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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Contemporary Politics and Newton’s Three Laws of Motion (Part 2)

All hell has broken out in the news since Scott Brown was elected Senator from Massachusetts, hasn’t it?

If you are an American citizen, and even remotely sentient, there’s no need to exhaustively recount the tsunami of news since then. I would be entirely unequipped to even attempt to do so, anyway. How is a poor amateur observer to make sense of all this? Well, this amateur observer has chosen to cut right to the chase.

The wheels are coming off for the Obama administration. The wheels are coming off for the Democrat party. The wheels are coming off for the regulatory/campus/newsroom complex. The wheels are coming off for the American Progressive project.

Immediately after Obama’s inauguration I predicted to anyone who would listen to me this administration was destined to overreach its priorities, and would thusly go down as a failed Liberal experiment (along the lines of James Earl Carter). By summer 2009, the only thing I found surprising was the speed with which they seemed to be fulfilling my prediction. By December 2009 it had become apparent to me the Obama administration was hell bent on trashing the Constitution, and I began contemplating the birth of this blog. Now we are nearing the end of January 2010, and it is apparent even to the mainstream media (MSM) that the Obama administration is barreling headlong toward a collision with the American public.

What alerted the MSM? A guy named Scott Brown who drives a pickup truck was elected in Massachusetts to sit in the US Senate seat formerly occupied by Ted Kennedy. How contemptibly dense of the MSM to need this bus to run over them before seeing through Obama's empty suit.

Anyone who had the privileged perch of an MSM position during the campaign season of 2007-2008, and who failed to see through Obama’s empty suit to the dangerously unprepared ideologue, has nothing but contempt from me. MSM has always told us their profession is objectively sorting out information for our consumption. Instead, they were complicit propagandists in the most dishonest Presidential campaign ever waged. I could go off and do the research, and perform the due diligence, to name names; but my budget for this enterprise (zero) precludes that for now. For the moment, I’ll just say you know who you are. And the American people are on to you. Many of them have already read Bernie Goldberg’s “A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (And Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media.”

Obama’s blatant disregard for separation of powers in last night’s State of the Union address is the flare briefly lighting a glimpse into our future. Imagine the chutzpah to scold the Supreme Court: a co-equal branch of government! And imagine the condescension behind the off-script chide to Republican members “that’s how budgeting is done.” And imagine the naiveté behind his foolish schoolyard taunt to Republicans – challenging them to introduce alternative health care solutions; when he has to know they’ve been trying for weeks and months. If he doesn’t know this, that’s even scarier.

Obama’s State of the Union performance showed him to be equal parts partisan hack and inexperienced pseudo-intellectual. Why should this surprise anyone? His failed governance of 2009 also showed him to be equal parts partisan hack and inexperienced pseudo-intellectual. So did his campaign performance, for anyone who cared to look into it carefully. The so-called Leader of the Free World is dangerously over his head in the Oval Office. The republic can survive this, but only if we as a nation take full advantage of the checks and balances given to us by the Constitution.

We will effectively have one party control of Washington until November 2010. All the Democrat whining about the loss of their Senate supermajority just shows how pathetically weak they are at governing. Before Scott Brown, they had 100% of the White House, 59% of the House of Representatives, and 60% of the Senate. After Scott Brown, they now have 100% of the White House, 59% of the House of Representatives, and 59% of the Senate. They couldn’t get anything done before Scott Brown because they governed in such a nakedly partisan manner, making it easy for the opposition minority to hold together (with a little spine-stiffening help from the American people, of course). They won’t get anything done after Scott Brown because they’ve lost their supermajority (by a single seat!) and have already alienated the opposition beyond any possible repair.

The path from here to November will require patriots nationwide to continue and intensify what was started last year in the Town Hall meetings and at the TEA parties. The concluding six paragraphs in my January 11 posting, “Contemporary Politics and Newton’s Three Laws of Motion,” set up a framework for observing and analyzing the Nation’s passage down this path.

In the January 11 posting I identified three factors that will play into determining the acceleration factor for one hell of an “F=ma” collision come November.

1. GOP TEA Party Alignment Factor

2. Leftie Lunacy Factor

3. Events Factor

The special election in Massachusetts was set before I even started this blog, so I place it under factor 3 (Events). Talk about a serious accelerant! Democrat desperation to save a previously safe seat, combined with GOP enthusiasm for capturing it, produced the conditions for a very clarifying string of news days.  I’m also sure we all would have seen a completely different State of Union address last night if this election had gone differently.

With respect to factor 1 (GOP TEA Party Alignment) , it was very encouraging to me to see the established GOP and TEA party patriots came together so swiftly and effectively to capture a strategic victory. Not because I’m convinced one must necessarily consume the other; but rather because it shows each is able to act rationally and pragmatically to the overall benefit of the republic. I do say if the established GOP apparatus can earn the active support of the TEA party movement, the impact felt in November will be maximized. But the right to this marriage must still be earned by the GOP. The GOP opposition to Obama’s radical program in 2009 was a good start. More is necessary, though – staying united in opposition was much too easy given Democrat bumbling in 2009. The announcement last night of a website collating previously proposed common sense Republican solutions is another step in the right direction (

With respect to factor 2 (Leftie Lunacy), I grossly underestimated the potential impact in my January 11 posting. I should know better than to underestimate the ability of Lefties to form up into a circular firing squad under any form of external pressure.  Henceforth it will be viewed as a contributing factor with weight equal to the other two.

All of this is why, today, I introduce the Conservative Ascendancy Thermotron 2010. This meter – now sitting at the top of my blog – will be updated from time to time on the road to November; as a measurement of the current intensity along these three factors, as well as a probability assessment for eventual impeachment of President Barack Hussein Obama. It’s early yet; I’ve conservatively fixed the initial setting for impeachment at a mere 10%.
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