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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Morning Read (Washington Examiner Edition)

If I was actually interested in subscribing to a local print newspaper, it would be the Washington Examiner. I’ve known for years, going on decades, now, the Post is unfit to line the rabbit cage. For a long time, the Times was an acceptable substitute, though it always felt a little strident for an open-collar conservative such as myself. This sense was in fact confirmed when the Times failed the little url signature uptightness test I set up during my March 4th Sunday Morning Read post.

Not long ago I noticed print versions of the Examiner popping up around town, and even read a few. I believe print distribution is still free of cost to this day. An appropriate market valued price, because thanks to the Intertubes, I have no interest in reading print newspapers anymore. Plus, again thanks to the Intertubes – or maybe the fact I’ve scratched out my living in the IT field for my entire adult life – I’m starting to experience real trouble physically focusing my eye on the printed word. At least on the laptop I have that zoom thingee to make the words bigger.

I’m no marketing genius, but I think maybe the Examiner is using the print distribution channel as a loss center to maintain visibility for the brand on the street. Those annoying pop-up ads I’m barraged with every time I link to the web site tell me what they think their revenue model is. So, on with today’s Sunday Morning Read …

No, I don’t need any kind of deal, much less a great one, on a Honda … Click!

Commuter Connections! AYFKM! Being tied to three other people’s schedules and trapped two hours a day with them (and their grooming habits) inside a tin can. No thanks, I’d rather go over a waterfall inside a barrel … Click!

David Limbaugh is right. When will the Establishment GOP and their candidate, Country Club Mittens, wise up, take off the gloves, and really go after Obama’s sorry record and radical associations?

If anything could motivate Romney to channel his inner Mittens the Hun, which he’s done before, by carpet bombing GOP primary opponents with negative ads, it would be the sophomoric hit job from Jason Horowitz of the Post, reporting the critically important news that something happened in a school yard 47 years ago. Channeling my inner Dick Cheney, my immediate reaction was … “So?” But, then it only took me a minute or so of further reflection to put it into historical context.

My May 8 Post (“How Stupid *is* My republic?”) stated the following:
I have no doubt future historians will identify the corruptly biased coverage of these two movements [T.E.A. and #Occupy] as the real beginning of the end for old media.
This is true, as a general proposition. But each old media propaganda organ will have have its own unique and specific moment of critical mass for implosion. 'WedgieGate' is it for WaPo. I couldn’t find an appropriately insightful outraged article on the Examiner, so for linkage I’m going with this article I pulled down to my BlackBerry yesterday.

Back to the Examiner

Nope, definitely never – not ever – going to be interested in a Prius … Click!

Will Team Leftie try to replicate the 2008 strategy, spinning the mob into hysterics over “Too Big to Fail.” Maybe. But the question then becomes: why did they spend the last four years making the failed even bigger?

Battle lines are drawn for the lame duck Congress. GOP House passes a bill that reduces domestic spending increases from 125 percent to 123 percent, and Donkey Party hacks prepare the big lie this is a draconian spending cut. Or maybe it’s the revenue raised by taking a tiny bite out of the gilded pensions federal bureau-weenies enjoy. Let’s send the lame duck Congress unambiguous instructions in the upcoming election … it’s the Gub’ment Spending, Stupid!

Well, I guess Michael Barone has to write about something. He has deadlines to meet. The answer is 1980, Mr. Barone.

I don’t believe this guy can teach me any language in less than 10 days … Click!

Star Parker adeptly connects the gay marriage distraction – which is really a fund raising tactic that will turn out to be a net vote loser for BHO – to a real issue. Why is Team Leftie all for “choice” when it comes to aborting fetuses, but totally against “choice” for parents in the determination of public schooling for living children? The answer, of course, is Team Leftis has turned the public school system, with its public sector unionized monopoly, into an indoctrination mill for your children.

Scott Rasmussen has noticed resistance is futile for the “Political Class.” We the People have had it up to here (placing hand horizontally across Adam’s apple).

Happy Mother's Day.

Update 7:30 pm

Old media. Sheesh.

I began drafting this post prepared to praise The Examiner for having a thicker skin online than most old media … as they have a history of accepting my harmless url signed snark. Then I noticed comments on their board, full circle linked from this post, disappearing. Trust me, I was very methodical in my experimentation.

My comment to Barone’s article alerted him to the blindingly obvious conclusion his 1980 scenario is already underway. Note carefully Barone is co-founder of the operation (with Byron York). We shall now continue.

My comment to the JP Morgan misstep story supported letting banks fail and breaking them up into smaller units, rather than hiring more useless bureau-weenies (um, regulators) onto the public teat to stand by for the next bailout.

My comment to the GOP budget article called out Dennis Kucinich (D-Mars) for hyperventilating a 123% increase in spending is somehow a draconian cut.

My comment on the Star Parker article was a simple compliment congratulating her on an excellent leap in logic.

My comment to Rasmussen’s article was a mid-length rant on Richard Lugar’s non-utility to the Conservative Ascendancy at this time. Most specifically, his arrogant claim Dick Mourdock won’t “get anything done.” If the mild-mannered Mourdock helps end the fiscal insanity go-along-to-get-along RINO Lugar has assisted in creating, that will be plenty enough for me.

These comments are no longer there. The one original comment remaining – the simple statistics related in response to the David Limbaugh piece - is reply linked parent and child. Draw your own inferences.
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