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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Super Bowl Playlist for The Who

It seems lately the Obama administration is inclined to take the advice of this amateur observer. I remain humble, but honored.

1)   Mr. Obama announced in his State of the Union address he will support drilling for domestic oil and gas, as well as upgrading the domestic nuclear power industry - as rational steps toward "energy independence." Good ideas, both. The problem is he tied these things to carrying the Cap and Trade madness forward. Sorry, Mr. Obama - more domestic drilling and more nuclear power were good ideas before Cap and Trade. Cap and Trade will always be a bad idea. We can do the right thing together this year, or force the right thing down your throat next year. Your call.

2)  The Obama administration is now re-evaluating its indefensible decision to try KSM and four co-conspirators in Manhattan. The latest news is they are considering alternate locations inside the continental US, perhaps even (gasp!) military installations. Come on guys, stop the kabuki dance now and just fall back to where we all know it will eventually end up again - military tribunals at Gitmo. The longer you drag this out, the more the perception grows you are willing to take risks with Americans to give a show trial platform to the enemy. Bad policy any way you slice it. And worse (I can hear the gasps eminating from 1600 Penn now) bad politics for you. Too many independents have now had the chance to think about the lunacy of not using Gitmo. You’ve already lost your grip on the Looney Left with the health care debacle. Do the calculus, who swings elections – independents or true blue Looney Lefties?


Anyway, I've decided to use my new found influence to assist The Who with their Super Bowl playlist. Basically, my idea is to organize the theme of the playlist around the themes of my humble little blog. The Who has always been thematically minded (see The Who Sells Out, Tommy, Quadrophenia), so I'm hopeful Mr. Townshend and Mr. Daltrey may give this some consideration. I've embedded selected You Tube videos, so grab a pair of headphones and enjoy one of the greatest Rock and Roll bands ever.

1. Substitute

A good opener - highlighting the stark differences between Obama the candidate and Obama the President.
"Substitute me for him ..."

2. My Generation Blues

Not the top 40 radio hit. The slower, bluesy, version The Who often played in concert. In thematic context, think of it as 1960's era Lefties lamenting the now visible inevitability of the fall of Liberalism. The problem for the Social Security program is most of them won't "die before [they] get old."

3. The Seeker

A concise statement of what it means to be a conservative and a libertarian - i.e. figurin' stuff out for yourself. And always being suspicious of "iconic" figures - "I asked Bobby Dylan, I asked the Beatles, I asked Timothy Leary; but he couldn't help me either." It now appears there is someone on You Tube known as the 'Obama Girl' who has learned this lesson the hard way. Where are the feminists acclaiming the buxom beauty’s demonstrated capacity to learn from harsh experience?

4. Summertime Blues

In thematic context, the lyrical content is dedicated to every teenager who couldn't get a summer job because it was occupied by somebody's dad who needed something after losing his real job.

5.  905

The least likely suggestion to be played at the Super Bowl - since it was penned and sung by the now deceased John Entwistle. However, it perfectly fits the theme because the lyrics were inspired by Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World," a book that eloquently describes one version of the statist nightmare we could expect if the Looney Left were allowed to run wild.

6.  Eminence Front

Most every physical thing in DC - the people, the buildings - is a temporary facade. The only thing that matters is those two founding documents on display at the National Archives. The closing line is an invitation to all patriots throughout the nation this upcoming April 15 - "Come on, join the party ..."  Plus, Roger Daltrey plays guitar on this one; and I find that strangely interesting for some reason I can't quite put my finger on. 

7. Won't Get Fooled Again

The obvious closing anthem. Pete Townshend could have written the lyrics specifically for the situation we now find ourselves in. For the video I chose The Who's post-9/11 performance in NYC; also for the obvious reasons.

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