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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Newton's Three Laws (Part 23)

A three part movement in the series soon to be known far and wide as the ‘Newtonian Predictive Model for Politics.’

Part 1: #OccupyFAIL

Lest we forget, one of the Left’s most decorated community agitators – Van Jones – warned us October 2011 would be something to remember.

Well, Mr. Jones apparently meant Team Leftie had a master plan in the works to mobilize recycled hippies and community organized zombies into tiny illegal encampments across the nation, under the banner #OccupyWhatever, or something.

Well, Halloween is fittingly just around the corner, and it’s now official: October 2011 has been something to rememebr.  But not in the way Mr. Jones intended. You can re-designate #OccupyWhatever as #OccupyFAIL. The recycled hippies and community organized zombies attracted to these illegal and unsanitary encampments have not impressed the civil society. The so-called ‘99 percenters’ have not prevented the civil society from moving along quite nicely with normal business, despite the tragic-comic presence here and there of their stone-age encampments.

And of course these encampments are predictably following the arc of human nature that goes from aimless, to restless, to criminal. The examples are coming in from places as far ranging as Boston, Dallas, and , yes, ground zero of Mr. Jones' revolution at WallStreet, Manhattan, New York, York.

The civil society has taken notice and is beginning to lose its’ patience. Restoration of law and order has begun in Oakland, Portland, and Atlanta, for example.

Memo to Mayor Bloomberg in New York, as well as whomever the hell has jurisdiction in DC: The longer you wait, the greater the health hazard to Police when the clearing operation are finally inevitable. It will be demanded by your constituents – that is, the people walking past these illegal encampments (holding their noses of course) to work, produce wealth, and pay taxes. Lest you forget, the taxes that fund your gub’ment.

I’ve already sent the memo to #occupydc, to prepare them for the inevitable. Based on what I’ve seen up close and personal, my advice here is as pearls are to swine.

Part 2: We Can’t Wait … To Throw More Public Money Down the Keynesian Rat Hole

And, of course, true to form – The Empty Suit That Seeks 2012 Re-election has hitched his wagon to this aimless, restless, and ultimately criminal rabble.

GLWT, Barry – you own it now! That smell you smell is your peeps. ROTFLMAO!

But, let’s give him credit for owning it through and through. The Empty Suit That Occasionally Occupies the Oval Office is traveling the country in campaign mode assenting to #OccupyFAIL demands.

With the new empty slogan “We Can’t Wait” – which roughly translated means “we have no qualms about abusing the powers of the executive branch and ignoring the constitution” - Barry is promising one redistributive giveaway after another to his so-called “base” – which can increasingly be identified as the national collection of whiny, selfish, entitled slackers.

Barry is promising a new bailout to keep the housing bubble pumped up. This is the same redistributive policy madness that created the very problem it assuredly will not solve. The Housing bubble was created by the meddling gub’mental arc that started with the Community Reinvestment Act, ran through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and Barney Frank’s committee chairmanship. Which was then aggravated and prolonged by the TARP scam and various other Obama admin re-financing programs like HARP, HAMP, and now whatever they are calling this new bundle of the same old sh*t. As the following chart demonstrates, these programs have only made things worse – as redistributive Keynesian nonsense always does. Whether Barry realizes the silly futility of the policy or not is beside point – for him. He has calculated, as the empty suited demagogue will, that there are votes to be bought with this cash giveaway.

Barry is also promising another new bailout to promote delinquency among over-educated pseudo-intellectuals. Barry’s motivation is the same here – the demagogue’s naked interest in bought votes. But LAS believes this particular gambit will backfire on Barry. LAS believes there are more votes to be lost (for Barry) from hard working blue collar Americans who rightfully won’t be able to fathom why anyone lucky enough to gain a college education should be allowed to go scot free on legal loan obligations – bailed out by taxpayers who may have never seen the inside of a college or university. This numb-nuts I’ve rolled into the post from my ‘Snark U.’ roll is the contemptible poster child.

Hey Dummy, Didn't You Do the Math Before Taking Out the Loan?

Hey, it’s tough for the class warrior to decide who to pit against whom. LAS predicts Barry will soon want a mulligan on this one.

Part 3: Report on the All Black Guy Running For President

Yes, we are talking about the candidacy of the man who will be the first all-black (both parents!) President in American history, should his candidacy come to a successful conclusion.

Astute readers of this blog have noticed two things for sure.

(1) I have mostly avoided getting into the thick of the GOP primary debate. This is because I’m prepared to vote for a #2 pencil over The Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama.

(2) I do have a sweet spot for Herman Cain. This is because I once had the privilege of working for him, and to this day he is far and away the best executive I’ve ever personally known.

And it seems the rest of America is beginning to like what it sees in Mr. Cain, as well. Improbably, despite running an unorthodox campaign, the Cain Train is roaring down the tracks as GOP primary poll leader.

Now, astute readers of this blog have surely noticed something else. LibertyAtStake licks no one’s boots. As such, I must chastise Mr. Cain for a very confusing policy message on the abortion issue. I, LibertyAtStake, shall now inform him how he needs to package his position on this matter – which coincidentally, is also mine.

“As a matter of personal morality, I am pro-life. Life begins at conception, period. As a matter of public policy, I am constitutionalist. The federal government has no place, pro or con, in matters of morality, period.”

Memo to social conservatives … this position requires the over -turn of Roe v Wade and de-funding of all federal support to abortion. What else do you want? If you lack faith in your ability to convince the civil society your moral position is good and necessary, without the blunt force of federal mandates, then you are doing ‘conservative’ all wrong.

Oh, did I mention I have bumper stickers (and other cool stuff) for sale?  Click the pic ...


You need a scorecard to know who the players are ...

Updates 10/29/2011

LAS memo to Herman Cain ... You've got the name recognition, now you need to use the November debate run to get over this impression. Regarding your campaign, November 2011 is for all the marbles. Come out of November with the 'policy weakling' charge defused, and it's clear sailing from there. Be prepared for the attacks and 'gotcha' questions.

Daily Caller and Heritage Foundation are both in agreement with LAS that the student loan cash giveaway will backfire on Barry politically.

The original post was supposed to be a four part movement.  The fourth part was to be We Can't Wait ... To Cede the Mideast To the Islamists - lampooning Barry and Hillary's comically ad-hoc interventionist foreign policy during the so-called 'Arab Spring.'  But I ran ("I ran" - get it?) out of time and energy.  The Daily Caller nicely covers that angle here.

Update 10/31/2011

Some scholarly research into the at least 17 year old root cause of what is vexing the #OccupyFAIL mob. Hint: It ain’t “Wall Street.”

And, yeah, I'll get to the Left's scurrilous attack on Herman Cain in due time.  But I think I’ll wait until it’s even obvious to Karl Rove it is redounding to Cain’s benefit.  It should only be a couple of days for the poll evidence to start rolling in.

Update 11/02/2011

LAS expects this Daily Caller report will prove to be the pivot point in the 'Great GOP/NRA Kinda Sorta Sex - Even Though There Wasn't Actually Any Sex - Scandal'
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