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Saturday, October 8, 2011

OccupyDC: The Blackberry Photo Essay

Photos: October 7, 2011

Simply because it was a fine afternoon (weather wise), I needed to decompress from two solid hours of meetings, I live in a fantastic society where virtually everyone carries a telephone with a built-in camera, and there was a gathering mere blocks away the biased MSM assured me was 'historic.'

Freedom Plaza at approximately 1:15 pm - which I would have thought would be prime rantin' time ...

East to West on Freedom Plaza - I was hoping for more lunatics.

This elderly moonbat agreed to pose for me taking a photo of the young moonbat photographing her. I wonder what she thinks of the system that generated the standard of living that made this possible. She thanked me for covering the event. I don't think she'll appreciate the coverage much.

West to east on Freedom Plaza. While I was snapping the photo, I overheard one of the moonbats state she needed to find a bank. What kind of candy-ass radical does business with the enemy, anyway?

The only other moonabt gaggle (you know, aside from the usual DC fauna) I saw on the return walk was camped out at 15th and K streets. Perhaps they received faulty maps from the organizers. They were doing that odd repetitive chant thing we've seen them do across the country recently. One of the moonbats explained to me it is "the People's microphone" - designed to amplify a message across distance. More proof they really do want us living a stone age standard of living. And besides, I didn't see anybody around who gave a sh*t that couldn't hear the originating speaker just fine.


And, of course, Newton Part 22 is literally writing itself as these moonbats fan out across the country in tiny, easily dissected, bands. My personal favorite is "OccupyCincinnati" - can't wait for Les Nessman's report.

Update 10/8/2011

It now looks like the nuttiest occupydc moonbats were resting up yesterday ... apparently in order to mount a crazed assault on the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum.

The American Spectator has a fantastic same day 'Gonzo' piece.

Do not forget how I began this line of inquiry a couple of weeks ago ... The Left never, ever, reliquishes political power willingly.

Update 10/10/11

A new work week, and more data on Barry's little class warfare gambit.

I noticed during my brief lunch break that the small band camping out at 15th and K Streets was still blighting the scenery. I spoke with a few of them. Let me first say I must give them high marks for politeness.  But also low marks for a very tenuous grasp on how the world works. Overall, I’d have to say the vibe was very similar to a Boy Scout camp out, to be perfectly honest.

So, I guess the Washington Examiner’s reporter Timothy P. Carney is correct that the true Marxist believers are concentrated on Wall Street. Sounds to me like a chance to round them all up on the cheap.

Also, the other sign that Barry’s little class warfare gambit is a gigantic fail … today was a federal holiday - and I didn’t see one single bureau-weenie out there showing solidarity with the occupiers.
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