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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Conservative Ascendancy (And Other Things That May Be Rising)

Tuesday’s primary election results across the nation were good news for the Conservative Ascendancy. And it’s not just because it precipitated a lot of media coverage concerning Sarah Palin’s boobs - although this has been a fringe benefit for some of us.

Wonkette Reports, You Decide. Take Your Time.

Nor was it due to the demographic attributes of the Palin-endorsed “mama grizzlies” who won their races – which has been so much the topic of conversation among the chattering class and its’ talking heads. I couldn’t care less about my politicians’ demographics, and neither should you. We should care about just what the hell these people intend to DO for us or to us once in office.

The uniformly good news from Tuesday’s results is the American center of political gravity continues to move right. Yeah, I know Mark Levin thinks Carly Fiorina might be a RINO – but a RINO would be a huge improvement on the two Progressive slugs California now calls “Senator” (or “ma’am” as the case may be). And, as I look around at the situation today, I can say with confidence I’d be much happier living in an America with RINO Senators from MA and CA - assuming principled conservatives from everywhere else in the country.

I could even live happily under principled Democrat conservatives from middle America (if there is even such a thing anymore). Stipulating for the sake of illustration alone that Blanche Lincoln is a “conservative” Democrat – it is good news she beat back the challenge from the well funded, union backed, Progressive wing nut named Bill Halter. The center of gravity continues to move right.  We’ll beat her sorry “blue dog”, err I mean “lap dog”, arse in the general anyway.

The best news of all is that a true TEA Party patriot named Sharon Angle has been nominated to finally rid us of Dingy Harry Reid, and she is starting the general election race with a significant lead in the polls against this most contemptible of incumbents.

Winning this race will be a morale boost to the Conservative Ascendancy no less significant than what taking Fort Ticonderoga in May 1775 was to the Revolutionary cause.

I grew up in upstate New York relatively near Fort Ticonderoga…which brings me now to the primary election report from the congressional district in which I now live, Virginia’s 11th.


I reported in my April 30th posting I would be making a last minute decision in the local Republican Congressional primary, because the professed policy positions of the two contestants were virtually identical and very conservative. I made my election day decision on purely subjective factors. My subjective analysis was that Herrity seemed to want it more - so I had better vote for Fimian just to be careful.

Herrity lined up the GOP establishment and went more negative with more fervor in the campaign literature I saw. Plus Herrity’s big negative point on Fimian didn’t even hold water with me. Apparently Fimian the business owner ran into some tax law red tape over a technicality in the amount of $16K supposedly owed. Big deal – sounds to me like he has the experience to lead the coming tax revolt.

Well, the votes have been tallied – and the only thing that matters now is defeating that Jihadi huggin’, deficit spendin’constituent assaultin’ Progressive sack o’ excrement Gerry Connolly in November. So, Herrity had better step aside (don’t pull no Charlie Crist crap, man) and the local GOP establishment had better get completely behind Fimian.


The turnout story was the most interesting part for me. My wife pushed the big electronic button for Mr. Fimian at approximately 1 pm. She says she was voter number 76 at our local polling place. I cast my vote for him at around 6 pm, and I was voter number 138.

I went to bed wondering about the apparently low turnout, and, honestly, not caring too much about the outcome.

During the morning commute the next morning, I learned from local talk radio that Fimian had won. I also learned that turnout district-wide was unusually high- which of course indicates the conservative base is on the move as expected. So, why the unusually low turnout in my precinct?

I’ve decided it just confirms what I’ve always known – my immediate neighbors are mostly zombies too clueless to even care their country is being destroyed by the Progressive gang, as well as some card-carrying members of the gang itself.

I can’t wait to unfurl the “Mission Accomplished” banner in my front yard after the November elections. It’s been a long time coming.


This just in: Gallup says Barry is now officially toast.  Disapprove exceeds Approve for the first time. 
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  1. Sad as it is to say, perhaps it is a good idea if the turnout is low, and the moonbats and uninformed stay at home. An uniformed voter is like a gun owner that doesn't know where the safety is.

  2. Matt -

    Sorry for the late reply. I've been out of pocket for a few days.

    Low turnout in November is already a foregone conlusion among Lefties and so-called Independents. Both of these groups feel deeply betrayed by BHO and the Progressives.

    Conversely, high turnout is guaranteed for Conservatives in November. We are mobilized against the outrages perpetrated against the republic by BHO and the Progressives.

    The real opportunity before us is to capitalize on the historical moment, and make a majority of so-called Independents informed of the fact that it is Conservatives who have their backs.

  3. I just read the "Daily Caller" article about the Tea Party rally's across the globe. There was a comment: How do you say "You Betcha! in Chinese...


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