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Friday, June 24, 2011


My post writing muse seems to have a case of the summer “blahs” – the lazy bastard. Not to mention I’ve noticed something since I started blogging - it’s hard to come up with a worthwhile column on a regular basis. That’s why so many hacks in the criminally biased MSM suck at it.

But it’s been a full week since my last masterpiece, so I have to come up with something. I guess I’ll fall back on a cache of chestnuts I’ve been keeping on the Intertubes, squirrel style, for the entire 18 month existence of this blog. Keen observers of the phenomenon known as LibertyAtStake are familiar with my habit of signing, with the url of this site, short comments on other writer’s posts. I do this for research purposes. The practice allows me to recall theses comments, and gives me the capacity review my meanderings around the Intertubes when collecting my thoughts for this or that post.

Plus the practice feeds into my self-appointed ‘mission from God’ … to rid the republic of BHO and the Progressive’s rancid governance … by occupying and holding as much Intertubes territory as one man with a day job and real life can possibly liberate in his “spare time.” You might call it my personal ‘surge’ strategy.

And not least … it’s fun for me. Opinion, sarcasm and snark comes to me as easily as exhaling carbon dioxide. You might say it’s my ‘God given talent.’

So, herewith is a short review of classic LAS comments , one per month of the blog’s existence, cherry picked with the greatest of ease courtesy of that magical mysterious Intertubes tool known as the search engine.


January 2010: LAS forewarns the Ruling Elites reading 'The Hill' to prepare for their upcoming 'Shellacking' in the elections of 2010.

February 2010: LAS drops in on the Breitbart TV site to give Valerie Jarrett a refresher on Alinsky 101.

March 2010: LAS channels the national treasure known as Dick Cheney to opine on the relative importance of reporting coming out of the Washington Post.  (By this time I had added a signature element to inform the FBI and DHS my intentions were entirely legal - [For a light hearted take on our present peril]). 

April 2010:  LAS offers a back-handed compliment to one of the criminally biased MSM's worst hacks of all, Rachel Maddow.

May 2010:  LAS votes "stupid" over "liar" to explain insane PC revision of history spewed by noted race baiter employed by PBS.

June 2010: LAS highlights the great problem plaquing the republic - legislators passing bills they don't read, don't understand, and can't predict the consequences for - because ... well, just because!

July 2010:  LAS reacts to faculty lounge wankers inexplicably (at least as it relates to reality) rating Obama ahead of Reagan.

August 2010: LAS opines on Barry's support for the Ground Zero Mosque.  (It was also about this time that I replaced [For a light hearted take on our present peril] with the far superior "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive.")

September 2010:  LAS explains what the new GOP verb 'to primary' is all about.

October 2010:  A rare detour over to the Sports page brings back memories of 'Caddyshack.'

November 2010:  In the month of 'Shellacking I,' LAS joins TCL in a thoughtful discussion on airline security.

December 2010:  LAS predicts economic downturn if states balance budgets.

January 2011:  LAS explains why all heterosexual males should be conservatives.

February 2011: LAS explains root cause of old line civil rights organization's irrelevance.

March 2011: LAS temporarily borrows a GEICO marketing slogan to disparage an entire culture.  (It was around this time I added the old school emoticon that completes the signature element actively in use.  It came about due to some unsolicited advice from a couple of Daily Caller commenters, which I blogged about on February 16, 2011).

April 2011: LAS explains why it's Keith and not Mick that makes the Stones the Stones.

May 2011: In reply to a reply to an embarrassingly stupid post by WaPo's Ezra Klein, LAS promotes a "one property owner, one vote" program.

June 2011:  From yesterday's Science and Technology page.

That's all, folks ....


"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"
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