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Monday, October 10, 2011

Newton's Three Laws (Part 22)

LAS is going all abstract on this one. Because as my A.D.D. generation 13 year old often tells me: words hurt the brain. And not only do I desire contemporaneous mass success amongst the A.D.D. generation with this project - but, more importantly, I want my kids to be able to understand at least part of the archive later in life.


Prologue to the Great Looney Left Occupation of October 2011...


More like "Release the flea-bitten mangy mutts" ...


Epilogue to the Great Looney Left Occupation of October 2011...

Well, actually it’s far from over at this point. Barry’s Bolshevik Brigade (hat tip Chris Plante) will not be discouraged by witnessing the utter failure of its first assault wave. Because remember: the Left never, ever, relinquishes political power willingly.

These lunatics still have cards in the deck yet un-played.

For example, they have not yet turned loose their union thugs on the streets. This is now practically inevitable – and those nut jobs are far more muscular and much more determined to create true mayhem. When Barry releases these berserkers there will be a serious turning point where the nation’s cops have to choose between law and order vs. union sympathies. I trust the cops will choose wisely.

Then there is the martial law play called for by the blueprint written by Cloward-Piven, Ayers, et. al. With an all volunteer citizen armed force this play stands zero chance of succeeding. Which will not necessarily prevent them from trying. Because remember: the Left never, ever, relinquishes political power willingly.


And they all think they are so damn smart. Like the creepy guy who parked outside my house yesterday afternoon with MD plates 7FX K68 apparently trying to break into my home wi-fi network. And the even creepier dude with VA plates FDP1PR doing the same this evening. GLWT, pathetic little script kiddies.

Update 10/12/11

OccupyLA trotted out the "Most Interesting Man In the World" (Dos Equis beer commercial reference) for a rousing socialist revolutionary rant.

Update 10/13/2011

You just had to know Camp Stinky on Wall Street would have connections to George Soros ...

Also ... it rained like hell in DC today, but I worked at home, so I have no first hand knowledge yet of the storm's effects on Camp Stinky at Freedom Plaza or Camp Stinky at McPherson Square.  I'll try to launch an investigation in my spare time tomorrow while in the office.

Update 10/14/2011

One final update to cap off the week before we move on to other topics ...
And the winner of the coveted award as OccupyWallStreet's telethon poster child ... drum roll please ... is this sad lunatic.


And here's a full bio on the poor, downtrodden fellow.


Off the Snark U. roll and into the archivable post.  Just for future historians.  Click the pic.


More occupation nuttiness for the historical record.

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