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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Newton's Three Laws (Part 21)

Part 21 of the Newtonian series became necessary when I realized I had given short shrift to a key idea in Part 20. After writing “…the problem for the republic is the Left never, ever, relinquishes political power willingly,” I turned the corner very quickly to optimism about the ultimate outcome of the republic’s fight to beat back the scourge of Progressivism. Yes, LAS does indeed stipulate the 2012 election cycle is nearly certain to bring a new dawn of national prosperity, pride, and optimism - all by virtue of simply running the corrupt Progressive gang out of DC. This certainty, however, is based on an underlying assumption. This assumption is that the American people are up to enduring one hell of a fight to remove the Left’s current grip on DC power. Glossing over this assumption in Part 20 was kind of like skipping directly to planning the victory parade, without first drawing up a battle plan. My mistake. Because, repeat it once again with me, “the Left never, ever, relinquishes political power willingly.”

You can be absolutely certain the Community-Agitator-In-Chief now serving as the Left’s titular head is hell bent on retaining his power. After alienating all but his hard Left base with his corrupt and incompetent governance, the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama now has no choice but to run hard and fast off the edge of the electoral cliff - surrounded by his most loyal, chanting point screaming, totally unhinged, irredeemably Progressive adherents. Barry is determined to go down in a blaze of Leftist public display of insanity, and he has kicked off his Magical Agitation Tour to ensure this outcome. If all goes according to plan, history could very well get the first POTUS impeached for ‘disturbing the peace.’


Barry’s Magical Agitation Tour

The ‘Community Organizer’ America elected POTUS in 2008 is fulfilling the old saw “be careful what you ask for, you might get it.” Barry has decided the best strategery (sic) available to him for 2012 re-election is to do what Community Organizers do best – rile up malcontents and put them in the street to be public nuisances.

Speaking to the Congressional Black Caucus – he instructed his street zombies to "put on their marchin’ shoes" – code for get out there and raise some hell for Barry.

While raising funds in California for this contemptible campaign plan, he leveled the veiled threat “[my way or] we’re gonna have problems.” Gee, what kind of problems would those be, Barry?

When Barry took the Magical Agitation Tour to Florida, he tried to subliminally boost morale among his street zombies by reassuring them the rest of us have grown ‘soft.’


The Hard Left is Already Answering the Call

Barry’s street zombies are answering the muster call. But before I present the recent proof of this, let us review just how batshit crazy these people are, by taking a quick stroll through the J.A.U.L. Gallery I am now certain is just getting under way. Click the graphic …

The most recent addition concerns these mindless idiots taking the standard Leftist call and response chant to new levels of stupidity.

These nut jobs are the shock troopers that will launch wildly into the ‘Progressive October Offensive’ one of Barry’s chief lieutenants – Van Jones – told us about on the program of one of Barry’s MSM lackeys – Lawrence O’Donnell.

They’ve already made a continuing general nuisance of themselves in Manhattan.

They’ve made their hateful presence known in Boston.

We’ve already seen what mayhem the more aggressive union thug subspecies of JAUL is capable of creating on the docks.

And, apparently, beginning this coming Thursday, this mindless rabble will begin assembling in DC just a few blocks walk from where LAS toils in obscurity for meager pay.


Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant

So, how successful will these malcontents be? LAS confidently predicts the manic efforts of these malcontents will be highly annoying, somewhat destructive, and utterly in vain to their intended purposes. The JAUL will be a very demoralized and disappointed creature one year hence.

How do I know? Point 1: Louis Brandeis laid down the philosophical foundation with his famous quote “sunlight is the best disinfect” – meaning, of course, exposing chicanery to transparency is always its undoing. Point 2: We live in the newly dawning age of social media – I think I covered that sufficiently in Part 20. Point 3: They (the Left) are who they are, which means they are definitely not you (the vast majority of Americans).

The corrupt and biased MSM will ignore point 1, and seek to subvert their access to old media to obscure point 3. Their efforts will be fruitless because you now have access to the new media availed by point 2, allowing you to bypass those sclerotic dinosaurs in the MSM.

Let the chaos begin so we can finally be done with it.  It's what your Agitator-In-Chief wants.


Signs the Conservative Ascendancy is in good fighting trim ...

Gallup demonstrates that the American public, by a three to one margin, distrust the very thing Barry and his corrupt gang of malcontents seek to impose more of on you - gub'ment control.

Who knew there was even such a thing as "Berkeley College Republicans"? (Yet we always did know irony is lost on Leftists, didn't we?)

And finally, slightly off topic yet very indicative of what we're dealing with: I tried to warn the establishment GOP the uber duper commission is a Leftist trap.

Guess who LAS is, and who the establishment GOP operatives are, in this classic Python clip.

Update 10/3/2011

And the biased MSM template is ... drum roll please ... false equivalency with the TEA Party movement. (The scorecard for arrests is all it will take to blow that one out of the water.)
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