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Monday, July 23, 2012

Demotivational "Good Morning America"

As anyone who might be reading this post obviously already knows, a lunatic in Colorado committed a heinous act of mass murder at a movie screening. The murderous act of lunacy occurred in the wee hours as Thursday was transitioning into the subsequent Friday.

As the two hacks pictured were preparing for the Friday morning "Good Morning America" show - what maybe four hours later or so? - the cracker-jack investigative journalists at ABC News had performed a heroic text search on the Google machine. This heroic action yielded the existence of the shooter's name on a local TEA Party web site. Ah-hah!

Of course, as the reader may also already know, the linkage was factually blown up that same morning. The hacks were forced to apologize for their pathetic incompetence, and these hacks have endured a fire storm of deserved criticism. Most of that criticism seems to have diagnosed incompetence, unconscious bias, or a combination of both.


Newsflash: the correct diagnosis is intentional bias.

These propagandists are active agents for the political Left. Period. End of sentence. They salivate at the chance to create story lines and narratives assisting the cause of their politics. Even when doing so not only gives the perception of foolish incompetence, but also gives off the putrid stench of incredibly bad taste. Trying to make political hay out of murder victims ... really? While the bodies are still warm? Before the criminal's apartment has been searched - because it's booby trapped, just waiting there to create more senseless mayhem? Yes - because there is an ideological agenda to further, and furthering the ideological agenda is first, second, and third for each and every dedicated Leftist.

The contemporaneous post, and related comment thread, on Paco Enterprises captures what I mean from another angle.
Oh, he could just taste it, yes, indeedy! The kudos of his fellow talking airheads, the biggest scoop of the year - who knows, maybe even an Emmy Award for investigative journalism. James Holmes was the name of the mass murderer at the cinema complex in Aurora, Colorado, and, by golly, there was a James Holmes listed on a local Tea Party web site! ABC News' Brian Ross, ace reporter, had scored!
It is human nature to seek the approval of one's peers, and this is a peer group trapped inside a case of 'Group Think' dementia of the highest order. In other words, they are *useless* in relation to their supposed function of informing the public.


Brian Ross has therefore been added to the board of the Schieffer Blog Roll, on my right sidebar, as the ABC representative ...

The original honoree - representing CBS - was Bob Schieffer, for failing to ask Eric "My People" Holder, of the Department of Just Us, about dropping the New Black Panther voter intimidation case. When this issue was page one news. At the time, Schieffer settled on the "incompetence" defense, saying he wasn't prepared because he had just come back from vacation.

It's your yob, man! Either prepare to perform it or delegate the performance of it! The problem is ... I kinda think he already knows that. Schieffer plead down to "incompetence" to cover for lickspittle bootlicking, IMHO.

Andrea Mitchell joined the board when she presented a selectively edited video of NBC's political enemy Mitt Romney, to put him in a negative light ... carrying on the tradition NBC established by selectively editing audio of their political straw man (pinnata?) George Zimmerman.

As far as I know, Ms. Mitchell has not plead down to "incompetence" by way of explanation. Nor has she clarified she presents works of parody, which leaves only one remaining possible explanation for someone feigning objectivity. She's a complete fraud, out to destroy the leading contender to her messiah's throne.


Now go put 'Journolist' into the Google machine. I'm tired of explaining the obvious here.


Update 7/24/12 These useless hacks apparently can't even accurately transcribe a telephone interview anymore.

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