some time. The decision made me want to crash a La Raza meeting and pick a fight. It made me want to change to banner on my blog to more resemble the banner Angry White Dude uses.

It made me recall the sentiment I shared with my neighbor at a mutual friend’s 50th birthday party, when the Progressives were shoving ObamaCare down our throats. He said, “let the IRS agent come to my door and try to collect the mandate money, he’ll be greeted by three 9 mm sized holes coming back at him through the door.” Believe me, I know this guy. He’s perfectly capable of firing those shots – accurately – from his recliner, without taking his eyes off the big screen, one hand on the trigger, the other hand still actively engaged with the potato chip bowl. I’d probably give the IRS’ hired Barney Fife a verbal warning first, but that’s just me, I’m more tolerant in that way.

In between making a living and living a life, I’ve devoted spare brain cycles to sorting out what got me so hot Tuesday. After all, this is hardly the most outrageously damaging thing BHO and the Progressives have inflicted on the republic. We’ve heard all the pseudo-intellectual analysis on how Judge Bolton cut the loaf in half – ruling it’s OK to say it’s illegal to be illegal, so long as you don’t actually ask the illegal about being illegal.  The substance of the ruling - as flawed as it is - is not the point.  The point is just that such a case could even be heard, much less given a favorable ruling.

The one word that explains what is so anger-provoking about this decision is: RUBICON. When Caesar crossed the Rubicon River with his army, there was no turning back in his campaign to take power from the Pompey and the Roman Senate. In a similar way, this decision will be remembered as the point where BHO and the Progressives crossed a line and became literally lawless in their campaign to destroy the republic.


The willingness of BHO and the Progressives to push their ideological agenda against the will of the people and in opposition to the consent of the governed is easy to catalog. So easy, the list can now be recited by any grade school kid with access to information sources other than the public school propaganda machine or the criminally biased MSM: ObamaCare, Gulf drilling moratorium, advancing Cap and Trade, billions upon billions of dollars thrown down the Keynesian rat hole, civil rights enforcement policies dictated by the skin color of the criminals, national security priorities seemingly more concerned with political opponents than the Jihadists who actually blow stuff up, …. etc.

But their decision to oppose S.B.1070 is a plain refusal to fulfill their constitutionally mandated duty to protect the nation’s interests. This is the moment where they have officially become lawless and illegitimate. BHO and the Progressives are firmly defending the interests of a foreign power (Mexico), and a population that has no legal right to be on American soil (the 12-20 Million Undocumented Democrats); against the interests of the citizens of Arizona, their duly elected representatives, and the clear will of the vast majority of American citizens.


Now is a good time to review the basic principles of the American Founding.

(1) All people are bestowed with inalienable natural rights by a just creator.

(2) Governments are formed by the consent of the governed and earn legitimacy by serving the interests of the governed.

(3) When a government consistently defies the will of the governed, and consistently acts against the interests of the governed, it is the natural god-given right of the governed to “throw off” (as the Declaration puts it) that government.

These are the principles over which the Founders bravely entered into a shooting war, as the hands-down underdog, against that period’s greatest global military power.


Now, let me be clear (I just love when BHO says that, especially when he's in full dissembling mode) - I’m not advocating any shooting here. (But do keep your powder dry, Patriots – the Founders gave us the 2nd Amendment for good reason.)

I am indeed advocating active resistance to the illegitimate governance of Barry’s regime, using the model practiced by Martin Luther King during the Civil Rights movement.

The updated model is demonstrated by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who will continue to ask the illegals about being illegal, in open defiance of Judge Bolton’s illegitimate ruling  That's the spirit, Joe, let's see how the news plays out if Barry has the guts to send somebody down there to serve an arrest warrant to Sheriff Joe.

The updated model is also demonstrated by the nationwide grass roots Nullification movement, promoting the legitimate 10th Amendment protected right for the people and the states to ignore the health insurance mandate. I noticed in the news recently that Missouri is acting to defend its 10th Amendment rights.

