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Friday, June 10, 2011

Contemporary Politics and Newton's Three Laws (Part 16)

If any long time readers of this blog (you know who you are) thought I had abandoned the Newtonian thread … fear not. The post I classified as part 15 in the series (April 11, 2011) posited the republic, on that particular date, was calmly sailing through the eye of the storm toward more headwinds, toward a penultimate Newtonian collision (which will become forever known as “Shellacking II” when the votes are counted on November 6, 2012).

The leading edge of these headwinds has arrived. There has been a portentous flurry of news events in the past couple of weeks. These news events demonstrate to anyone paying attention (once again) that the American Progressive Left is amoral, illiterate on economic matters, illiterate in foreign relations, and lives solely to direct the micro details of other peoples’ lives.  And always with disastrous results - because it’s simply an impossible pursuit.

Most prominently, a prominent Demo-hack corruptly used government resources and time for – ahem! – ‘personal pursuits,’ and then doubly corruptly lied about it through his teeth (Lesson 1 from my May 28 post). This very same corrupt Demo-hack, possibly even with the approval of a sizable bloc of his morally challenged constituents, obviously with the support of the criminally biased MSM, and hardly a peep from the majority opposition party – shamelessly retains his seat in the republic’s national legislative body (Lessons 2, 3, and 4 from my May 28 post). Make no mistake, this shameless moral miscreant will have to dragged off of Capitol Hill kicking and screaming – because he is a Leftist, and therefore cannot imagine doing anything else with his (professional) life other than micromanaging the choices available to other people.

Simultaneously, and almost without notice due to the aforementioned shenanigans, there was a  flurry of terrible economic news. While the criminally biased MSM was caught off guard by the news, LibertyAtstake was not at all surprised – because as I explained in my May 11 post, your current administration is Stuck on Keynesian Stupid. They also seem to be running out of Keynesians over there, as the “economic team” seems to be reenacting ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ (Run away!) in the face of abject failure. I am undecided as to whether this is good or bad news for the republic, on balance.

Still less noticed, because it hasn’t come to a head yet, which is to say the mushroom cloud isn’t rising above Israel just yet, is the now near certainty Iran will acquire nuclear weapons. This easily predicted outcome is largely due to the incredibly naïve foreign policy doctrine followed by the administration of the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama. The wages of BHO’s naiveté vis-à-vis Iran will be one big smelly ‘inheritance’ for the next POTUS - that much is for sure.

And, finally, the bill Nanny Pelosi told us she needed to pass to find out what’s in it ... is coming to a head - for millions of Americans who are about to find out what's in it and experience the loss of their employer provided health insurance plans because ObamaCare made those plans far more expensive. [ begin heightened sarcasm alert ;) ] Gee, Leftist intervention making a market product far more expensive? No, that’s never happened before. [ end heightened sarcasm alert ;) ]


The good news is: LibertyAtStake The Predictor can now predict with virtually absolute certainty the republic will thankfully be rid of the Empty Suit Currently Occupying the Oval Office in January 2013. If you’ve been paying close attention, I’ve been using this blog space to work out for myself whether or not a sufficient percentage of politically clueless independents would be sufficiently awakened to the non-stop misery carousel that is Leftism to vote the Demo-Hacks, and their current champion (BHO), out of office in November 2012. With all hell breaking loose around them, and misery raining down upon them, the politically clueless independent bloc will at least be as sophisticated as Pavlov’s dog … this much we can be sure of. (See the election of Richard Nixon, even with the influential third party run of George Wallace, circa 1968, as the historical precedent)

The bad news is: there are two long, hot summers between now and the November 6, 2012 elections. And Leftists do not relinquish power willingly or easily.  LibertyAtStake The Predictor predicts a growth economy for his Just Another Unhinged Leftie (JAUL) Gallery over the next seventeen months or so. Try to enjoy the wild ride best as you can ... it’s better that way. Happy Friday.


I had a bunch of links teed up to accent various statements in this post.  Screw it - I'm going John Lennon and White Album on this one - that is, just throw everything out there.  Here's the links I collected this week in so-called 'preparation.'

Special mention to the Jersey Nut for solidifying my editorial thinking on this one ...
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