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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Contemporary Politics and Newton's Three Laws of Motion (Part 8)

The Conservative Ascendancy has gained considerable momentum this past week - all the better for the prospects a republic cleansing collision come November.

This week’s catalyst was a local zoning issue in the borough of Manhattan. Except that this particular local zone contains a gigantic hole in the ground, courtesy of the Murder Monkey Cult from Hell - a.k.a. Radical Islam. And this particular zoning issue involves the building of a mosque within camel spitting distance of this gigantic hole in the ground.  And the fund raising effort for this mosque is being lead by an Imam with very obvious sympathies for the Murder Monkey Cult from Hell. Good grist for the Conservative Ascendancy mill indeed.

Good grist for the mill because it has sparked a nationwide conversation about the real intentions of the Murder Monkey Cult from Hell. Good grist for the mill because it focuses the nation’s attention on the Ideological Left’s appeasement policy toward the Murder Monkey Cult from Hell. Good grist for the mill because it once again places the Lefties now governing us in direct opposition to We the People.

Did you notice I did not mention Barack Hussein Obama directly in the previous paragraph? This was intentional. He is merely a bit player in the immediate drama. His only part was to stick his foot in his mouth, waffle, and exercise zero leadership. In other words, he was just being Barry. After having a week to reflect on it, and a week to listen to the chattering class chatter on and on, I feel about Barry’s part in this exactly like I felt when I wrote this comment on a Daily Caller story last Sunday.


As I write this, Barry is doing what Barry does best – taking yet another vacation. This time it’s ten days at Martha’s Vineyard. According to his own Communications office he’s “recharging his batteries” – presumably by engaging with friends and fellow travelers in that favorite pastime of the Leftie, the endless faculty lounge debate over things that don’t really matter. Like a First Amendment right everyone obviously agrees on.

While Barry dithers in the Vineyard, the rest of us our left to our own devices to figure out what this “Cordoba Initiative” is all about. Here’s my take – and I promise it won’t take you a week to figure out where I’m coming from, either.

Let’s start with the name. Cordoba was the seat of the Islamic caliphate in southern Spain during the high-water mark of Islam’s expansion by the sword into Europe. Cordoba is universally recognized in the Islamic world as a symbol of Islamic conquest. Hmmmmm, why would anyone name anything after Cordoba within camel spitting distance of that particular gigantic hole in the ground?
Now, let’s move on to who is behind this “Cordoba Initiative.” Well, actually we don’t know. But we do know who’s in front of it. His name is Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. As this Weekly Standard piece illustrates, he is hardly a sympathetic character if you would prefer the values of Western Civilization over the values of the Murder Monkey Cult from Hell. Note also the Weekly Standard piece informs us our Leftist masters in this administration are sponsoring trips abroad for this guy. Put this data point into the Impeachment file for later.
It also looks like this story will get better next week, as I personally found out courtesy of the blogger “Nice Deb.”  Another excellent blogger, “merriemarie” covers the tapes as well.  My guess is the release of these tapes will eventually lead us to who’s funding this Cordoba Initiative.
The release of these tapes will also contribute mightily to the continuing implosion of the Democrat party, as the blogger “iOwnTheWorld” captured in this post, with a plain bravado appropriate to the blogosphere.

Then there’s this Wall Street Journal piece, which I think will be studied by future historians. I will do my best to assist in that outcome by moving it to the Must Read Lockbox before it rolls off the Assigned Reading List. I may also analyze the comments in further detail in a future post. From my Feedjit feed I noticed a large volume of links from my comment on this piece back to the blog, which lead me back to the comment thread, which I found to be an interesting impression of what’s really going on with this national conversation. I also think I detected some Leftie troll activity on this thread, starting with the comments posted in reply to my own.

In reply to my comment, “Donald Dewitt” offers the tired old Progressive meme that the Constitution is a suicide pact. Then “Ned Stevens” – probably his immediate supervisor in the troll army, and likely familiar with my superior work – calls him off. The only “pearls to swine” in this conversation would occur if these two clowns read my archive front to back. When things settle down, this could be good grist for a post on the blogosphere ecosystem.
Yeah, I think we are coming to grips with the plain fact this is a clash of civilizations, and the time has come to choose sides. The Cordoba Initiative has stuck a thumb in our collective eye. We can call our response the Todd Beamer Initiative. This mosque will not be built.  No less a blogging master than Atlas Shrugs tells me so.

Update 8/23/10

Is Barry back from vacation yet?  Because I want to tell him I have a hat.

So does Remy.

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  1. Do you think the contributions to the Victory Trophy Mosque Rauf collects on his State Dept. fundraising trip to the ME will be revealed?

    I think the tapes should help get this thing off the Manhattan skyline, but what do I know?

  2. @Maggie: All I know - courtesy of the blogosphere - is there are tapes of Rauf speaking in (he thought) confidence. I'm a pretty good judge of book covers - so my guess he says things in confidence that should be sufficient to at least end his business relationship with BHO and Progressives. Beyond that - we'll just have to pop some popcorn enjoy watching where the rest of the story (gratuitous Paul Harvey reference) takes us. Cheers.

  3. Great post LAS, and what a fun site- I'll be back!

  4. @RR: I do my best with it in my spare time. Glad you enjoy it. I like to think the Gipper himself would enjoy it too.


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