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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Reading the Tea Leaves

You don't need a PhD in Gypsy Studies to interpret the results of the elections of May 8, 2012. (But, if you do have an advanced degree in Gypsy Studies, good luck paying off the student loans.)

May 8, 2012 was a bad day for the American Progressive project - and a very good day for the Conservative Ascendancy. Election results and developments all across this great republic point in this direction.


We start our review in the birthplace of American Progressivism - Wisconsin. You may recall the back story: Scott Walker was duly elected on a transparently communicated program to reign in the benefit entitlements for public sector workers, the public sector unions threw a public hissy fit, their bought-and-paid-for Donkey Party politicians earned eternal infamy as the "fleebagger" caucus, and Team Leftie collected nearly a million signatures on a recall election petition. The general recall election will occur on June 5. May 8 was the day of the related Democrat and Republican primaries. The really interesting observation is the turnout for these primaries. The Democrats drew significantly fewer to the voting booth than there were petition signatories. Hmmmmmmm. (And the union backed candidate was trounced, btw). Most telling - Scott Walker, in his entirely pro forma primary against "none of the above," drew more votes than all the Democrat candidates combined. You don't say? Tea leaves say Scott Walker and the forces of fiscal sanity will prevail over the insatiable appetite of the public sector unions for other people's money.


Moving on to the coal mining state of West Virginia, whose economy depends on an industry upon which Barack Hussein Obama's Environmental Protection Agency has declared war, a shot was sent across the bow of the SS Progressive when federal prison inmate No. 11593-051 took 41% of the Democrat primary vote from the ship's captain. All that remains is deciding how many delegates to the national convention the incarcerated "Not-Obama" candidate will be awarded. Tea leaves say there's trouble on the poop deck of the SS Progressive. The crew is restless and there is loose talk of mutiny.


Speaking of the Democrat national convention, there's been loose talk of moving it out of North Carolina, because the state's citizenry made it the 30th state of the union to enshrine a traditional definition of marriage into its constitution on May 8. This emergency measure may not be necessary, however, as the captain of the SS Progressive made an appearance on the poop deck to announce his personal views on gay marriage had "evolved" ... into Dick Cheney's position - i.e. gay marriage OK, but not a federal matter. Tea leaves say more restiveness to come on the poop deck of the SS Progressive as the gay sailors figure out there is in fact no federal policy change, and the religious black sailors figure out Barack has been playing them for fools while "evolving."


There was no election (that I know of) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on May 8. But it is worth noting the TEA leaves say Scott Brown will maintain his hold on the Ted Kennedy Memorial Senate seat. You see, the hand picked Progressive candidate for reclaiming this seat has a rather comical identity problem to confront. We are witnessing the death throes of the silly politics of identity (aka Political Correctness) with this little drama, and the Conservative Ascendancy is the ideological beneficiary.


Which brings us finally to the Hoosier state, Indiana. On May 8 a man who has been representing the state in the US Senate for 36 years (and yet somehow has no residency in the state) lost his Republican primary contest to a homophobic, misogynist, racist, fire-breathing, social darwinist, fascist. Or so the panicked crew of the SS Progressive, and the dinghy GOP Establishment tethered to it, would have you believe. No, actually it was the fiscally conservative sitting state treasurer. Tea leaves say more fiscal conservatism coming to Washington. Better make those early retirement plans bureau-weenies.
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