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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Trouble With Liberals

In this post we take a break from our usual mission of saving the republic from the incompetent and treasonous governance of BHO and the Progressives.

Instead we will take a  cross-eyed look at the garden variety liberal - through the lens of one of the most campy episodes ever aired by one of the most deliciously campy television series ever produced. That would be ‘The Trouble with Tribbles’ from Star Trek (The Original Series).

If not for the vote and the active support of the garden variety liberal, BHO and the Progressives could never have attained the power they now abuse. The garden variety liberal is now the voting bloc BHO and the Progressives desperately cling to, while they are curled up in the corner in the fetal position awaiting the November 2nd electoral tsunami sure now to come. You know who the garden variety liberals are: the faculty lounge pseudo-intellectual, or the bubble headed coed whose entire educational experience consists of indoctrination by faculty lounge pseudo-intellectuals, or the MSM operative with the JournoList subscription, or the activist lawyer willing to abuse her profession’s code of ethics to advance a political agenda, or the trust fund bum who seems to have read every book ever printed without understanding any of it, or the unionized government worker clinging the promise of a lifelong gilded pension funded by the rest of us, et cetera.

The drone independents are already moving our way in the Conservative Ascendancy – I think we can safely let the establishment GOP handle that messaging task for November 2nd. Even they can’t blow it at this point. So, it’s time for us on the vanguard of the Conservative Ascendancy to begin going after the higher hanging electoral fruit of the garden variety liberal. We should start by simply wrapping our minds around the psychology of the garden variety liberal. While I was doing just that during the past week, what came to mind for me was …. Tribbles. It’s kind of funny how my brain works sometimes, isn’t it? :)


If you need a quick primer on the plot of the episode, this should do it. 

What follows can be taken as a kind of documentary portraying the stream of consciousness as it occurred in my mind.

The trouble with liberals is they are always so damn self-absorbed in their “causes,” as well as arrogant in their dealings with anyone not similarly self-absorbed. This causes them to have no respect for the rule of law, especially the original intent of the law; which often spins everybody into tight, senseless, circles to deal with liberal cause overreach.

The Federation official Nilz Baris abuses the Priority One distress signal to divert the Enterprise to Space station K-7, and Kirk is not amused when he finds out the reason is a grain shipment.

Captain Kirk: “I have never questioned the orders, or the Intelligence of any representative of the Federation – until now.”


The trouble with liberals is they are always framing their arguments in cutesy, touchy-feely terminology: save the children, save the polar bears, save the undocumented housekeepers, etc. This allows them sell the senseless to the unsensible.

While taking shore leave on Space Station K-7, Lt. Uhura is introduced to her first tribble, a cute alien species that makes soothing cooing noises, by the inter-galactic traveling huckster Cyrano Jones . And, what is Lt. Chekov looking at in this shot?


The trouble with liberals is, being arrogantly and supremely confident in the righteousness of their cause, and having no respect for the rule of law - they can always find a like-minded activist judge or high level bureaucrat to mandate the unsensible.

Admiral Fitzpatrick: “Effective immediately you will render any aid and assistance that Under Secretary Baris may require.”

Captain Kirk: “Now, that’s just lovely.”


The trouble with liberals is the unintended consequences of their causes are not immediately apparent to most, but the specious touchy-feely sales pitch spreads like wildfire.

Commander Spock: “Fortunately, of course, I am immune to its effect.”


The trouble with liberals is they are always consuming more of the GDP than they are contributing.

Commander Spock: “There’s something disquieting about these creatures … they remind me of the lilies of the field; they toil not, neither do they spin, but they seem to eat a great deal…I see no practical use for them.”

(Unfortunately liberals lack the one redeeming characteristic Spock finds in tribbles. Liberals are often very loquacious while consuming what the rest of us produce.)


The trouble with liberals is by the time their unintended consequences are visible to everyone, they have already insinuated themselves into all of the machinery.

Captain Kirk: “This is my chicken sandwich and coffee!”

Captain Kirk: “And as Captain, I want two things done!  First, find Cyrano Jones.  And second … Close that door.”


The BEST thing about liberals is their radical associations will often lead back to the usual suspects. Tribbles don’t like Klingons, or Klingon spies posing as humans. If only the criminally biased MSM had applied the Tribble Test to Jeremiah Wright, we might have saved the republic a lot of trouble.


Thoughts on the One Nation Rally

All it proved was that Team Leftie can still organize a crowd of malcontents, and leave a big mess behind. The near term takeaway should be the signage – which plainly shows the unholy Red/Green (that is, Communist/Environmentalist) alliance that is at Team Leftie’s rotten core. Left Coast Rebel posted a good summary on Saturday. In the long term, Team Leftie's little rally on the Mall may receive mention as a footnote, but nothing more.

Appropriately enough, Moonbattery gives us a thorough round up to close out the wacky weekend of Leftie hi-jinks on the Mall.  Nice bookends.  The LCR post confirmed my expectations in real time, which allowed me to pay attention to crafting my own idiosyncratic post, and finally enjoy the Moonbattery round up as dessert. 
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  1. When I saw the headline I knew it would be a long post(it would have to be)but you managed it in one page with some truthful humor.Good work. I would still be writing page 477 of the trouble with liberals, there are so damn many.....

  2. One thing about Tribbles the show didn't cover was their waste. I know my daughter's gerbil cage can smell really bad if not cleaned every week. I bet the Enterprise would have smelled pretty nasty....
    Oh yeah, some of those 60's hippy throwbacks on the mall probably smelled equally nasty.

    No mayhem....they haven't caught up with European lefties yet...

  3. @Randy: Well, I was restricted by the theme to troubles with liberals that fit the storyline of a single episode in a single television series. Thank God - full coverage of the trouble with liberals could only have one end - carpal tunnel syndrome.

  4. @Jethro: A little known secret: tribbles and liberals retain their biological waste. That's why they are so plump and full of it.

  5. Ok, what was Chekhov looking at?

  6. So, the solution is to beam all of the liberals onto a Klingon Battle Cruiser?


  7. @fleeceme: I have no direct first hand knowledge allowing me to answer the question, I can only use my god-given gift of deductive reasoning, and this is a family blog, you know.

  8. @Matt: You just gave me a great idea for a new "Manhattan Project" for developing a new technology. We could test it out by beaming selected subjects to Hollywood. They wouldn't even notice.

  9. Forget beaming 'em to Hollywood. Lets send them over to the Democratic People's Republic of Kim Jong and see how they like their policies in action.

    When they come screaming back praising America we can squeeze lime-juice in their eyes as we spew maniacal exhortations at their epiphanies.

    Ohh, sorry, my evil right-wing extremism bubbled up there.

  10. Thanks for posting this! I love your blog!!

    Common Cents

  11. Thank you for the post.


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