The updated model is demonstrated by Corey Stewart, chairman of the Prince William (Virginia) Board of County Supervisors, who has been quoted as saying it's "full steam ahead" for Virginia's version of S.B. 1070.  It's also demonstrated by Maryland Delegate Pat McDonough, who has made pushing an S.B. 1070 style bill in his state his cause.  That’s the spirit, let’s see if BHO and the Progressives can find 50 judges as muddle-headed as Susan Bolton.

And, most amazingly, several Senators actually managed to wake up from their midday slumber long enough to call out the Regime on its illegitimate schemes to grant amnesty procedurally.

Memo to BHO, the Progressives, and La Raza: You’re not getting amnesty, period. You’re not getting “reform” of any kind until We The People are satisfied the government is actually doing its job and enforcing existing law. You can get the “reform” part in due time, through an orderly and constitutional process, if you choose to cooperate.  Or you can keep taking it out into the streets – and quite possibly piss us off to the point where mass deportation really does become the new consensus. Your call. Why don’t you listen to the obscure Kinks’ gem “Hard Way” while you reflect on your decision.

Update 8-5-10

I mentioned the Missouri ballot initiative to reject ObamaCare above, before the vote was held.  The news of the day yesterday (while I was traveling) included reports of an overwhelming popular vote against ObamaCare.  We've come a long way since the Townhall season of 2009, just about a year ago.  Let's review what happened to one Missouri Democrat hack when things were just beginning to heat up. 

This particular Democrat hack wasn't listening to his constituents then, and has yet to do so - he still carries the stench of a 100% Pelosi Index.  I expect this hack will be shown the door by "Show Me" state voters come November.  Don't let it hit you in the a$$ on the way out, Russ.  We have a lot of cleaning up to do with the mess left to us by the likes of you.
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  1. The Constitution and Bill of Rights provide us citizens with "four boxes" of defense:

    ballot box - right to vote

    jury box - right to trial

    soap box - right of free speech

    cartridge box - right to bear arms

    The first three must be exhausted before resorting to the fourth.

    Another defense is the 10th ammendment:

    "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

    To live under the American Constitution is the greatest political privilege that was ever accorded to the human race.

    -Calvin Coolidge

  2. @Jethro: Very well said. And appropriately pithy, especially given the reference to Silent Cal himself.

  3. @Jethro: I should also add - let me be clear LOL! - my position is we have reached a point where we are justified in invoking the 10th, ie peaceful civil disobedience, no shooting needed, November at the ballot box remains the key. Cheers.

  4. I agree.
    The 10th hasn't been exercized in a long time. It has a bad reputation left over from antebellum and civil war era.

    We have few options left - let's dust it off and shine it up!

    "I have never been hurt by what I have not said."

    -Calvin Coolidge

  5. I've been tempted to smash something numerous times lately. Once one of the fits are over, it doesn't lessen the coming or the intensity of the next one. I thought the peak was hearing J. Christian Adams testimony about the New Black Panthers. I was still trying to bring my blood pressure down when Bolton issued her ruling...and yes, without the creeping lawlessness, there would have been nothing for Bolton to rule on.

    "Now let me be clear," "what I absolutely know to be true," is the reason for your anger is the creeping lawlessness, now amped up to a gallop with your liberty in the saddle bags.

    Great article Liberty. I know how sincere it is, and all I can say is, you are not alone.

  6. Very well said. I think the most important is your accurate description of our government (as it is supposed to be).

  7. Texas declares war on the EPA!

  8. "In a similar way, this decision will be remembered as the point where BHO and the Progressives crossed a line and became literally lawless in their campaign to destroy the republic."

    And we will remember by performing a Progressivectomy at the ballot box in November. On another note, thank you for supporting Ten Buck Fridays on your blog - you rock!

  9. Reviewing old posts, noticed the passing reference to 'Lights Out' Carnahan. Interesting.
    "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"


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