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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Contemporary Politics and Newton’s Three Laws of Motion (Part 7)

Or: the Left Is Eating It’s Own, Break out the Popcorn and Enjoy!

To appreciate the full measure of my genius, my first six postings under this title should be read in order. However, according to Google Analytics the average time per visit on this blog hovers somewhere around 5 minutes. So, I’ll give you the short version. I have been boldly predicting the complete and utter political destruction of BHO and the Progressives since January - for the plain and obvious reason they stand in absolute opposition to the vast majority of the Americans on every issue that comes down the pike.

Now, with less than three months remaining until the mid-term elections, BHO and the Progressives can see the writing on the wall – and it’s every Leftist for himself, herself, themselves, or whatever the hell the Politically Correct word is here.

The collision between the great Conservative American majority and the Progressive gang was metaphysically inevitable enough. But the manner in which, and the momentum with which, it is unfolding is due to one specific new social factor – the revolution is being blogged. And tweeted and emailed, too.

The Progressive gang is a classic collection of statists. As such, their regime depends entirely on controlling the message. Social media has created an environment that is completely hostile to the statist’s classic behavior patterns. Social media will go down as the most important enabler of liberty since the printing press.

Social media enables a diverse and vibrant ecosphere of information flow that is hopelessly beyond the statist’s ability to spin. Make no mistake, however, they will continue to try – and the attempt will continue to bring us more follies to enjoy. It’s what they do, they can’t help themselves. There are many observations to be made confirming this law of nature – including the Progressive hubris displayed by their belief man can both cause and correct global temperature trends.

My original idea for this post involved carefully documenting and attributing the copious news reports of Leftist infighting. But that seems so tedious now that the revolution is being blogged. Any person paying any attention at all should be able to take in the markers I’ve left in my little cartoon above, glibly browse through the Bob Schieffer Blog Roll at right, and achieve the same result.

I think I will, however, note the latest manifestation of the Progressive gang’s implosion. Last night, apparently, BHO came out in support of the mosque construction on Ground Zero in Manhattan. Make no mistake – his stated defense to Constitutional freedom of religion is feigned. (See what he says the next time the Ten Commandments show up on somebody’s front lawn) No, this statement is a sop to his Political Left, which is enslaved by the dogma of Political Correctness, which instructs them they must make nice with America’s enemies, because then they’ll make nice with us. How’s that foreign policy been working out, Barry?


At the beginning of August I took a 5 day mini-vacation in Florida with my family. Wish I could have taken more time off, but I’m still catching up financially from the ten months I was out of work in the Great Recession. As it turns out, however, these five days were an opulent time investment compared to Barry’s 27 hour Gulf vacation this weekend. LMAO – what a pathetic statist’s attempt at spinning the unspinnable! Does he actually think we’ve already forgotten the Marie Antoinette tour of Spain and the weeklong Barry fantasy camp?

Anyway, as documented by the picture below, we gave one of the five days to deep sea fishing in the Gulf off of Cedar Key, FL. The boys catch included ten edible fish. I caught two catfish and one baby shark. I am pictured with my contribution to the edible catch.

On the plus side – no sign of BP’s oil – to Barry’s disappointment you can sure. This is one crisis that seems to have peaked too soon for the Progressive gang.

Update 8/16/10

Barack Hussein Obama sure stepped in it this weekend, didn't he?  Circumstances prevent me from blogging extensively this evening, but I thought I'd throw out a few news pieces I noticed that speak to the theme of a Democrat crack-up in its advanced stages.  Just for the historical record.

The usually reliable Obama cheerleaders at CNN report there may be unrest among the herd of donkeys.

Dingy Harry tries to create some daylight between himself and Barry.

Old line liberal Senator receives rude greeting from loyal members of liberal base, perhaps inspired by Groucho Marx.

When the democrats went all in with Barack Hussein Obama, they put everything they had on red, and the wheel came up black.  So sad.
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  1. This is one crisis that seems to have peaked too soon for the Progressive gang. ..true!

  2. First thing first: if your readers average 5 minutes per visit, you are doing everything incredibly right. and I agree that you are:-)

    I like the idea that the revolution is being blogged. It makes me feel like I might be making a difference along will all of my friends.

    About the mosque and O's comments, I've never heard him praise a church of any persuasion. He knows that mosques are terrorist breeding and training facilities. For all the talk of what the "community center" will bring to the neighborhood, let's face it, infidels do nothing acceptable to Muslims so I suspect we will not be taking advantage of the the hospitality there.

  3. @Maggie: Thank you for the encouraging words, re: my humble little blog project. Make no mistake - you and your friends are making a tremendous difference. Blog on!

  4. I think the full scale implosion is beginning. The MSM is questioning, and Dems are running from him. The attacks on the right are becoming more and more shrill.

    Like you, I'm going to get a snack and beverage and enjoy the carnage.

  5. @Matt: That little zoning issue in lower Manhatten has certainly added to the spectacle. You can't find entertainment this good anywhere else at any price!

  6. "...murder monkey cult from hell"
    You crack me up!

    Check these out:

    "Society [has] a right to erase from the roll of its members any one who rendered his own existence inconsistent with theirs; to withdraw from him the protection of their laws, and to remove him from among them by exile, or even by death if necessary."--Thomas Jefferson to L. H. Girardin, 1815. ME 14:277

  7. My only response to the Ground Zero Mosque is this: Todd Beamer said "Let's roll" not let's roll over.


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