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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Liberty vs. Tyranny USA 2010: Mid-Year Review

I concluded my 12/30/2009 post (Foreword To The Blog) with these words:

2010 is a dry tinderbox, and our current administration stands by with a blowtorch.

Your fumbling, bumbling, pyromaniac administration has not disappointed my forecast. They have proven themselves to be definitely incompetent, probably corrupt, possibly even treasonous - and most of all Leftist ideologues.

This administration’s bankrupt Leftist ideology is at the root of all their failures, outrageous governance, and the accompanying chaos throughout the land. I first made this point in my 01/04/2010 post (Stupid or Treasonous?). Leftist ideology drives every decision and every action this administration takes.

Those of us paying attention have alternately labeled them socialists, communists, or progressives. My own personal analysis is the American Progressives of the early 20th century are their fathers, and the Fabian Socialists of the late 19th century are their grand-fathers. But this is beside the point. They have seized power, for now, and we are in an epic battle to prevent their abuses of power from permanently damaging the republic. As with any epic battle, nuance and splitting of hairs is the enemy of effective action. Let’s just agree to label them with the operative term best articulated by Mark Levin in his 2009 masterpiece “Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto.” These people are Statists.

These people believe – fervently - in the wisdom of the state. These people worship at the altar of the state. This always causes them to abuse the powers of the state when these powers are in their hands. They are hostile – religiously hostile – to individual liberty, because the exercise of liberty can introduce inconvenient speed bumps slowing down their implementation of the state’s wisdom. Historians will look back on this administration as the final, glaring, proof that statism is a bankrupt ideology.


Foreign Affairs are going to Hell in a hand basket – on rails – under their stewardship. The Korean peninsula and the Middle East are in a sudden death competition to determine which region will be the flash point for World War III. Our traditional friends do not trust the current administration. Petty dictators openly mock this administration. No one, least of all our nation’s avowed enemies, respects this administration.

This is all occurring because their ideology instructs them they must make nice with poor, downtrodden nations; and knock prosperous capitalist nations down a notch or two. They are immune to learning the lessons of history that explain why poor, downtrodden nations are often our enemies; and prosperous capitalist nations traditionally have been our friends. The perverse result is an administration that consistently alienates its friends, yet gets rolled by its enemies like a cheap pizza crust.

The domestic economy is stuck on lousy – despite this administration throwing a trillion bucks down the Keynsian Stimulus rat hole. The administration remains stuck on stupid, still proposing more Keynsian deficit spending – because it’s the only trick their ideology has to offer. A perverse outcome was a President of the United States being dressed down by the European Social Democracies at the G20 Summit about curbing his reckless spending habits. The European Social Democracies for cryin' out loud!

This administration’s policy of growing government to stimulate the private sector is an epic fail. This administration will be viewed by future historians as the final, climactic, death-knell of Keynsian economics. They are to Keynsian economics what the popularly understood comet is to the reign of the dinosaurs.

The Gulf oil spill is “Exhibit A” demonstrating the conspiracy theory triad of incompetence definitely, corruption probably, and treason possibly.

• Why would they turn down so many offers of help, if they intended to contain the spill? Possible answer = hubris, a very dangerous form of incompetence.

• Why would anyone turn down any particular offer of help, if they intended to contain the spill? Possible answer = corrupt subservience to a particular political master, like maybe the labor unions.

• Why would anyone willfully screw the pooch on the whole damn thing? Possible answer = deep seeded hostility to the United States of America, its economy, and its citizens who prosper from that economy.

In the view of LibertyAtStake – gross incompetence, consistently governing by placing politics over the national interest, and consistently demonstrated hostility to the national interest are *all* impeachable. But that’s a case to be made in another post. Soon.

The accomplished comedienne Victoria Jackson gives us an entertaining diversion to get us all in the mood to pursue impeachment in high spirits.


Soon enough we will be debating the process of Impeachment in detail. You can take that much to closest bank that hasn’t been nationalized yet.

But, first things have to be first. We simply have to take the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue in November, or these statists will have two more years – a total of four – to completely wreck the American Founding. Believe me, they could do it. Believe me when I say they intend to do it - by any means necessary, as their ideology instructs them to.

Update - 07/01/10

The discussion topic for the first hour of Chris Plante's radio show this morning was a hand-in-glove fit to this post.  The gleefully disputatious host (that's what I like about him) keenly observed the Leftists in this White House have now moved into campaign mode overdrive, and will be there to stay until November.  Their strategy is designed to divert attention from their abysmal record, and will be taken right of the playbook given to them by Saul Alinsky (their Clausewitz for partisan hackery) - "change the subject and attack."  Their fellow travelers in the criminally biased MSM will reliably carry their water.  All the sand they have been kicking up in the sandbox over John Boehner's innocuous ant/nuclear analogy is just the beginning.  Barry's hyper-partisan call to arms for the illegal immigration amnesty lobby today at AU is another sign of things to come.  It's going to be a long, hot, summer and fall.  We patriots need to push back with every means at our disposal.  The future of the republic depends on it.
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  1. That video is too good! My fear about impeachment is that we do not make a difference, or enough of a difference in November to make this happen. I can't bear to think that in November, Americans will not love their country enough, no matter their party, to drop the vote bomb on Congress.

    Great article!

  2. You are correct, Maggie, the only thing that matters now is routing the Progressive gang to reclaim Capitol Hill in November 2010. Everything else becomes possible after that.

    Rallies are essentially superfluous now, except as morale builders. Principled conservative candidates in real elections need to be identified and supported. The Ten Buck Fridays thing on your blog is an awesome example of effective action at this time.


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