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Monday, January 25, 2010


On January 20, I submitted a draft State of the Union speech to the White House on this blog. I have heard nothing back from the administration. Not even a thank you for the unsolicited assistance. I’m beginning to think they don’t get the joke down there on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. So, I thought they could use some feedback from the American people. I thought a good format might be having you take this quiz, after reading the draft speech. Sorry, it’s not interactive. You'll need to print it off, or save it, and fax your answers to the official White House fax number: 202-456-2461.

1) Why is New Czar of Homeland Justice Cheney needed at every important meeting?

О Judgement.

О Leadership.

О Competence.

О All of the Above.

2) Why can’t President Obama fire Secretary of State Clinton?

О She has the pictures.

О He knows Bill would issue him a beat down in the Oval Office.

О He has too much work ahead of him firing other appointees.

О All of the Above.

3) Why must President Obama fire Secretary of Homeland Security Napolitano?

О She can’t identify the enemy.

О She is on the wrong side of every mission related issue in the department.

О She has said amazingly stupid things in public - on national television no less.

О All of the Above.

4) Why must President Obama fire Attorney General Holder?

О He doesn’t understand the Constitution.

О He is on the wrong side of every mission related issue in the department.

О He has said amazingly stupid things in public - under oath no less.

О All of the Above.

5) What the hell is a Czar anyway?

О The royal title used by the former inheritance monarchy of Russia (prior to the Communist Revolution, which culminated with the murder of last Czar’s entire family).

О A Friend of Barack (FOB) not subject to congressional approval and oversight.

О A Friend of Barack (FOB) with limitless and undefined powers.

О All of the Above.

6) Who is George Soros?

О An enormously wealthy European capitalist.

О A former Nazi sympathizer.

О Barack Obama’s dark lord.

О All of the Above.

7) Why is a Bill Ayers lecture torture?

О You have to be concerned he might blow up the room.

О You have to be concerned Bernadine Dohrn might blow up the room.

О You have to be concerned about the lecture boring you to death.

О All of the Above.

8) To whom should Barack Obama give a bow to in 2010?

О The American people, as an admission bowing to foreign monarchs in 2009 was inappropriate.

О Rush Limbaugh, as an admission Mr. Limbaugh was right.

О Joe Wilson, as an admission Mr. Wilson was right.

О All of the Above.

9) On which major policy issue has Rush Limbaugh been consistently more right than Barack Obama?

О Health Care.

О Global Warming.

О Economy and Jobs.

О All of the Above.

10) What should President Obama do with the Health Care bill?

О Start over and tell the Democrats to invite the Republicans into a bi-partisan process.

О Start over, stating reform is a good idea, but hardly an immediate crisis, and definitely not George Bush’s fault.

О Start over and take the White House passes away from the health care industry lobbyists.

О All of the Above.

11) What should President Obama do with the Cap and Trade bill?

О Admit Global Warming is an unscientific religion and a political hoax.

О Host a nationally televised ceremony in Lafayette Park to bury every single page - a minimum of six feet below the ground.

О Issue an executive order instructing the EPA that the gas you, I, and he exhales is not a pollutant.

О All of the Above.

12) If New Czar of Homeland Justice Cheney misses a meeting on the economy, what will happen?

О Vice President Biden will spend the whole day determining how many letters are in the word “jobs.”

О Secretary Geithner will use the extra time to “fix” his tax return.

О The staffers will nationalize another industry.

О All of the Above.

13) What should President Obama stop doing with jobs and the economy?

О Stop punishing healthy privately-run banks.

О Stop subsidizing dysfunctional nationalized banks. (e.g. Fannie, Freddie, GMAC).

О Stop plowing returned TARP funds into the rat hole of more Keynsian “stimulus,” and use them to reduce the debt instead.

О All of the Above.
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